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Anabaptist authors, editors, publishers. Subjects

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ANABAPTIST AUTHORS, EDITORS, PUBLISHERS. SUBJECTS (note: Peace and Justice, and Conflict Resolution; and Bible Commentaries are mixed - Anabaptist and Non Anabaptist)

PEACE, JUSTICE, CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Mixed Anabaptist and Non Anabaptist

Ahlgrim, Ryan Love Your Enemies: Should Christians Go to War

Anonymous Peace Pilgrim (a biography)

Augsburger, David Caring Enough to Confront (3 copies)

Augsburger, David Caring Enough to Hear

Augsburger, David Caring Enough to Forgive

Augsburger, David The Love Fight (resolving conflict)

Barrett, Lois A Mennonite Statement and Study on Violence

Bartel, Barry C. Let’s Talk

Bender, David L. (pub.) Hunger (current controversies)

Beukema, George Stories from Below the Poverty Line

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich The Cost of Discipleship

Bonhoeffer, Emmi Auschwitz Trials (letters from an eyewitness)

Boyle, Beth Ellen, ed. Words of Conscience: Religious Statements on Conscien-

tious Objection

Brethren in Christ The Quran and Bible: On the Question of Peace (cd)

Burkholder, J. R., Children of Peace

& John Bender`

Byler, Anne How to Teach Peace to Children

Byler, Dennis Making War and Making Peace

Campolo, Anthony Ideas for Social Action

Chacour, Elias Blood Brothers

Cornelius, Helena Everyone Can Win (How to Resolve Conflict)

& Shoshana Faire

Claiborne, Shane The Irresistible Revolution

Dilling, Yvonne In Search of Refuge

Eberly, Don E. Restoring the Good Society (politics and culture)

Enns, Fernando, et al, ed. Seeking Cultures of Peace

Epp, Frank H. A Strategy for Peace: Reflections of a Christian Pacifist

Erikson, Erik H. Gandhi’s Truth

Fairfield, James All That We Are, We Give (2 copies)

Gutenson, Charles Christians and the Common Good

Hilfiker, David, MD Not All of Us Are Saints (doctor works among the poor)

Hauerwas, Stanley Resident Aliens (life in the Christian colony)

& Wm Willimon

Hoffer, Eric The True Believer (study of mass movements)

Kraybill, Donald B, The Upside-Down Kingdom

Kreider, Elizabeth Weaver A Christian Peacemaker’s Journey

Kreider, Robert S. When Good People Quarrel

& Rachel Waltner Goossen

Lederach, John Paul The Journey Toward Reconciliation (2 copies)

Lind, Millard The Sound of Sheer Silence and the Killing State

Lutz, Charles P. Farming the Lord’s Land

Menno. Central Comm. Must Christians Fight

Meyer, Art & Jocele Earth-Keepers

Miller, Marlin E. & Barb. The Church’s Peace Witness

Nelson Gingrich, ed.

Miller, Melissa &

Phil M. Shenk Most Resistance (2 copies)

Mooneyham, Stan Is There Life Before Death?

NCCB Economic Justice for All

Peachy, Titus & Linda G. Seeking Peace


Rantsi, Audeh & Ralph Blessed are the Peacemakers (Palestinian Christians)


Rosenberg, Marshall B. Nonviolent Communication (2 copies)

Roth, John D. Choosing Against War: A Christian View

Schlabach, Gerald W. And Who is My Neighbor?

Schellenberg, James A. Conflict Resolution

Schrock-Shenk, Carolyn Making Peace with Conflict: Practical Skills for Conflict

& Lawrence Ressler, ed. Transformation

Sharp, Gene Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal

Sider, Ronald J. Cry Justice

Sider, Ronald J. Rich Christians in and Age of Hunger

Simon, Arthur Bread for the World

Sojourners, ed. Putting Down Stones (..response to urban violence)

Stoner, John K. Letters to American Christians

& Lois Barrett

Stott, John Vol. 1, Involvement: Being a Responsible Christian

in a Non-Christian Society

Stucky, Solomon For Conscience’ Sake

Tiessen, Isaac Why I Do Not Take the Sword

Voran, Marilyn H. Add Justice to Your Shopping List

Wallis, Jim The Irrestisbile Revolution (2 copies)

Wallis, Jim The Radical Christian

Wallis, Jim Who Speaks for God?

Weaver, J. Denny Teaching Peace: Nonviolence and the Liberal Arts

& G. Biesecker-Mast, ed.

Weeks, Louis B. Making Ethical Decisions: A Casebook

Wezemena, Phyllis Vos Peacemaking Creatively through the Arts

Weaver, Sonia K. What is Palestine/Israel?

