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Issue 52 September, 2015 Peace and Tranquillity

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Kilninford News: Issue 52 September, 2015


Peace and Tranquillity

this Autumn

The information, opinions and views presented in the 'Kilninford News' reflect the views of the authors and contributors of the articles and are not necessarily those of the Kilninford News (KN) team. Publication of articles, advertisements or product information does not constitute endorsement or approval by the Kilninford News (KN) team. They cannot be held responsible for any errors or for any consequences arising from the use of the information contained in the newsletter.
The Kilninford News is governed by the Constitution of the' Kilninford Association 2015'.

KILNINFORD NEWS - Update from the team

Well we hope that you enjoyed your summer? - despite the rain! Let us hope that the autumn will be kinder to us.

The fledgling new team managed to get the Easter edition (Issue 51) out on time, phew! We hope that the transition from the previous custodians was ok? Apologies for any faux pas or any omissions - a few teething problems were inevitable. In respect of this edition - we must apologise for the delay in production and distribution. Unfortunately, this was outside the control of the Kilninford News Team. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Would anyone wishing to make a contribution to the next (Christmas edition) please let us have text and adverts by the end of the first week in November (i.e. Saturday 7th November). It takes us approximately 2 weeks to edit and print the newsletter, and a further few days to have it distributed. Thus, in order to ensure that it is available within the community in good time, and to give ample time to advertise pre-Christmas events please make a note in your diary. The planned dates for future editions of the Kilninford news are given below:

Issue #


All contributions to

editorial team due:

Estimated distribution date (week commencing)


Christmas 2015

07 November 2015

30 November 2015


Easter 2016

02 March 2016

21 March 2016


Summer 2016

09 July 2016

01 August 2016

What you may not know in respect of the Kilninford News is that the new team had to provide a new Constitution to the financial institutions in April 2015. Within this Constitution, known as the "Constitution for the Kilninford Association 2015" (if anyone wishes a copy please contact me), there is a requirement for an Annual General Meeting. As a first step in the formal process an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has been arranged for Wednesday 4th November at the Cuilfail Hotel, Kilmelford - starting time 19:30. We hope that a number of our readers will be able to attend, as well as our regular contributors and advertisers. It is your chance to have a say on what you would like to see provided within the Newsletter - Please don't miss your opportunity for an input!

Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming months - Enjoy!

Graham (Ed.)

Forthcoming events

Friday 6th Sept: Just for Fun Party

Children all welcome at the Village Hall 5.30pm Friday 6th Sept for tea & games prior to the Badminton starting at 7pm.

Sunday 20th Sept: Moderator’s Visit

The Rt Rev. Angus Morrison – Moderator of the General Assembly of Church if Scotland will be coming to Argyll & staying locally the night of Saturday 19th September. He will be at Kilninver about 10am on the Sunday morning (20th). The Moderator spent his youth in Oban & used to enjoy helping at the netting on Loch Feochan.

Anyone who would like to meet him would be welcome to come, have a cup of coffee/tea at Kilninver Church.

The session agreed to the suggestion of putting on a simple flower festival in the church, with the theme of fishing. Anyone willing to help decorate or contribute in any way please contact Mary Sandilands 01852 300313.

Afterwards the Moderator will be at the United Service at Craignish at 12 noon followed by lunch a Ardfern Village Hall. He will also visit the new affordable house at Craignish.
Sunday 27th September

Community Celebration 27/9 – 5pm at Kilninver Church *

NOTE. there is a fuller report/poster to advertise the event to come– please check local information sites
Wednesday 7th October

Parish Lunch.

Wednesday 4th November

Kilninford Association 2015 - EGM, and discussions on the way forward with the Kilninford News. [See separate item]. To be held at the Cuilfail Hotel, Kilmelford. Starting time 19:30. All welcome.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th  November 2015

Jan Brown has organised a ‘Fair Trade and Christmas Market’ at Kilmartin Museum on November 14th and 15th – 11am – 4pm each day. All welcome.

  Contact -


The group meets weekly on Thursdays from 2 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. in the small hall in Kilmelford. All welcome. £2 per session.

