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Legal systems and legal information: an introduction

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Thursday, 21 February 2002

General information on legal sources in Ukraine

by Roman A. Petrov, Economics and Law Faculty, Donetsk National University

and Dr. Loukas A. Mistelis, Queen Mary, University of London

Ukraine - Ukraina

Capital: Kyiv (formerly Kiev)

Population estimate, 2000: 50.8 m

GNP per capita: (PPP$) 2.320

HDI/World rank: 0.665/102

  • Key historical events

  • Territory and population

  • Social statistics

  • Constitution and government

  • Economy

  • Social Institutions

  • Culture

  • Books to read:

  • Anna Reid, Borderland. A Journey Trough the History of Ukraine, London: Phoenix 1998

  • Taras Kuzio, Ukraine: Perestroika to Independence, London: Macmillan Press 2000

  • 24 August 1991 – adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty.

  • 28 June 1996 – The Constitution enacted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. See for English text.

  • 9 November 1995 – Joined the Council of Europe. See

  • 1 March 1998 – The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) with the EU came into force.

The LegislativeThe Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Consists of 450 National Deputies of Ukraine who are elected for a four-year term on the basis on universal, equal and direct suffrage, by secret ballot. Has right of veto over President’s laws and right of impeachment.

Official Gazette – “Vedomosti Verkhovnoi Radi Ukraini”. - The Parliament of Ukraine – Verkhovna Rada (available in English) (Ukrainian) (Ukrainian)
The President of Ukraine – Mr. Leonid Kuchma. Head of the state. Elected for 5 years term, not more than two consecutive terms. (English) - the official web page of the President of Ukraine (Ukrainian)
The Executive – Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Ukraine with the consent of more than one-half of the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Official Gazette – “Uriadoviy Kurier” - (English) – The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (English) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (English) - The Ministry of Economy and European Integration of Ukraine - The Ministry of Interior of Ukraine (English) - The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (Ukrainian) – The National Bank of Ukraine (English) - The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (English) The Ministry of Education of Ukraine (Ukrainian)
The Judiciary – The Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine (heads the system of general courts in civil and criminal matters and military courts), the High Arbitration Court of Ukraine (heads the system of regional arbitration courts).

Official Publications:

  • “The Herald of the Supreme Court of Ukraine” (email for subscription details)

  • “Case Law of the Supreme Court of Ukraine” (email for subscription details)

  • “The Bulletin of the High Arbitration Court of Ukraine” (email for subscription details) - The Supreme Court of Ukraine (Ukrainian) – The High Arbitration Court of Ukraine (English) – Case law of the High Arbitration Court of Ukraine (Ukrainian)


  • Selected universities and research institutions: - Taras Schevchenko National University in Kiev (English) - Kiev-Mohila National Academy (English) - Donetsk National University (English) - Ivan Franko National University in Lviv (English) - Kharkiv National University (English) - National Academy of Science of Ukraine (English)
Publication – “Pravo Ukraini” (Ukrainian), Editorial Office: vul. M. Kotsiubynskoho,

12, Kyiv, 01601 Ukraine, Tel: (380 44) 225-2017, Fax: (380 44) 225-2017, Distribution: EC 74424 $93,24. - Institute of Business Law of National Academy of Science (English) - Center of Comparative Law at Ministry of Justice (information on legal issues of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU laws, available in English)

  • State libraries: - V.I. Vernadskiy Ukrainian National Library (Ukrainian) - Donetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library by N. Krupskaya (English)

  • International Organisations in Ukraine: - UN Mission in Ukraine (English) - Delegation of the European Commission in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus (English) - British Embassy in Ukraine - US Embassy in Ukraine

  • Independent research centres and “think tanks”: - Commercial Law Center (information on legal reforms in fields of commercial and civil law, draft law forums, available in English) - Ukrainian European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (analytical papers, reviews of legislation, available in English) - Human Rights Information Center (English) - Network of Ukrainian analytical centres - Search server for Ukrainian legislation “LIGA Online”

(available in Ukrainian and Russian), Ukrainian law database “Zakon”; Search engine; New legal acts; Experts views; Draft laws and commentaries; Case law; Accounting forms – EastLaw Database offers the access to legal databases in Ukrainian, Georgian, Latvian, Belorussian, Kazakhstan laws in English. - Annual Law Directory LexQuorum - The Bulletin “Official Ukrainian Herald”. The official periodical with new legal acts. The web site contain issues of the Bulletin from 1998-2000 – information about Ukrainian legislation and law firms (English) - Information and Reference Source «Laws and Rules of Ukraine» - Information and Reference Source «Ukrainian Legislation» - Info-Resource «Lotsman» - Draft Laws of Ukraine - Business in Ukraine, documents, analysis, news

  • Press and Information Agencies: - Newspaper "Halytski Kontrakty" (business news, new laws, news from the government) - Newspaper "Yurydychna Praktyka" (overview of legal practice, law forums) - "Investytsiyna Hazeta" (investments) - Press of Ukraine - Internews in ukraine (English) - news agency Interfax (English)

  • Information for Investors: – Reference book of a private investor (simple answers to difficult questions) - Privatisation and investment in Ukraine
http://www.kc.nel/~sMvn/files/win/sources.html – Catalogue "Investor's Reference Book"

  • Problem of Chernobyl (all in English)



  • Miscellaneous:

Http:// – Electronic pages of Ukraine Kiev Guide – CIA World Factbook – Ukraine – EBRD Transitional Report on the Central and Eastern European countries and the CIS - Scroll for the Ukraine report - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (English) - Committee of voters (English) - Land Reform in Ukraine (English) - Ukrainian lawyers (English) - Agricultural reform in Ukraine (English) - Ukrainian Consulate in Chicago, covers Ukrainian laws in English - Corporate Governance in Ukraine (English) - Bibliography on organized crime in Ukraine (English)

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