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Conference Program

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Conference Program

The 28th IATUL annual conference: Global Access to Science - Scientific Publishing for the Future

Sunday, June 10th


Registration and Welcome reception at KTH Library

Guided tours at KTH Campus and/or KTH Library Building

Music, Gunnar Julin, Director Musices, KTH


Kindly sponsored by ExLibris and KTH

Monday, June 11th "Public Access"


Registration at KTH Library


Welcome and Official Opening (Room F2)

Anders Eriksson, Acting President of KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology

Dan Brändström, Investigator of Swedish research funding system

Gunnar Sahlin, National Librarian, National Library of Sweden

Maria Heijne, President of IATUL


Keynote speakers (Room F2) Moderator: Gunnar Lager

Tom Cochrane, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Global access to science – meeting the revolution

Rüdiger Voss, Dr.

Physics Dep, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics


Coffee break


Keynote speakers (Room F2) Moderator: Gunnar Lager

Jens Vigen, Library Director

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Open Access and repositories : beyond green and gold

Erik Sandewall, Visiting professor

Scientific Information and Learning, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

From full text storage to full contents representation: Information science between library science and informatics

Håkan Carlsson, Dr

Lund University, Sweden

Open Access - Reaching the Masses


Lunch. Kindly sponsored by EBSCO


Parallel sessions 1 and 2 (Room F2 and F3)

Session 1 Moderator: Arja-Riitta Haarala

Bo-Christer Björk

Hanken, Svenska handelshögskolan, Helsinki, Finland

A model of scientific communication of a global distributed information system
Jan Brase

German National Library of Science and Technology, Hannover, Germany

A system for easy access to scientific information using DOIs

Session 2, Moderator: Terje Höiseth

Wayne Johnston

University of  Guelph, Guelph, Canada

The library as an agent for transforming scholarly communications

Marianne Josserand Haska

BioMed Central, London, UK

How open access journals and repositories facilitate public access to publicly funded research


Coffee break


Parallel sessions 3 and 4 (Room F2 and F3)

Session 3, Moderator: Arja-Riitta Haarala

Yuko Murakami

National Institute of Informatics (NII), Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

The interim evaluation method of the national project for institutional repositories in Japan

Eric Kansa

Alexandria Archive Inst, Univ of Santa Clara, Berkeley, CA, USA

An open context for small-scale field science data

Session 4, Moderator: Terje Höiseth

Manik Mandal

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India

Global access to science information: The changing dynamics of access and practices in India

Pablo Ortellado

Public Policy – University of Sao Paulo, Open Access Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian model for free access to scientific publications


End of day program


Harbour cruise  from Nybroviken to Stockholm City Hall.

Kindly sponsored by Svensk Biblioteksförening and PrioInfo     


Reception at Stockholm City Hall with buffet.

Kindly invited by the City of Stockholm

Tuesday, June 12th, "New tools and services; Metrics"


Parallel sessions 5 and 6 (Room F2 and F3)

Session 5, Moderator: Judith Palmer

Ralph Schroeder

Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, UK

e-Research infrastructures and scientific communication

Richard Akerman

NRC CISTI, Ottawa, Canada

Library service-oriented architecture to enhance access to science

Peter Morgan

University of Cambridge/Imperial College London, Cambridge CB3 9DR, UK

Facilitating the disposit of experimental chemistry data in institutional repositories: Project SPECTRa

Session 6, Moderator: Reiner Kallenborn

James L. Mullins

Purdue University Library, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Enabling international access to data sets: the distributed data curation center (D2C2)

David Lawrence

Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköping, Sweden

Support service for publication of open access journals

Helle Lauridsen

CSA, Oxford, UK

How researchers use the electronic library?


Morning tea. Kindly sponsored by RMIT.


Keynote speakers (Room F2) Moderator: Paul Sheehan

John Wilbanks, Executive director

Science Commons/MIT CSAIL, Cambridge, MA, USA

New metaphors in scientific communication: Libraries and the commons

Lars Juhl Jensen, Ph.D.