Contact: Agnes McColl Tel: 01852 200365

Thursday evenings from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

All welcome. You can come and join us at any time.

Contact: Bob Fleck Tel: 01852 200258 E-mail:

For anyone interested in embroidery, tapestry, sewing, knitting, crochet and other similar crafts, meetings are in the Kilmelford Village Hall every Wednesday morning from 10 a.m. - 12noon. £2.00 per person for each session.

Contact: Toni Mitchell Tel: 01852 316151 Olga Salmond Tel: 01852 200787

Wednesday evenings:   Melfort Ukuleles - 7.30-9.30pm Kilmelford Village Hall.  All welcome, from beginners to experienced musicians.  Spare ukuleles available to try.  £4 per person £6 per couple, children under 18 free when accompanied by an adult.  Fee includes tuition, music, tea/coffee biscuits.

Contact: Sarah Whittle Tel: 01852 500790

Playgroup is on every Wednesday 2 - 3.30pm ( apart from school holidays) in Kilmelford hall.  We are now a very small group of mums and babes and would gladly welcome new people to join us for a lovely afternoon of fun, craft and play. Thank you all for your continuing support and help. Best wishes to all , and roll on the sunshine! 

For more information contact please contact Georgina Dalton on 01866 844212 or email

The Friday evening games of Kilmelopoly & Beetle Drives have been enjoyed by various children and now with the help of Brian & Helen Laws, weekly Badminton sessions are planned. All children aged 8 years upwards welcome £2 per head. 7pm – 8.30 pm. Juice & snack included. The table games will continue on some nights as well.

Contacts: Lucy 200722, Michelle 316105, Helen 200789, Georgina 01866 844212

All welcome to any of these events.


All welcome. Come and join in and musicians, bring along your instruments.

Loch Melfort Hotel (Tel: 01852 200233)

Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month – from approximately 9.30 p.m.



A full programme of events can be found on

Information and bookings: Tel: 01546 510278 E-mail:

For regular events such as Coffee Mornings, “Keep Fit” and “Knit and Natter” please check their website. or their Facebook page. E-mail: or by phoning Tel: 01852 500746


SCOTTISH EPISCOPAL CHURCH SERVICES - St John’s Cathedral, George Street, Oban.
Sunday 8 a.m. Holy Communion

10.15 a.m. Sung Eucharist (Fourth Sunday – Choral Matins)

Wednesday 11 a.m. Holy Communion
CATHOLIC CHURCH SERVICES - St Columba’s Cathedral, Oban.
Saturday 6 p.m. Vigil Mass

Sunday 10.30 a.m. Sunday Mass

** Please note there will be no 12 noon Service at Kilninver on Sunday 20th Sept.

A Life and Death Matter – the Weather
None of us have been too impressed with the weather in Argyll this summer. Farmers, gardeners, visitors, all of us have heaved a sigh as we looked out on another damp, cold day. We ponder the question of what is disturbing our accustomed patterns of weather and perhaps pay more attention to the upcoming UN climate change summit being held in Paris later this year.
Over the past few years our churches have been forming a friendship with a congregation at Bemvu in Malawi. We exchange information and aim to learn from each other so as to strengthen church life at either end. We have now started a kind of “penpal” arrangement where individuals can correspond with each other.
Most people at Bemvu are subsistence farmers, growing their own food on a small plot of land. This means that for them the weather is really a matter of life and death. Maize is their staple crop and it grows well in a typical Malawi rainy season when there are 3-4 months of sunny days with frequent showers.
Unfortunately this year there was an excess of rain at the start of the season so the ground was swamped and germination of the seeds did not go well. Then the rain abruptly stopped completely and drought conditions led to withering of the plants which had survived. The result is a very meagre harvest and a very uncertain future as people know their food supplies will run out long before the next growing season.
While we aim to share our experiences at many different levels, the urgency of the food shortage is inevitably a primary concern at present. Anything we can do will be small against the scale of the problem. But better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Over the past two years we have raised funds at harvest time to help 40 poor families with farm inputs. We are looking to step up the effort this year.
Our connection to our friends in Bemvu makes vivid for us the irony that it is those who have done least to cause climate change who suffer its effects most severely. The least we can do is show our solidarity with one heavily affected community to which we are connected. And find fresh impetus in our efforts to attain a sustainable lifestyle.
Kenneth Ross (Parish Minister)
Parish Picnic 20th June

