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Requirements for registration of materials

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All materials must be prepared in compliance with the requirements of *.doc format and sent to us by e-mail.

The length of the text should be from 5 to 8 pages A4, the orientation: portrait, margins: top, bottom, and right – 15mm, left – 30mm. Line spacing : single. Font size – 12, font - Arial, indent – 10mm.

References in the text should be put into brackets with the number of the source given according to the list of literature and the number of the page. The list of literature should be given at the end of the text; it should be put in alphabet order under the heading “Literature” (internet sources are given with the full internet addresses).

Registration of materials: 1) UDK; 2) the names of the author(s), a scientific degree, an academic status, a post, a place of work; 3) through an interval below on the center the name of materials of the report by small letters and a fat font; 4) the summary (500-600 characters) and keywords in the Ukrainian language and in English; 5) through an interval – the text of article; 8) the Literature.

In materials it is necessary to show urgency, the purpose, problems, results and conclusions of scientific research (according to the official requirements of Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine)


The International scientific Internet-conference

Current Problems of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Countries of the World”
October 7-13nd, 2013

Lutsk, Ukraine

Surname ______________________________

Name _________________________________

The organization ________________________

The Post_______________________________

Scientific degree ________________________

Academic status ________________________

Theme of report_________________________

Section ________________________________

The means necessary for the lecturer ________
Forms of participation:

  1. presentation of reports;

  2. presentation of announcements.

Contact information

The address (home and work) ___________

Tel.: ______________ the Fax: _________

Post-graduate students, competitors and students should submit to present the review of the supervisor of studies of the manuscript of the materials.

Lesya Ukrainka Eastern-European National University

Faculty of International Relations
Information centre of European Union

at Lesya Ukrainka Eastern-European National University
Institute of Poland at Lesya Ukrainka Eastern-European National University

Current Problems of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Countries of the World

International scientific conference
October 7 – 13, 2013


Dear Participants,

We invite You to take part in the International scientific Internet-conference

Current Problems of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Countries of the World,

which will be held at the

Lesya Ukrainka Eastern-European National University

on October 7 – 13, 2013.
The topics to be discussed at this conference will be the political, economic, historical and other aspects of International Relations and the specific problems of Foreign Policy of Countries (in particular Ukraine’s), Ukrainian-Polish relations, the development of trans-border cooperation, and European Integration and other problems.
The fields towards which the work of the conference will be directed:

  1. Theoretical and methodological aspects of international relations and foreign policy.

  2. Problems of Ukraine’s foreign policy.

  3.  The current geopolitical situation in the World.

  4. Features of bilateral and multilateral international cooperation.

  5. Communicative Aspects of International Relations

  6. Ukrainian-Polish relations

  7. Cross-border cooperation and inter-regional integration

  8. Spatial dimension of international relations.

  9. Information support Cross-Border Cooperation Ukraine

  10. European integration processes

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Belarusian.

Informational materials will be supplied before the work of conference begins.

To apply for participation it is necessary to send a completed application form, copies of material to be presented, and a photocopy of the participation fee payment receipt. The fee covers the costs of organizing and conducting the conference, and the editing and publication of the informational materials for the conference.
Time deadlines: applications, theses, reports, diskettes and receipt copies are to be sent to the organization committee between January 1th, and October 1th 2013.
Materials and the carriers, which were sent to the organizing committee of conference, do not come back. Reports, which subjects does not answer directions of conference, and such which are issued without observance of the resulted requirements or are submitted out of time, will not be considered by organizing committee

Transport charges, cost of residing and a feed are paid by participants of conference independently. Before the beginning of conference the invitation to conference will be sent to participants.

Payment of an organizational payment for participation in the conference at a rate of UAH 150 should carry out on the account:  31254272210757, the addressee: “СНУ ім. Лесі Українки”, bank: “МФО”: 803014 with the note: for participation in conference «Current Problems of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Countries of the World», a code: 02125102, or the postal order to the address of the responsible secretary of organizing committee: 43021 Lutsk, street Vinnichenko, 28, Faculty of International Relations, room. G201. Oleksandra Alisova.
All materials will be posted on the conference website for review and discussion among participants
Before the conference for participants will be sent the details to register for the conference web site
After the conference materials will be published (in author’s edition) in a separate publication and sent to authors

Preprints of submitted materials that meet the subject and the formal requirements are placed on the conference website in the public domain!

Faculty of International Relations

St. Vinnichenko, 28, room. G201

43021 Lutsk

The additional information you can receive by phones:

+38 (033)249272 – Sergii Fedoniuk responsible secretary of organizing committee

+38 (033)247142 – Oleksandra Alisova

secretary of organizing committee

Conference organizing committee

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