Yoder, Bruce A. Choose Life

Yoder, John Howard The Christian Witness to the State

Yoder, John Howard Nevertheless: The Varieties of Religious Pacifism

Yoder, John Howard The Original Revolution: Essays on Christian Pacifism

Yoder, Perry B. Shalom: The Bible’s Word for Salvation, Justice, and Peace

(2 copies)

Zehr, Howard Death as a Penalty

Zehr, Howard; Justice: The Restoration Vision

Daniel W. Van Ness;

& M. Kay Harris

BIBLE COMMENTARIES/STUDIES - Mixed Anabaptist and Non Anabaptist
Alexander, David Eerdmans’s Handbook to the Bible

& Patricia, ed.

Arthur, Kay Free From Bondage God’s Way (Galatians/Ephesians)

Believers Church 1&2 Thessalonians

Bible Commentary

Barclay, William Gospel of Matthew vol. 1

Barclay, William The Daily Study Bible (John Chapt. 8-21

Bell, Albert A. Jr. A Guide to the New Testament World

Binz, Stephen J. Peter (fisherman and shepherd of the church)

Boadt, Lawrence Reading the Old Testament

Brown, Robt. McAfee Unexpected News (Rd. Bible with 3rd World Eyes) 2 copies

Cassidy, Richard J. Jesus, Politics, and Society (study of Luke)

Drosnin, Michael The Bible Code

Feiler, Bruce Walking the Bible (five books of Moses)

Getz, Gene A. Joseph (Overcoming Obstacles/Faithfulness)

Halley, Henry H. Halley’s Bible Handbook (large print)

Hall, Barbara Joining the Conversation (Jesus, Matthew, Luke, and Us)

Harris, Stephen L. Understanding the Bible (2 copies)

Hastings, Selina The Children’s Illustrated Bible

Hostetler, Jonathan J. Matthew Explained (2 copies)

Ice, Thomas & T. Demy Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy

Image Books The Psalms of the Jerusalem Bible

Jackson, Rex Exploring John’s Gospel

Jensen, Irving L. Minor Prophets of Israel

Jensen, Irving L. James

Keller, Werner The Bible as History

Kern, Kathleen

Klassen, Frank R. The Chronology of the Bible

Mays, James L., et al, ed. Harper’s Bible Commentary

Newman, Barclay M. et al, Creating & Crafting the Contemporary English Version


Pagels, Leaine The Gnostic Gospels

Perkins, Pheme Reading the New Testament

Peterson, Eugene H. Psalms

Reader’s Digest The Bible through the Ages

Schertz, Mary H. Beautiful upon the Mountains (biblical essays)

& Ivan Friesen, ed.

Soards, Dozeman, Preaching the Revised Common LECTIONARY

& McCabe

Swartley, Willard M. Mark: The Way for All Nations

Taylor, Ken, paraph. The Greatest is Love (paraphrased New Test.)

Tinedale Ref. Lib. Handbook of Bible Charts & Maps

Tomlinson, Gerald Treasury of Religious Quotations

Weaver, Denny J. Anabaptist Theology in the Face of Postmodernism

White, Benton J. From Adam to Armageddon: A Survey of the Bible

Yoder, Perry From Word to Life: A Guide to the Art of Bible Study

Yoder, Perry B. Toward Understanding the Bible

Zondervan, pub. The Layman’s Parallel Bible


Rempel, Herman Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch? A Mennonite Low German


ROTH, John D. Teaching That Transforms: why Ana. Menno. ed. matters


Friedman, Robert The Theology of Anabaptism

Kaufman, Gordon D. God, Mystery, Diversity

Kraybill, Donald B. Mennonite Education, Issues, Facts, Changes

Jeschke, Marlin Believers Baptism for Children of the Church

Kiem, Ray The Church: The Reconciling Community

& A. and W. Beechy

Lederach, Paul M. A Third Way

Liechty, Daniel, trans./ed. Early Anabaptist Spirituality

Loewen, Harry, ed. Mennonite Images (essays)

Mennonite Church Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective

Pipkin, Waynett, ed. Essays in Anabaptist Theology

Ramseyer, Lloyd L. The More Excellent Way

Roth, John D, ed. Refocusing a Vision

Schrag, Dale Anabaptist Visions for the New Millennium

& James Juhnke, ed.

Weaver, J. Denny Becoming Anabaptist

Weaver, J. Denny Keeping Salvation Ethical

Yoder, John Howard The Unique Role of the Historic Peace Churches

Yoder, John Howard The Royal Priesthood

ed. M. G. Cartwright


van Braght, Theileman J. Martyrs Mirror (2 copies)

Dyck, Cornelius J. An Introduction to Mennonite History (4 copies, 3 editions)

Kauffman, Howard J. Anabaptists Four Centuries Later

& Leland Harder

Loewen, Harry No Permanent City

Loewen, Harry Through Fire and Water (green star book, also)

& Steve Nolt, et al

Smith, C. Henry Smith’s Story of the Mennonites (5th ed.)

Snyder, C. Arnold Anabaptist History and Theology


Bender, Jarold S. Menno Simons’ Life and Writings

Klassen, Wm. Covenant and Community (Pilgrim Marpeck)

Klassen, Wm The Writings of Pilgrim Marpeck .

& W. Klaassen, trans./ed.

