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Trimo becomes a McLaren Technology Centre Partner

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Trimo becomes a McLaren Technology Centre Partner

Trimo, one of Europe’s leading providers of facade envelope solutions, is proud to partner with McLaren to provide a specially adapted form of its Qbiss high-performance cladding for the new McLaren Production Centre. The 32,000m2 Foster + Partners-designed manufacturing facility will house the production assembly line for McLaren's future range of sports cars, starting with the MP4-12C.

The partnership demonstrates a commitment to excellence, with both companies striving to expand the boundaries of innovation and technology without compromise. The Qbiss One system, which embodies performance, aesthetics and precision engineering, delivers the seamless pairing of form and function. These are qualities shared equally by McLaren, and are important to both organisations’ continued success and growth.

Trimo’s Qbiss One is used extensively as both the interior and exterior facade of the 32,000 m2 Foster & Partners-designed manufacturing facility, which when complete will house the production facility for the new MP4-12C high performance sports cars.

Ron Dennis, Executive Chairman of McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive, said: “As an organisation rooted in the discipline of Formula One racing, McLaren has a fast-moving culture. It was a pleasure to work with a partner of Trimo’s calibre which shares that philosophy of working quickly but without compromise to achieve a final product that meets and exceeds the highest standards.

“The Qbiss cladding provided by Trimo for the interior and exterior of the MPC sets a strong visual tone for the activity that occurs within the building: a world-class engineering enterprise that always aspires to the highest levels of performance, and is well capable of reconciling that with unparalleled environmental sustainability.”

Trimo CEO Tatjana Fink commenting on the partnership said: “Trimo is a global brand, like McLaren, and becoming an official partner was not just about product but more what the products represent in terms of excellence, performance and quality. The shared business culture of innovation, creativity and an energy is what makes us both the very best at what we do and drives us continuously to succeed.”
Tatjana Fink added: “Wining through teamwork, collaboration and the establishment of long-term relationships is what Trimo strives for and this is something we can develop further through our partnership with McLaren.”

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Trimo Group

Since its formation in 1961, Trimo has established itself as one of Europe’s leading companies developing original and complete solutions for steel buildings, roofs, façades, steel constructions, containers and sound and insulation systems.

Trimo sells its products and services under its own brand across 54 countries worldwide. Trimo has established a sales network in 27 countries and has production facilities in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. 

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