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11. project status snapshots

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11. project status SNAPSHOTS

Meydan Avenue

Prepared By:

Kerem Serifoglu


Status Report No. Project Stage


0003 Pre-Contract


Building Design Update:

  • Architectural concept for 36 buildings (including Retail Residential Buildings, Ballroom and Meydan HQ) has been developed in order to initiate Feasibility Study.

  • Proposed Land Development Preliminary Feasibility Study for all 36 buildings has been updated to include infrastructure cost for each building.

  • AE7 submitted 2 fee proposals, first for Falcon Park, second for the 13 buildings in Canal Front.

  • AE7 presented to Meydan Concept design for Meydan Canal Front 13 buildings, and received positive comments. AE7 to further study design options as per Meydan’s comments during the meeting at AE7 on 30th October, 2014.

  • AE7 presented to Meydan design updates for Meydan Canal Front 13 buildings on November 6th, 2014 and is updating the project as per Meydan’s comments.

  • Landscape design including Meydan Grandstand parking, plazas and street scape for the Meydan Avenue is ongoing.

Infrastructure Updates:

  • AE7 submitted to Meydan the GFA matrix for all components of Meydan Avenue on 12th October, 2014.

  • Meydan team shared with AE7 the location of the district cooling lines.

  • AE7 has requested from Meydan, as built drawings for the Meydan Grandstand and Canal Front, request dated 28th October, 2014.

  • AE7 requested from Meydan, updated site and infrastructure drawings to reflect the ongoing infrastructure construction works, request dated 28th October 2014.

  • Meydan to issue to AE7 as built drawings for the Meydan Avenue Master Plan.

  • Meydan to issue to AE7 as built drawings of the Meydan Grandstand and parking.

  • Meydan to issue to AE7 Master Plan guide-lines for Canal Front buildings.

Future/Other Business:

  • LOI / Contract for AE Consultancy services have not been issued.

QMS-F010 of November 18th, 2014

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