Littell, Franklin, H. Tribute to Menno Simons

Stayer, James M. The Anabaptists and Thomas Muntzer

& Werner, O. Packull

Yoder, John H. trans./ed. The Legacy of Michael Sattler


Coffman, Barbara F. His Name Was John (Coffman)

The Conrad Grebel Rev. Essays and Tributes/ John Howard Yoder

Friesen, Helene Sarah David Toews

Juhnke, James C. Creative Crusader (Edmund G. Kaufman)

Lohrenz, Gerhard Storm Tossed (autobiography)

Yoder, Glee Passing on the Gift (Dan West)

Yoder, Eli & Amanda The Life of Eli & Amanda Yoder

Yoder, John H. God’s Revolution (Eberhard Arnold)

& Hutterian Soc. ....

Zehr, Vernon Reflections of an Era that has Ended (autobiography)

Augsburger, David W. Communicating Good News

Brandt, Diana, ed. Being Brothers and Sisters

Bauman, Edward W. Jesus in the Gospels

Cassie, Dhyan So Who’s Perfect

Drescher, John M. ed The Way of the Cross and Resurrection

Foth, Margaret Life is Too Short

Harder, Helmut Witnessing to Christ in Today’s World

ed. by Eliz. Yoder

Hess, J. Daniel Gifts Handed Down

Janzen, William Walk Humbly with Your God

Klaasen, Walter Armageddon and the Peaceable Kingdom

Koch, Roy S. My Personal Pentecost

& Martha, ed.

Kraybill, Donald B. The Upside Down Kingdom

Kraybill, J. Nelson On the Pilgrim’s Way (2 copies)

Kreider, Alan Journey Toward Holiness

Lehman, Joanne Traces of Treasure

McWilliams, Warren Christ and Narcissus (Prayer in a Self-Centered World)

Mumaw, Evelyn K. More Like Jesus

Rimmer, Harry Evidences for Immortality

Weaver, Henry Confronting the Big C (facing cancer)

Wecksler, Becky Lynn In God’s Hand (facing cancer)

& Michael Wecksler

Wiebe, Katie Funk Second Thoughts

Yamasaki, April Sacred Pauses (spiritual prac. for pers. renewal)


xxxx MCC workbook and cd for 2011

Epp, Frank H. Mennonites in Canada (1786-1920)

Epp, Frank H. Mennonites in Canada (1920-1940)

Goerz, Heinrich The Molotschna Settlement

Hunsberger, David L. People Apart (Ontario)

et al

Juhnke, James C. Vision, Doctrine, War (USA, 1890-1930)

Klassen, Otto Produc. Remembering Russia (1914-1927)

Klassen, Peter J. A Homeland for Strangers (Poland, Prussia)

Lohrenz, G. The Fateful Years (1913-1923, Russia)

Lohrenz, Gerhard Heritage Remembered (Prussia, Russia)

Lohrenz, Gerhard The Lost Generation (Russia)

MacMaster, Richard K. Land, Diety, Peoplehood (USA, 1683-1790)

Peters I, Gerhard Remember our Leaders (Canada)

Schlabach, Theron F. Peace, Faith, Nation (USA, 19th C)

Smith, Willard H. Mennonites in Illinois

Toews, John B. Czars, Soviets, and Mennonites

Toews, Paul Mennonites in American Society (1930-1970)

Toews, John B. Perilous Journey (Russia, 1860-1910

Wust, Klaus The Virginia Germans


Freitz, Winfield J. Menno Colonization (MCC)

Pannabecker, Samuel L. Faith in Ferment (CDC)

Pannabecker, Samuel L. Open Doors (GC Church)

Rich, Elaine Sommer, ed. Walking Together in Faith (CDC, 1957-1990)

Keidel, Levi Caught in the Crossfire (Africa)

Juhnke, James C. A People of Mission (MGC in missions)

Kreider, Robert, ed. Christians True in China (J. Liu & S. Wang)

Ramseyer, Robert Mennonites in China

& Alice P. Ramseyer

Miller, Annetta Sharing Boundaries (Learning the Wisdom of Africa)

Shenk, Joseph C. Silver Thread (Africa)

Voth, Matilda K. Clear Shining After Rain (China)

Good, Phyllis Pellman Cooking & Memories (20 Menn./Amish cooks)

Kaufman, Edna (ed.) Melting Pot of Mennonite Cookery, 1874-1974

Mumaw, Catherine The Whole Thing (an alternative snackfood cookbook)

& Marilyn Voran

Tomlonson, J. Schroeder Mennonite Quilts and Pieces

Voth, Norma Jost Mennonite Foods and Folkways from S. Russia (2 copies)

Foreman, George Knock-Out the Fat Barbecue and Grilling Cookbook

Norman, Jill Jams & Preserves

Oxmoor House Delicious Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Woman’s Day Book of Baking

Bergen, Lois Songbook 77 (2 copies)

& Jane Janzen

Loewen, Alice, & Exploring the Mennonite Hymnal: Handbook

  1. Moyer & M. Oyer

Menno. Publ. House Assembly Songs

Menno. World Conf. ’78 International Songbook

Osbeck, Kenneth W. 101 Hymn Stories (2 copies)

