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International Scientific Conference dedicated to 95th anniversary of the Department of Botany, Tver State University biodiversity: problems of study and conservation tver

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Tver Branch of Russian Botanical Society

Tver State University

Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Tsitsin Main Botanic Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Vyatka State University of Humanities

International Scientific Conference

dedicated to 95th anniversary

of the Department of Botany, Tver State University




2124 November 2012

Second Circular
Organising Committee:
G.A. Tolstikhina, Vice Rector for Research, Tver State University (Chair)

S.M. Dementyeva, Decan of Biological Faculty, Tver State University (Vice-Chair)

A.A. Notov, Tver State University (Vice-Chair)

L.V. Petukhova, Tver State University (Vice-Chair)

R.V. Kamelin, President of Russian Botanical Society,

corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences (Komarov Botanical Institute)

Yu.K. Vinogradova (Tsitsin Main Botanic Garden)

M.S. Ignatov (Tsitsin Main Botanic Garden)

V.S. Novikov (Moscow State University)

A.D. Potemkin (Komarov Botanical Institute)

N.P. Savinykh (Vyatka State University of Humanities)

D.D. Sokoloff (Moscow State University)

A.K. Timonin (Moscow State University)

N.I. Shorina (Moscow Pedagogical State University)
S.A. Ivanova, Tver State University (Secretary)

E.N. Stepanova, Tver State University (Secretary)

Dear Colleagues,
The Organizing Committee invites you to participate the International scientific conference dedicated to 95th anniversary of the Department of Botany, Tver State University
"BIODIVERSITY: PROBLEMS OF STUDY AND CONSERVATION", which will be held 21-24 November 2012 in Tver State University (Tver, Russia).
The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Current approaches and methods in biodiversity research; phylogeography.

  2. Geographical analysis of different components of flora, including lichens.

  3. Structural diversity of plants and lichens and methods of morphological research.

  4. Conservation of biodiversity.

  5. Invasive species as a threat to regional biodiversity.

The conference will include plenary and section sessions as well as a poster session and a workshop “Approaches to the management of common inventory of biodiversity”.

The languages of the conference are Russian and English.
Excursions to the museums of Tver will be organised.

The abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book. In addition, full-length papers based on the presentations will be published after conference as a special issue of Bulletin of Tver State University. The post-conference volume will include review of papers on the most important problems and materials.

The registration is prolonged till 15th April 2012 г. Publication of abstracts is possible without visiting of conference.

The abstracts should be sent by e-mail in attached files to the conference address The file should be named by the surname of the presenting author.

Guidelines for authors
The abstract (including figures, tables and list of references) should not exceed 5 pages. The abstracts should be prepared as follows: languages – Russian or English; text editing program – Microsoft Word 97-2003 (*doc); page size – A4; font – Times New Roman, 14 pt; top, bottom, left, and right margins – 2.5 cm; single‐spaced text; full justification without hyphenation; paragraph indention – 1.25 cm.

The parts of abstracts should be arranged in the following order:

  1. Title (capital letters, embolden, centered);

  2. Author’s initials and surname(s) (lower-case letters, bold, centered);

  3. Organization(s), town, country (lower-case letters, centered);

  4. E-mail(s) (italics, centered);

  5. Gap;

  6. Body of the abstract (font 14 pt, full justification);

  7. List of references (full justification).

Drawings and tables are possible. Drawings: black-and-white, in *jpg format, resolution at least 300 dpi. Size of drawings should be not less than 60×60 mm and no more than 110×170 dpi. Drawings and tables should be placed into the text. Captions for drawings and tables are to be printed in 12 pt font.

In reference format please follow examples (fig. 1, table 2). List of references should be presented in alphabetical order.

Latin names of genera and species are to be printed in italics. Radix point is dot. The references in the text should be given in parentheses, like: (Hammer et al., 1999; Folch, 2006).

Example of abstract format

M. Castello, P.L. Nimis

University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy

Lichenes flora of Antarctic Continent and Adjacent Islands report 429 species, distributed in 86 genera (Dodge, 1973). The main reason for this confused state of affiaris is that Dodge´s Flora (1973) is based on rather odd taxonomic criteria (see Almborn, 1974; Filson, 1982; Hertel, 1988).

Almborn O. Review of «Dodge C.W.: Lichenes flora of Antarctic Continent and Adjacent» // Bot. Notiser. Vol. 127. P. 454–455.

Dodge C.W. Lichenes flora of Antarctic Continent and Adjacent Islands. Canaan, New Hamphshire: Phoenix Publishing, 1973. 399 p.

Filson R.B.Lichenes of Continental Antarctica // J. Hattori Bot. Lab. Vol. 53. P. 357–360.

Hertel H. Problems in monographing Antarctic crustose lichens // Polarforschung. Vol. 58. P. 65–76.

The abstracts should be sent till 25 April 2012.

For additional information please contact with Organizing Committee by e-mail: or by phone +7-915-704-57-97.

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