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Storytelling Schedule Don’t forget your story log so you can make notes on each story you hear

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Storytelling Schedule
Don’t forget your story log so you can make notes on each story you hear.
Fecha Narrador Cuento____________________________________________


martes el 29 Rita Pardee “When Grizzlies Walked Upright” (Modoc)

jueves el 31 Kelsey Sanford “When Grizzlies Walked Upright” (Modoc)

Kelly Macrorie Adams “Foolish Girls” (Ojibway)

Alyson Gould “Little Man with Hair All Over” (Métis)

jueves el 7 Edurne Larraza “Creation of First Man and First Woman” (Navajo) +

“Love” (Eduardo Galeano)

martes el 12 Montse Maritxalar “The ‘Real’ Story of Roland” (Basque)

Fenimore “The Flute Player” (Apache)

jueves el 14 CLASS CANCELLED

martes el 19 Amaia Hutton "The Voice, the Flood and the Turtle"(Caddo) and/or

"Tartaro eta eraztun hiztuna" ("Tartar and the Talking Ring") as told by a priest from Zuberoa

Marta García "The Age of Life" (Brothers Grimm)
jueves el 21 Marisol Osa “Isis and Osiris” (Egyptian)

martes el 26 Carmele Bujan “The Little Chickpea”

Maitane Izueta

jueves el 28 Bertsolari lecture and performance

Magisterio, Salon de Actos, 12:40-14:00

martes el 4 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. “The Shapes of Stories”

Mary Carter Smith “Cindy Ellie” (European/African American)

jueves el 6 David Fenimore “John & the Devil’s Daughter” (African American)

“ “ “The Man Makes & the Woman Takes” ( “ “ )

martes el 11 Rita Pardee “Young Tom & His Good Fortune”
Kellan Macrorie Adams “Tiger Becomes Riding Horse”
jueves el 13 Amaia Hutton “The Voice, the Flood, and the Turtle” (Caddo)
Alyson Gould “John Outwits Mr. Berkeley”
Kelsey Sanford ________________________________



martes el 1 Edurne Larraza “Mainamikirri” (Basque)

Bobby Norfolk “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” (European)

“ “ “Wiley and the Hairy Man” (European)
jueves el 3 NO CLASS
martes el 8 Marisol Ose __________________________________________
Maintane Iztueta __________________________________________
Amaia Hutton __________________________________________
jueves el 10 David Fenimore “Pretty Boy Floyd” (Woody Guthrie, Anglo-American)
[anyone want to try making a story out of “Stackolee” or “John Henry”? Song versions of both on the CD and in the back of Zora’s book; also a modern street version of “Stackolee,” collected by Roger Abrahams, is assigned from African American Folktales]
Marta Garcia “The Three Questions” (Leo Tolstoy, Russian)

martes el 15 Kelsey Sanford “Mama Coon” (Creole; gumbo included in price of admission)
jueves el 17 David Fenimore “Hardy Hardass” (North Carolina, EE-UU)

martes el 22 Ray Hicks “Whickety-Whack, Into My Sack” (Jack tale, rec. 1974)
______________________________, “______________________________”

jueves el 24 David Fenimore “Jack and the Magic Beans” (trad)
“Jack and the Heifer Hide” (Maude Gentry Long, from Jack in Two Worlds)

martes el 29 Alyson Gould “Stackolee” (African American, from Philadelphia, EE-UU)
David Fenimore “Jack & the Three Steers” [“Jack & the Robbers”] (Ray Hicks)

martes el 6 Montse Maritxalar “ You can know the beginning of your life, but not the end” (a

personal story)

David Fenimore “Raglif Jaglif Tertartlif Pole” (Leonard Roberts, from Jack in Two Worlds; AT 313 tale type)

jueves el 8 Kelsey Sanford “______________________________”

(a food day

on the green, Kellan Macrorie Adams “The Nightingale and the Rose” (Oscar Wilde)

weather per-

mitting) Rita Pardee “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs”
martes el 13 Maitane Iztueta “______________________________”

(last day of class)

Amaia Hutton “______________________________”

David Fenimore “Neighborhood Watch” (personal)

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