Oyer, Mary Exploring the Mennonite Hymnal: Essays

Thomas, Dr. Andre The 43rd Annual Menno. High School Choir Festival (CD)


Anderson, John Songs

Boni, Margaret, ed. Fireside book of Favorite American Songs

Bonsall E. H. Famous Hymns with Stories and Pictures

Hope Publishing The Now Hymnal

McKechnie, Linda et al Sympony of Praise (piano and chorus CD)

Okun, Milton Great Songs of the Sixties


Gates, Gary How to Speak Dutchified English

Good, Merle, Rebecca, Mennonite-Lite

& Kate

Jaas, Craig and Steve Nolt The Mennonite Starter Kit

Lesher, Emerson L. The Muppie Manual (2 copies)

POETRY/ FICTION/VISUAL ART (including Fiction/Nonfiction Anthologies) Anabaptist Authors/Publ.

2014 Mennonite Arts Weekend Presenters: CD’s and Books: Judy Clemens, Jean Janzen, Ted Schwartz, CD’s by The Steel Wheels.
Note: Presenters from other MAW years can be found within the list below.
Bender, Urie A. To Walk in the Way (dramatic interp. from Gospel of Mark)

Campbell, Will D. Cecelia’s Sin (novella)

Friesen, Amanda Verse from Twisted Fingers (poetry)

Good, Meryl Going Places (play)

Good, Meryl Happy as the Grass was Green

Good, Meryl and Phyllis What Mennonites Are Thinking (1999 - anthology)

Pellman Good

Good, Meryl and Phyllis What Mennonites Are Thinking (2002 - anthology)

Pellman Good

Gundy, Jeff Flatlands (poetry)

Harder, Hans No Strangers in Exile

Hostetler, Ann, ed. a cappella (Mennonite Voices in Poetry)

Janzen, Jean Three Mennonite Poets, (2 copies)

Yaguchi, Yorifumi

Waltner-Toews, David

Janzen, Jean Snake in the Parsonage (poetry)

Kasdorf, Julia Sleeping Preacher (poetry) 2 copies

Lehman, Glenn Johnny God shall, a pilgrims process

Menno. World Conf. 78 Visual Arts

Ratzlaff, keith New Winters Light

Sharp, E. John, ed. Gathering at the Hearth

Waltner-Toews, David The Impossible Uprooting (poetry)

Wiebe, Dallas Kansas Poems

Wiebe, Rudy The Blue Mountains of China

Wiebe, Rudy Peace Shall Destroy Many

Yoder, James D. Black Spider Over Tiegenhof

Beachy, Alvin J. Worship as Celebration of Covenant and Incarnation

Bontrager, G. Edwin It Can Happen Today! (3 copies)

& Nathan D. Showalter

Esau, John A. ed. Understanding Ministerial Leadership

Kanagy, Conrad L. Read Signs of the Journey (Profile of Menno. Ch. USA)

Kreider, Eleanor Communion Shapes Character

Martin, John R. Ventures in Discipleship

Miller, Paul M. Peer Counseling in the Church

Neufeldt, Aldred Celebrating Differences

Schirmer, Will Reaching Beyond the Mennonite Comfort Zone

Stuckey, Anne Training Ministry Teams (elders and deacons)

Wenger, A. Grace Witness, Empowering the Church

& D. & N. Jackson

Yoder, June Alliman, Preparing Sunday Dinner

Marlene Kropf, &

Rebecca Slough


Butterfield, Jim Driving the Amish

Denlinger, Martha A. Real People (Amish and Mennos. in Lancaster Co.)

Glick, Aaron S. The Fortunate Years: An Amish Life (2 copies)

Fisher, Sara E. The Amish School (2 copies)

& Rachel K. Stahl

Kraybill, Donald B. The Riddle of Amish Culture (2 copies)

Kaiser, Grace H. Dr. Frau: A Woman Doctor among the Amish

Kenna, Kathleen A People Apart

Kline, David Great Possessions: An Amish Farmer’s Journal

Kurtz, Shirley Growing Up Plain

Scott, Stephen Why Do They Dress That Way?

Nash, Gary B. Quakers and Politics (PA, 1681-1726)

Nolt, Steven M. A History of the Amish

Pellman, Rachel T. Quilts Among the Plain People

& Joanne Ranck

Scott, Stephen Living Without Electricity

& Kenneth Pellman

SMALL TEACHING BOOKLETS (appropriate for new members) Anabaptist

Bender, Harold S. The Anabaptist Vision (2 copies)

Bergen, Abe Youth and Faith

Cornies, Ingrid Young Adults and Faith

Lehn, Cornelia Children and Faith

Lederach, Paul M. Teaching in the Congregation (2 copies)

Ruth, John L. The Believers’ Church Story (2 copies)

