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Resource List for Transgender Medical Care
General Interest

True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism – Brown and Rounsley

She’s Not There, a Life in Two Genders - Jennifer Finney Boylan

The Riddle of Gender – Deborah Rudacille

TransLiberation - Les Feingold

GenderQueer: Voices from beyond the gender binary – Joan Nestle

Gender Outlaw: On men, women, and the rest of us – Kate Bornstein

My Gender Workbook – Kate Bornstein

Becoming a Visible Man - Jamison Green

Transgender Rights – Currah, Juang, and Minter

The Transgender Child – S. Brill

TransGeneration – A reality series detailing the lives of four trans college students

Boys Don’t Cry – Story of Brandon Teena

A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story

No Dumb Questions, dir. Melissa Regan 2000

Normal, dir. Jane Anderson 2003

Toilet Training – Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Websites: – Tapestry magazine and annual conf. – Sylvia Rivera Law Proj. – Natl Ctr. Lesbian Rights

Mental Health

Transgender Emergence - Arlene Star Lev

Gender Loving Care, A guide to counseling gender variant clients – Randi Ettner

Guidelines for Transgender Care - Bockting and Goldberg

Transgender Subjectivities: A Clinician’s Guide – Jack Drescher

Medical Care

Guidelines for Transgender Care - Bockting and Goldberg

Principles of Transgender Medicine and Surgery - Ettner, Monstrey, and Eyler

  1. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health

  2. Tom Waddell Clinic Protocol

  3. Vancouver Coastal Health Clinical Guidelines

  4. TransMedicine Yahoo Group (for health professionals to discuss aspects of TG medicine.)

  5. The Standards of Care:

  6. Lyon-Martin Clinical Elective in Transgender Medicine:

  7. AMA resolution 122:

  8. AMSA's Transgender Health care resources



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LGBT Health Centers:

Callen-Lorde – NYC Program in Human Sexuality – Univ. Minnesota

Mazzoni Center – Philadelphia Howard Brown Health Center - Chicago

Fenway – Boston Lyon-Martin – San Francisco


SRS/GRS for Transwomen and Transmen: Drs. Brassard and Menard (Montreal), Dr. Toby Meltzer (Arizona, transMen only), Dr. Christine McGinn (near Philly), Dr. Sherman Leis (Philly), Dr. Marci Bowers (Colorado), Dr. Stan Monstrey, Dr. Miroslav Djordgevic

Chest Reconstruction Surgery for TransMen - Dr. Brownstein (San Francisco), Dr. Beverly Fisher (Mid-Atlantic), Dr. Garramone (Florida)
Stroheckers Compounding Pharmacy:
Presenter Emails:
To join ACHA’s LGBT Coalition’s Subcommittee for Transgender health, please email Dr. Hall!

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