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Appendix 6: Tourism facilities

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Appendix 6: Tourism facilities
The following tourism facilities were identified and mapped.

Emergency related facilities (hospitals, paramedics, clinics etc.)

  • Siteki hospital/clinic and fire station

  • Big Bend hospital/clinic

  • Piggs Peak Hospital

  • Piggs Peak Clinic

  • Piggs Peak pharmacy

  • Tambankulu clinic (to be confirmed).

  • Tshaneni clinic

  • Simunye clinic

  • Bulembu clinic/hospital

  • Mhlume clinic

  • Maguga Clinic (1 km from dam wall)

  • Mbabane (various)

  • Manzini (various)

  • Swazi Spa Health and Beauty Studio (Mbabane)

  • Royal Swazi Health Centre (Royal Swazi Sun Hotel)

Vehicle services (including filling stations, towing, repairs for light vehicles and heavy vehicle facilities)

  • Filling stations at Piggs Peak (X2); Matsamo (about 7km before Matsamo on MR1 going North), Bhalekane, Tshaneni, Mlawula, Ngonini, Motshane, Mafutseni filling station (get from DLC study. On MR3 between Manzinin and Siteki), Siteki, Big Bend, Siphofaneni, Nsoko, Mbuluzi, Mbabane, Mahlanya, Luyengo, Mankayane, Bhunya, Sandane, Manzini, Hlatsikhulu, Nhlangano, Esihlutse, (see garages map) and Lavumisa.

  • Repairs at Skyway mechanical (Piggs Peak)/Rocklands)

  • Skonkwane tyres (Piggs Peak)

  • Matata Garage1 (location unknown)

Food services including restaurants, take-away, refreshments etc.

  • Phumelani Restaurant (Peak Fine Crafts 10km north of Piggs Peak)2

  • Mananga Golf Club (Tshaneni) Confirm that this still applies

  • Siteki Golf Club (Siteki) Confirm that this still applies

  • Simunye Country Club

  • Tambankulu Club, Tambankulu.3

  • Nisela Safaris, at Nsoko

  • Lubombo Lobster Restaurant, Big Bend

  • Malolotja (under construction, due for completion end of year.)

  • African Theatre (at Matsamo)

  • Ubombo Country Club4 (Big Bend)

  • Riverside Motel5 (Big Bend)

  • Gone Rural Restaurant (Ka-Malandela)

  • Bella Vista Pizzeria (Happy Valley Hotel)

  • Sir-Loin Restaurant (Happy Valley Hotel)

  • Tandoori Restaurant (Mgenule Hotel)

  • Calabash Restaurant (next to Timbali Caravan Park – see Forrester map)

  • Ilanga Restaurant (Lugogo Sun Hotel)

  • Ezulwini Sun Coffee Shop and Restaurant (Ezulwini Sun Hotel)

  • First Horse Restaurant (Ezulwini Valley)

  • Ka-Malandela Restaurant (Ka-Malandela)

  • Salt ‘N Pepper Club (12km west of Manzini on Malkern Road

  • Mozambique Restaurant (Manzini)

  • Foresters Arms Hotel Restaurant (Foresters Arms Hotel)

  • LM Restaurant (Mbabane)

  • La Casserole (Mbabane)

General services including tourism/booking information, public showers/toilets, curio manufacturing, facilities for handicapped persons, post offices, banking, etc.

  • Tourism information centres: Swazi Trails Adventure and Information Centre (at Mantenga Crafts), Osheok (at Ngwenya node), Mbabane Tourism Information Centre, and Hotel and Tourism Association Offices also provide information when requested.

  • Curio manufacturing

    • Tintsaba Crafts, Piggs Peak

    • Ngwenya Glass, Ngwenya

    • Toktoki clothing, Peak Fine Crafts 10km north of Piggs Peak

    • Ethnic Bound, Peak Fine Crafts 10km north of Piggs Peak

  • Police

    • Havelock/Bulembu

    • Tshaneni

    • Simunye

    • Mliba

    • Mbabane

    • Manzini

    • Big Bend

    • Malkerns

    • Lomahasha

    • Matsapha (airport)

    • Nhlangana

    • Piggs Peak

    • Sitegi

  • Post offices

    • Mhlume

    • Havelock/Bulembu

    • Tshaneni

    • Piggs Peak

    • Simunye

    • Mbabane

    • Manzini

    • Big Bend

    • Hlathikhulu

    • Siteki

    • Matsapha

  • Banking

    • Piggs Peak

    • Simunye

    • Mbabane (Various)