Vogt, Virgil The Christian Calling

Wenger, J.C. The Book We Call the Bible

Wenger, J.C. The Family of Faith

Wenger, J.C. How Mennonites Came to Be

Wenger, J.C. The Way of Peace (3 copies)

Wenger, J.C. The Way to a New Life

Wenger, J.C. What Mennonites Believe

Yoder, John H. As You Go

Bushfield, Deborah Things They Never Taught You in Seminary

& James

Peterson, Eugene H. Working the Angles (pastoral integrity)

LARGER TEACHING BOOKS (appropriate for new members) Anabaptist

Good, Merle and Phyllis 20 Most Asked Questions about the Amish and Mennonites

Hostetler, John A. Mennonite Life

Kraybill, Donald B. Who are the Anabaptists

Leahy, Donna, ed. Wisdom of the Plain Folk

Ruth, John L. A Quiet and Peaceable Life

Ruth, John L. Twas Seeding Time

SIMPLE LIVING/STEWARDSHIP - mixed Anabaptist/Non Anabaptist authors

Boers, Theo A. Three Simple Rules (finances)

Bowman, Ray When Not to Borrow

c Eddy Hall

Eller, Vernard The Simple Life

Gascho, Luke Creation Care

Ganger, Steve Time Warped

Hancock, Maxine Living on Less and Liking It More

Jones, Stanley Abundant Living

Juengst, Sara Covin Like a Garden, a biblical spirituality of growth

Kauffman, Daniel Managers With God

Kavanaugh, John Francis Following Christ in a Consumer Society

Kreider, Carl The Christian Entrepreneur

Longacre, Doris Janzen Living More With Less (2 copies)

Menno. Fo. of Canada God, Money, and Me

Meyer, Paul J. How to Solve Money Problems (cassette tape)

Miller, Lynn A. First Fruits Living

Miller, Lynn A. The Power of Enough

Nouwen, Foster, et al Simpler Living; Compassionate Life

Olford, Stephen The Grace of Giving

Orem, Sara & Larry Living Simply (3 copies)


Raber, Ann, rev. ed. A Life of Wholeness

Roush, Christine Swimming Upstream (consumerism)

Rutstrum, Calvin The Wilderness Cabin

Sider, Ronald J., ed. Lifestyle in the Eighties

Sider, Ronald J. Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

Smith, Steven B. Money for Life (budgeting success)

Vincent, Mark A Christian View of Money (2 copies)


Albom, Mitch The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Campbell, Will D. Cecelia’s Sin

Cisneros, Sandra The House on Mango Street

de Hartog, Jan The Lamb’s War

de Hartog, Jan The Peaceable Kingdom

Herriott, James All Creatures Great and Small

Herriott, James All Things Bright and Beautiful

Herriott, James All Things Wise and Wonderful

Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird

Leroux, Gaston The Phantom of the Opera

Lewis, C.S. The Four Loves

Lewis, C.S. The Screwtape Letters

Machiavelli The Prince

Plotz, Helen The Earth is the Lord’s (poetry)

Shakespeare, Wm. Hamlet

Sheldon, Charles In His Steps

Stoker, Bram Dracula

Wangerin, Walter Jr. Ragman and Other Cries of Faith

Woolf, Virginia Orlanda


Bargmann, Dale A. His Banner over me is Love (banner designs)

Krahn, K. & L. James Proclamation by Design (art in worship)

Tanner, Charles, M. The Second Book of Acts (stewardship plays)

Yoder, Kropf, R. Slough Preparing Sunday Dinner (worship and preaching)


Adeney, David H. China: The Church’s Long March

Bixler, Margaret T. Winds of Freedom (Navajo Code Talkers)

Drane, John Paul

Garfinkel, Bernard They Changed the World (44 Great Men and Women)

Gibson, Wm. The Miracle Worker (Helen Keller)

Giono, Jean The Man Who Planted Trees

Girzone, Joseph A Portrait of Jesus

Glanville, Joan P. Not a Sparrow Shall Fall (a minister’s wife in missions)

Hill, Erin L. Faith, the Only Star (Marie King)

Kidder, Tracy Mountains Beyond Mountains (Dr. Paul Farmer)

Liebholz-Bonoeffer S. The Bonhoeffers: portrait of a family

Mitchell, Marcia Milestones and Miracles

Moertenson, Greg Three Cups of tea

Olson, Bruce E. Brunchko (Christianizing the Motilone tribe)

Tyson, John R. Charles Wesley on Sanctification


Barrett, Paul M. The Good Black (True Story of Race in America)

Jordan, Clarence Cotton Patch Parables of Liberation

& Bill L. Doulos

King, Martin Luther, Jr. Stride Toward Freedom (2 copies)

Reid, Kathryn Uncovering Racism (2 copies)

& Stephen

Terry, Robert H. Neighborhood Center: an urban love story (Harrisburg, Pa.)