EMBL-Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Biomedical literature mining (and why we really need Open Access)


Poster session (in library foyer)


Lunch. Kindly sponsored by CAS


General Assembly (Room F2)


Coffee break


Session 7 (Room F2) Moderator: Lars Björnshauge

Katarina Larsen

Dep of Infrastructure, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Interactive activities of researchers captured in research impact assessment

Folke Snickars

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

International research assessment revisited - A comparison between the research performance of KTH and selected UK universities


Keynote speaker (Room F2) Moderator: Lars Björnshauge

Jonathan Adams, Director

Evidence Ltd, Leeds, UKJ

The new geography of science


End of day program


Reception at Kungl. Biblioteket, the National Library of Sweden

Guided tour of the library, and current exhibition on Astrid Lindgren

Refreshments. Kindly invited by National Library of Sweden.

Wednesday, June 13th "Study tour to Uppsala"


Buses from KTH to Uppsala (70 km north of Stockholm)




Guided tours to the Uppsala University, Gustavianum and the Cathedral


Lunch. Kindly sponsored by DMS

Participants in the ETD 2007 workshop at Uppsala, please see below! 


Library visits at Uppsala University

  1. Carolina Rediviva (main library)

  2. Evolutionary Biology Centre. Lecture by Professor Pauli Snoeijs: International publication of Baltic Sea science 2002-2005 and its connection to research funding (bibliometric study to be presented at a conference March 2007)

  3. Ångström Laboratory. Lecture by Dr Göran Rämme: Soap bubbles – a bridge between art and science


Bus to Linnaeus´ Hammarby. Guided tour. Refreshments


Bus to Sigtuna


Return to Stockholm by boat, Waxholm III, on Lake Mälaren

Dinner is served on board. Kindly sponsored by IHS, IEEE, Dawson, CSA, Blackwell, Sage, RMIT.


Arrival at Stockholm, Nybrokajen

On Wednesday 13th at 13.00 a 2-3 hours workshop on "Introducing GUIDE: Guiding Universities in Doctoral Theses in Europe" is open for a limited number of interested IATUL participants. For this special event no registration at the ETD web-site is necessary.

Thursday, June 14th "Economics; Bridging the gap"


Keynote speaker (Room F2) Moderator: Alice Trussell

Alice Keller, Head of Collection Management

Oxford University Library, Oxford, UK

The disincentive of E-only


Session 8 (Room F2) Moderator: Sohair Wastawy

Joris van Rossum

Scirus, Amsterdam, The Netherlandsj

Science-specific Search: Bridging the gap in dissemination of and access to information

Paul Peters

Hindawi Corporation, Cairo, Egypt

Beyond access
Lars Björnshauge

Lund University, Sweden

Open access journals and the developing world - experiences from operating the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)


Coffee break


Pro et Contra (Room F2)

Panel discussion and questions

Nick Fowler, Director of Strategy, Elsevier

Arne Johansson, Professor, Vetenskapsrådet

Caroline Sutton, Co-Found og Publisher,

Andrew Wray, Group Publisher, IOP Publishing, Bristol, UK


Lunch. Kindly sponsored by Springer


Parallel sessions 9 and 10 (Room F2 and F3)

Session 9, Moderator:

Tony McSéan

Elsevier, London, UK

Not just quality information: HINARI drives desirable change in teaching & research

Emily Gillingham

Blackwell Publishing – HINARI/AGORA/OARE, Oxford, UK

Developing world access to peer-reviewed research – OA in action

Session 10, Moderator: Marianne Nordlander

Anisur Rahman

Library and Information Division, Northern University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Access to global information – a case of digital divide in Bangladesh

Hannie Sander

Library and Information Centres, University of Johannesburg, South Africaj

Challenging libraries in the alternative dissemination of African scholarly communication


Coffee break


Keynote speaker (Room F2) Moderator: Maria Heijne

Rune Nilsen, Professor

University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

Research knowledge in a global perspective, a public good or part of a knowledge apartheid


Closing session (Room F2)

Maria Heijne, President of IATUL


End of conference


Conference dinner at the Vasa Museum

Kindly sponsored by Elsevier, BioMed, Linda Hall, Ovid, Nature

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