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Material Transfer agreement

  1. Name and address of the Institution/Agency providing the bio-material:

  1. Name and address of the Institution/Agency where material is to be sent:

  1. Nature/type of bio-material to be transferred:

  1. Number of samples to be transferred (period/duration over which to be transferred to be specified).

  1. Quantity of samples to be transferred:

  1. Purpose and need of transfer of the material:

For a) Research purposes

b) Commercial purposes

  1. Type of research/investigation(s) / details of commercial venture(if applicable) to be carried out using the material:

  1. Indicate the category under which the infectious substances/organisms fall (In addition to categories indicated as per UN class specifications in WHO guidelines (2009-10), the applicant should also refer to the relevant categories mentioned under SCOMET items in schedule of India’s Foreign Trade Policy classification, as well as Animal and Human pathogens scheduled as Risk Groups in the Ministry of Environment and Forests Notification, GoI, 1989. Accordingly, the ‘category’ in terms of infectious nature/risk group of biological substances to be transferred is required to be assigned and indicated).

  1. Safety norms to be observed during transit:

  1. Safety norms to be observed while working with the bio-material:

  1. Any other relevant information pertaining to this bio-material:

The transfer of biological material is governed by the following conditions:

  1. The receiving Institution/Agency would be the only user of the bio-material.

  1. The bio-material would not be transferred to any other person/agency in any circumstances.

  1. Mutual agreement between Indian and international agency on the commercial benefits (if any) to each Party.

  1. No patent/intellectual property issues shall be filed on any product or process so developed with this bio-material without the written consent of the Agencies involved.

  1. The requesting Institution indemnifies the donor Institution from all damages that may occur due to improper handling of the bio-material.

  1. The present MTA shall only be applicable for the said purpose and can not be transferred/assigned to any other Agency/Institution.

  1. The ‘Guidance on regulations for the transport of infectious substances (2009-2010)’ as published by World Health Organization is to be followed by applicants for transfer of human biological material for research/commercial purposes.

  1. A brief report on the use of bio-material for research/commercial purposes is to be submitted to ICMR.

Signature: Signature:
(Sending Party) (Receiving Party)
Date: Date:

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