Waterson, Kathryn Not by the Sword

West, Cornel Race Matters (2 copies)

Wilson, August Fences (a play)

Woods, Donald South African Dispatches: Letters to My Countrymen

Wright, Richard Native Son

Barna, George User Friendly Churches

Bernhard, Fred Widening the Welcome of Your Church

& Steve Clapp

Bugbee, Cousins, NetWork:...Right People...Places...Reasons

& Hybels

Cook, Jerry Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness

c Stanley Baldwin

Dawn, Marva J. A Royal ‘Waste’ of Time

Greenleaf, Robt. K. Trustees as Servants

Farnham, Gill, McLean, Listening Hearts, Discerning Call in Communities


Halverstadt, Hugh F. Managing Church Conflicts

Haughk, Kenneth C. Antagonists in the Church

Longacre, Paul Fund-Raising Projects (World Hunger)

McBride, Neal F. Real Small Groups Don’t Just Happen

Morris, Danny E. Discerning God’s Will Together

& Ch. M. Olsen

Olsen, Charles M. Transforming Church Boards (2 copies)

Stutzman, Ervin R. Welcome! (Receiving New Members)


Buckingham, Marcus Now, Discover Your Strengths (2 copies)

& Donald O. Clifton

Carver, John Boards that Make a Difference (nonprofit org.)

Carver, John Reinventing Your Board

& Miriam Carver

Fisher, Roger Getting Together (bldg. relationships as we negotiate)

&Scott Brown

Heifetz, Ronald A. Leadership on the Line

& Marty Linsky

Munson, Charles R. You Can’t Help But Listen

Stoesz, Edgar Doing Good Better (nonprofit org.)

& Chester Raber

MISC. CHRISTIAN MEDITATIONS, HISTORIES, TREATISES, ETC.: (to use this section best, look for authors you want to read)
Barclay, William Daily Celebration, vol. 2

Beaudoin, Tom Virtual Faith

Blenkinsopp, Joseph A History of Prophecy in Israel

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Life Together (Christian fellowship) 2 copies

Brandt, Leslie F. Jesus/Now

Brandt, Leslie F. Psalms/Now

Bright, Bill Witnessing Without Fear

Buber, Martin I and Thou

Calkin, Ruth H. Lord, Could You Hurry a Little?

Chittister, Joan, OSB Psalm Journal

Cragun, Roger L. The Ultimate Heresy (doctr. of biblical inerrancy)

Day, Albert E. Discipline and Discovery

Driver, John Becoming God’s Community

Doughty, Stephen V. Discovering Community (2 copies)

Dunnam, Maxie Living the Psalms

Einbinder, Susan L. Beautiful Death (Jewish poetry and martyrdom/medieval Fr.)

Forell, George W. The Protestant Faith

Foster, Richard J. Celebration of Discipline

Foster, Richard J. Celebration of Discipline study guide

Foster, Richard J. Prayer (2 copies)

Fromm, Erich The Art of Loving

George, Jim A Man After God’s Own Heart

Girzone, Joseph F. Never Alone

Gray, Alice (ed.) Stories for the Heart

Green, Michael I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Greenwaldt, Karen, ed. For Everything There is a Season (meditations for single adults)

Hancock, Maxine Love Knows No Difference (learning to give and receive)

Johnson, Ben Campbell To Pray God’s Will

Johnson, Ben Campbell To Will God’s Will

Kreeft, Peter The Journey: Spiritual Roadmap/Modern Pilgrims

Keller, Phillip A Shepherd Looks at the Psalms

Kern, Kathleen All Heaven Breaks Loose: studies [of] Mark

Hollins, Linda H. Taking Back My Yesterdays (forgiveness)

Hollyday, Joyce Turning Toward Home

Holmgren, Fredrick The God Who Cares (a Christian looks at Judaism)

Kamphoefner, W. ed. News from the Land of Freedom (German immigrants)

Kempis, Thomas ‘a Of the Imitation of Christ

& Wm G. Jordan The Majesty of Calmness

Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity

Link, Mark Psalms, Beyond 2000

Linn, Matthew, et al Prayer Course for Healing Life’s Hurts

Main, John Word into Silence

MacArthur, John F. God With Us

MacDonald, Hope Discovering How to Pray

Maloney, George That Your Joy May Be Complete

Marshall, Catherine Beyond Ourselves

Marshall, Rev. Peter Prayers (80-81st Congress. 1947-49)

McGavran, Donald A. Effective Evangelism

Morris, Rev. Paul L. Secrets of More Powerful Personal Prayer

Rawlins, Duane More Than a Father

Rimmer, Harry Evidences for Immortality

Robb, Charles ed. God Speaks

Rosenberg, David Blues of the Sky (Hebrew book of Psalms)

Rosenberg, David Light-Works (the prophet Isaiah)

Rupp, Joyce Little Pieces of Light: darkness and personal growth

Ryan, Sheldon Living Each Day by the Power of Faith

Savary, Louis M., ed. A Time for Salvation

Schaeffer, Edith Lifelines: the Ten Commandments for Today

Sittser, Gerald The Will of God as a Way of Life

Snyder, Howard A. Liberating the Church (ecology of church and kingdom)

Snyder, Howard A. Wine Skins (church structure)

Stivers, Robt. et al Christian Ethics

Swindoll, Charles R. Active Spirituality

Trueblood, Elton The Incendiary Fellowship

Warren, Rick The Purpose Driven Life

Willig, Jim, Rev. Lessons from the School of Suffering

Wood, Jan Christians at Work

Yancey, Philip What’s So Amazing About Grace?

