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Formula 1 class multimedia mobile phone: the sx1 McLaren Limited Edition

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ormula 1 class multimedia mobile phone: the SX1 McLaren Limited Edition

High-tech in black and sharp design including video camera, digital camera and MP3

Pole position for the SX1: with the SX1 McLaren Limited Edition, Siemens

Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) presents the new

mobile phone world champion of the 2004 Formula 1 season. Developed in co-operation with West McLaren Mercedes, as a result of Siemens’ Technology Partnership with the Formula 1 team, the Limited Edition emphasizes the commitment of both long-term partners to technical high-end performance and their passion for perfection. Apart from the high-tech features of the SX1, the

Limited Edition also offers exclusive West McLaren Mercedes applications and is an excellent eye catcher due to its sharp design in glossy black. Motor sports fans and those to whom top design and features matter should gear up and hurry up: Only a limited number of the SX1 McLaren’s will be available worldwide.
Multimedia meets Formula 1: the features

Being a high-end mobile phone with comprehensive multimedia functions, the SX1 McLaren Limited Edition is sure to take the lead. Its integrated video camera allows for the direct recording of the most exciting racing scenes as video clips – which later on can be viewed on the high resolution 16 bit color display (65,000 colors). The VGA- camera (640 x 480 pixels) turns every victory into a photo finish and thanks to the comprehensive organizer functions the time management for a race weekend becomes child’s play. The MP3 player and the FM radio enable perfect acoustic entertainment – thanks to the high quality stereo headphones. Another highlight is the 32 MB Multimedia Card (MMC). The phone is equipped with a “hot swap” MMC. This allows the simple change of the memory card without requiring the prior removal of the battery. Furthermore, the SX1 McLaren Limited Edition offers exclusive extra applications: upon being switched on, the start up animation shows a West McLaren Mercedes MP4-19 driving across the display, the screen saver features Kimi Räikkönen and his Formula 1 car, and having the original West McLaren Mercedes racing sound as the phone’s ring tone allows each phone call to take place in the unique atmosphere of a Formula 1 race. The special West McLaren Mercedes icon on the menu allows access to team news, general information on the Formula 1 race tracks of the 2004 season as well as a picture gallery showing photos of Kimi, teammate David Coulthard and the MP4-19. Top highlight: videos with interviews from the West McLaren Mercedes garage and MP4-19 test sessions. The personal video greeting from Kimi Räikkönen and the signed autograph card make the special edition a definite must for any Formula 1 fan.

Kimi Räikkönen himself is already a delighted user of the SX1: “Being a Formula 1 driver I have an extremely tight schedule which is why I am always on the lookout for possibilities to optimize my daily routine. The SX1 provides me with photos and clips of the tests, briefings and time schedules in a very short time. That’s what I call perfect!”
Form meets function: the design

Already the special packaging design of the SX1 Limited Edition, featuring the McLaren Logo, the Technology Partner Logo and the black and white elements hinting at the finishing flag leave no doubt about the Formula 1 contents. Just like the West McLaren Mercedes MP4-19 the multimedia mobile phone is designed in glossy black and bears the official McLaren logo on the back. Individual chrome elements make for purposeful visual highlights and, together with the blue keypad lighting, emphasising the sharp design of the SX1 McLaren Limited Edition.

High-tech meets perfection: the technical details

Being one of the world’s smallest smart phones, its 109 x 56 x 19 mm measurements are sufficient to make any Formula 1 babe pale with envy, while at the same time offering excellent features. Thanks to modern materials and processing methods its weight is only 116 grams. The battery performance of up to 200 hours standby time or up to 4 hours talk time will easily take you through the entire race weekend, and for a battery pit stop for recharging less than three hours are needed. The price for this black beauty is 639 Euro. More information and purchasing possibilities can be found on the internet at

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