    • Manzini

    • Royal Swazi Casino

  • Border posts

    • Bordergate/Mananga: 08h00-18h00

    • Jeppes Reef/Matsamo: 07h00-20h00

    • Bulembu/Josefsdal: 08h00- 16h00

    • Namaacha/Lomahasha: 07h00-20h00

    • Oshoek/Ngwenya: 07h00-22h00

    • Lavumisa/Golela: 07h00-22h00

    • Mhlumeni border post: closed

    • Mahamba: 07h00-22h00

    • Bothashoop/Gege: 08h00 – 16h00

    • Emahlatini/Scunusa: 08h00 – 16h00

    • Golela/Lavumisa: 07h00 – 22h00

    • Onverwacht/Salitje: 08h00 – 16h00

    • Waverley/Lundzi: 08h00 – 16h00


  • Road network

    • The road network has been mapped from the 1:50000 topocadastral maps for Swaziland and the condition of the roads were classified as either Freeway, Main roads (Tarred), Main roads (untarred), or Minor roads according to available road maps for Swaziland.
Accommodation facilities
Full and/or partly catered

  • Hotels and motels:

    • Impala Arms Hotel (Tshaneni)

    • Simunye Country Club (adjacent to Hlane)

    • Siteki Hotel (Siteki)

    • Protea Piggs Peak Hotel and Casino

    • Phophonyane Lodge

    • Highlands Inn

    • The New Big Bend Inn (Big Bend)

    • Riverside Hotel (Big Bend)

    • Tambankulu Country Club (Tambankulu)

    • Motsamo Cultural Park (RSA/Swazi border post @ Jeppes Reef)

    • Mountain Inn (Mbabane)

    • Ingwe Mabala Executive Hotel (500m from Ngwenya/Oshoek border)

    • Castle Hotel (Mbabane)

    • Happy Valley Hotel (last [east] hotel in Ezulwini valley)

    • Mgenule Hotel (Ezulwini Valley – Forresters map)

    • Royal Swazi Sun Hotel and Casino (Ezulwini Valley)

    • Lugogo Sun (next to Royal Swazi Sun )

    • Ezulwini Sun (opposite Lugogo Sun)

    • Foresters Arms (@ Mhlambanyatsi)

    • Matsapha Inn (@ Matsapha)

    • Mozambique Hotel and Restaurant (Manzini)

    • Nhangano Sun Hotel and Casino (@ Nhlangano)

    • Meikels Mount (18 km south of Mbabane in Malkers Valley)

    • City Inn (Mbabane)

  • Game Lodges

    • Hlane Royal National Park

    • Mkhaya Game Reserve

    • Shewula Game Reserve Mountain Camp

    • Mbuluzi Game Reserve

    • Nisela Safaris Bush Camp/Lodge, at Nsoko 33km north of Golela Border Post

    • Reilly’s Rock Hilltop Lodge (Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary)

  • Guest houses/Guest farms (DB&B and/or B&B)

    • Sobantu Guest farm, east of Malolotja

    • Havelock mine B&B (confirm whether still operating)

    • Tambankulu Bed and Breakfast

    • Lubombo Lobster Restaurant

    • Lubombo Cycad Lodges (details unknown, need clarity as to what they provide).

    • Nisela guesthouse, at Nsoko 33km north of Golela Border Post

    • Hlane Village

    • Madonsa Guest House (Manzini)

    • Mantenga Lodge (above Mantenga falls)

    • Mountain View Cottage (Mbabane)

    • Gibela Getaway Farm (10km NE of Manzini)

    • Phumula Guest House (east of Mahamba)

    • Kapola Guest House (Mbabane)

    • Kirkhill Farm (SW of Mbabane)

    • Bethel Court Lodge and Apartments (Ezulwini Valley east of Matsapha)
Self catering

  • Lodges

    • Phophonyane Lodge

    • Hlane Royal National Park

    • Malolotja Nature Reserve

    • Mkhaya Game Reserve

    • Mlawula Nature Reserve: (Camping and soon self catering)

    • Simunye Country Club

    • Mananga College6

    • Shewula Mountain camp

    • Wyldesdale Lodge

    • Lubombo Cycad Lodges (details unknown, need clarity as to what they provide).

  • Chalets/cottages/rondavels

    • Malolotja Nature Reserve

    • Hlane Royal National Park

    • Mlawula Nature Reserve

    • Wyldesdale

    • Mananga cottages

    • Smokey Mountain Village (Ezulwini Valley)

    • Timbali park (Ezulwini Valley)

  • Camping and Caravan sites

    • Malolotja Nature Reserve

    • Hlane Royal National Park

    • Mlawula Nature Reserve

    • Nisela Safaris, at Nsoko 33km north of Golela Border Post

    • Maguga Dam

    • Van Eck Dam (Big Bend)

    • Swaziland Backpackers (12km west of Manzini near Salt’n Pepper Club)

    • Timbali Park (Ezulwini valley)

1 Billee Fitzpatrick 09268 363 6356

2 Virginia Kummer, 09268 373 7191

3 John Dlamini, 09268 3737191

4 Billee Fitzpatrick 09268 363 6356

5 Billee Fitzpatrick 09268 363 6356

6 Sibongile Sibisi, 09268 313 1334

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