AGING/MIDLIFE - mixed Anabaptist/Non Anabaptist authors/publishers
Acamedica CareWise for older adults

Gilmore, John Too Young to Be Old: Secrets from the Bible Seniors...

Olson, Richard P. Mid-Life: A Time ot Discover, a Time to Decide

Peck, M. Scott Denial of the Soul (perspec. on euthanasia)

Rupp, Joyce Dear Heart, Come Home (midlife spirituality)

Wiebe, Katie Funk Bridging the Generations

Wiebe, Katie Funk Border Crossing - A Spiritual Journey

Wiebe, Katie Funk Prayers of an omega: Facing the Transitions of Aging

Buscaglia, Leo Born for Love, (reflections)

Buscaglia, Leo Bus 9 to Paradise

Carlson, Dwight L. Overcoming Hurts and Anger

Carter, Jay Nasty People (How to stop being hurt ....)

Hallowell, Edward M. Connect

Maxwell, John C. Thinking for a Change

McKay & Fanning Self-Esteem

Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Facing the Future without Fear

Ortberg, John If You Want to Walk on Water ,,,,

Paul, Margaret Inner Bonding (becoming a loving adult)

Pearsall, Paul The Pleasure Prescription (life in balance)

Peck, M. Scott The Different Drum

Peck, M. Scott Further Along the Road Less Traveled

Peck, M. Scott The Road Less Traveled

Sanford, John A. Between People (communicating one-on-one)

Shelley, Marshall Helping Those Who Don’t Want Help

Southard, Samuel People Need People

Terry, Ronald The Long Suffering (alcoholism)

Warren, Neil Clark Make Anger Your Ally


Gregg-Schroeder, S. In the Shadow of God’s Wings (grace in midst of depression)

Klopfenstein, Janette My Walk Through Grief

Kuenning, Delores Helping People Through Grief

Marty, Martin E. A Cry of Absence

Schmitt, Abraham Turn Again to Life

Vision (journal) End of Life

WOMEN’S ISSUES - minxed Anabaptist and Non Anabaptist (specific to women --- also see families, etc.)
Anderson, S. R. The Feminine Face of God

& P. Hopkins

Bristow, John T. What Paul Really Said About Women

Chittister, Joan The Story of Ruth (12 moments

Christenson, Evelyn What Happens When Women Pray

Clemens, Lois Gunden Woman Liberated

Cummings, Mary Lou Surviving Without Romance

Fischer, Kathleen Autumn Gospel (women/second half of life)

Farrett, Ruth I. Crossing Over (from Amish life)

c Rick Farrant

Gundy, Patricia Neither Slave Nor Free (women in church leadership)

Hillman, Carolynn Recovery of Your Self-Esteem

Kuhns, Dennis R. Women in the Church

Lerner, Goldhor, Harriet The Dance of Anger (woman’s guide ...change)

Mayer, S. Suzanne Celebrating the Woman You Are

Nawr Publishing Women in Ministry (a sister’s view)

Nyce, Dorothy Y. ed. Rooted and Branching: Women Worldwide

Pipher, Mary M.D. Reviving Ophelia

Prevention Health Bks. Food & You (a woman’s guide)

Reilly, Patricia L. A God Who Looks Like Me

Rich, Elaine S. Mennonite Women (2 copies)

Schaef, Anne W. Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much

Schottroff, Luise Lydia’s Impatient Sisters (feminist hist./early Christianity)

Simmons, Rachel Odd Girl Out (culture of aggression in girls)

Thoele, Sue P. The Courage to be Yourself

Unrau, Ruth Encircled - Stores of Mennonite Women

Wilcox, Anne Your God, My God (woman’s wkshop on Ruth)

PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH (also see sections on cooking, helping oneself, and recovering from grief/depression)

Black, Claudia “My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has a Disease” (alco.)

Carr, GL and GCC Fierce Goodbye (suic.)

Chase-Ziolek, Mary Health, Healing & Wholeness (health)

Friesen, Duane Moral Issues in the Control of Birth

Haarer, Daniel The Church’s Attitueds toward Alcohol

Mennonite Media Shadow Voices (mental illness)

FAMILIES - Mixed Anabaptist and Non Anabaptist (relationships, parenting)

Augsburger, David W. Cherishable Love & Marriage

Brown, Jackson H. On Marriage and Family (life’s little treasure book)

Castelman, Robbie Parenting in the Pew

Chapman, Gary The Five Love Languages

Chase-Ziolek, M. Health, Healing & Wholeness

Drescher, John M. For the Love of Marriage

Drescher, John. M. May Your Marriage Be a Happy One

Drescher, John M. Now is the Time to Love (family life)

Drakeford, John W. Do You Hear Me, Honey?

Ewald, George Jesus and Divorce

Fairfield, James When You Don’t Agree

Fintushel, Noelle A Grief Out of Season (divorce)

& Nancy Hillard

Friedman, Edwin H. Generation to Generation (family process)

Ganger, Steve Priority Parenting

Getz, Gene A. The Measure of a Marriage

Gottman, John Why Marriages Succeed or Fail

hine, James R. The Springtime of Love and Marriage (early yrs. of marriage)

Jacobson, Bonnie If Only You Would Listen

c Guy Kettelhack

James, Muriel Transactional Analysis for Moms and Dads

Leaman, David R. Making Decisions (a guide for couples)

Lee, Helen This is my Home, Lord (prayers for the family)

Luecke, David L. Prescription for Marriage

Luecke, David L. The Relationship Manual

Luhrs, Janet Simple Loving

Marton, Norman,et al, ed. Divorce, a Christian Dilemma

McGinnis, Kathleen Parenting for Peace and Justice

& James

McGinnis, Jim, Families Creating a Circle of Peace

& Lovegood & Vogt

Page, Susan How One of You Can Bring the Two of You Together

The John Powell Library The Secret of Staying in Love

Rawlins, LeeAnn Loving Your Husband for Life

Rogers, John, et al, ed. A Life of Wholeness

Shedd, Charlie You Can be a Great Parent

Shenk, Sara Wenger Coming Home

Silin, Peter S. Nursing Homes, The Family’s Journey

Stoop, David and Jan The Intimacy Factor

Swihart, Judson J. How Do You Say ‘I Love You’?

Tyra, Joyce J. Starting Over (when marriage ends)

Wecksler, B. L. & M. In God’s Hand

Wegscheider-Cruse, Sh. Couple-Ship

Wenger Shenk, Gerald Meditations for New Parents

and Sara

Whiteman, T. & The Marriage Mender

Wilke, Steve When It’s Hard to Trust

& D. and N. Jackson

Wilke, Steve When We Can’t Talk Anymore

& D. and N. Jackson

T. Bartlett

Williams, Pat & Jill Rekindled


Hover, Margot Christian Family Almanac

& Monica Breidenbach

Off. of Relig. Ed.Dubuque Resources for Family Sharing - Home

Tietjen, Mary L. The Bethlehem Tree (family Advent resources)

Shannon-Thornberry, Milo The Alternate Celebrations Catalogue

Smith, Judy Gattis Grandmother Time Anytime

Stouffer, Ellen A Country Sampler of Simple Blessings

Vogt, Susan, ed. Just Family Nights (60 activities)

Graham, Mrs. Billy Our Christmas Story

The Life Books of Christmas: Volumes 1-3

Vincent, Mark Untold Stories of Advent


Barbour, Anita and Spider Wild Flora of the Northeast

Benedict, Ruth The Chrysanthemum & the Sword (Japanese culture)

Better Homes and Gardens Step-by-Step Successful Gardening

Boland, Maureen & Bridget Gardeners’ Lore

Curtiss, Patricia The Indoor Cat

Ecstein, W. & F. Cat’s Life

Exley (pub.) Cat Quotations

Kuralt, Charles Charles Kuralt’s America

Magazines Outdoor Photographer

Miller, Crow Let’s Get Growing

Packer, Jane Celebrating with Flowers

Smithmark (pub.) Cats (anthology)

Sturgill, Susan Only Two (Seems Like More) cats

Westland, Pamela et al Glorious Flowercraft

Amazing Grace: Bill Moyers Collection

Cloud of Witnesses: Facing the Powers

Citizenship 101: How should Christians defend their homeland, Sess. 1 & 2

Faith and Action: Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

Hymnal: Our Singing Faith (intro. to the hymnal)

I Am Here: Discovering Christ in the Poor: Food for the Poor

In This Time, In This Place: Five Missional Stories: Menno. Media (2 cop.)

Jesus: Warner Brothers

Journey Toward Forgiveness: Menno. Media for ABC (stories of forgiveness)

Our Family can be your family: Mennonites, Who We are and What We Believe

Searching for God in America

Seasons of Worship (6 videos)

Signs of Hope: Menno. Bd. of Missions (stories of Menno. churches & service)

The Healing River: Menno. Media (faithful disciples)

This is Jubilee: planning, teaching, leaders guide for Jubilee SS curriculum
Through New Eyes: 5 chpts. in MCC’s 75 yrs. of service

CD’s (see MAW 2014 for The Steel Wheels CD’s)

Dreaming a New South Africa

In the Name of Christ: MCC

Resources for the Journey: Profile of Mennonite Church USA

Through the Desert Goes our Journey: Descendants of Menno Trek to Central Asia

Two Way Mission: N. and S. Amer. in Conversation: Menno. Mission Ntwk.

Blended Worship: Converging Old and new: Robt. Webber

The Holy Bible: New intern. Version: New Testament

Iraq Panel: 2/17/01

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