The weather for the picnic was not kind enough for the Kilmelford & Kilninver families to set off for Barnacarry beach so we took over the village hall and took out all the sports equipment. Meanwhile some Kilbrandon folk met at the beach in coats & waterproofs with Ken and ate their picnic lunch. A happy outcome at the hall was the kind offer from Helen & Brian Laws to help teach the local children, how to play badminton.

Parish Walk 28th June

Seven walkers were left at the Loch Avich end of the Sreigne Road to walk over the hill to Scammadale where they were met by others from Netherlorn walking in the glen. Everyone met at Scammadale Farm to enjoy refreshing drinks and a bar-b-que. Many thanks to the McCorkindale family for acting as hosts. All agreed it was a very enjoyable afternoon & shared parish event.


The Church of Scotland HIV programme currently supports 29 projects in 17 countries. The projects we support at home and overseas run education awareness programmes, support orphans and vulnerable children, train volunteers to provide home-based care, facilitate support groups for people living with HIV so that they can live positively in every sense of the word. They also challenge the stigma and discrimination which so often accompanies an HIV+ diagnosis.

The monies from the sale of stamps is a vital contribution to funding this valuable work.

Please keep all stamps throughout the year & collections can be left with Georgina Dalton or Mary Clark or left at the Shop. - Many Thanks


Leaders met on 17th August to plan the theme & content for the next sessions. Our first gathering will be on Sunday 6th September - 4pm for crafts & activities and 4.15pm for tea & refreshments & Prayz Time. All Welcome.

Contacts: Georgina 01866 844212, Jenny Moody 200222, Rachel Ross 200235

Callum Alexander Clark

Congratulations to Roanna & Findlay and welcome to Callum. Born 26th June 2015 8lbs 6oz – both sets of grandparents are delighted.

As I write early in August the rain is bucketing down; I really can’t remember when it was this persistent. 2015 will certainly be a year to remember, but I wish that we could rewind and begin again – it could only be better! Having said that, we had a good display of our usual camellias, magnolias, rhododendrons and azaleas this spring. Several of our wonderfully scented Maddenia rhododendrons flowered for the first time, including a new planting along the Cliff Path. It’s been a good year for these tender plants and we’ve been adding to the collection for many years. We must have one of the best collections around, I think, having gathered new species and varieties from gardens up and down the country, many from conservatories in those colder gardens where they can’t be grown outside. Even now a couple of Rhododendron crassum, one of the Maddenia series, are still in flower – they are quite variable and we have plants of the same species from many different provenances.
I came down to the garden this morning to find that the second half of our large and beautiful Eucryphia glutinosa had come down. This lovely summer-flowering plant is growing just above the main lawn at the bottom of the Cliff slope and could be seen in full flower from the lawn and below. The first half split apart from the rest a few months ago – these trees are really large shrubs which have a number of stems growing from the base, so they tend to split open as do griselinia, which have the same habit. It was a great shame as it was just about to flower. We do have one other specimen higher up on the Cliff, but that’s beginning to look a little doubtful too and I must think about planting a replacement some time. We do have quite a few Eucryphia species and hybrids in the garden, six or seven as I recall, but E. glutinosa is my favourite. The Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs describes it as ‘One of the most glorious of woody plants’ and being the only deciduous species it has beautiful yellow autumn colour too.
One of the positive features of this dreary year has been the greatly extended spring season, due to an unusually cold May. In an average year most of the rhododendrons and azaleas are past their best by the middle of May, but this year they were still looking good into the middle of June and beyond. Even now it’s possible to find the odd flower on some of the camellias up on the Cliff Path! Unheard of! The most negative feature has to be the weed growth; we can usually keep up with it but this year it’s really been a struggle, together with the flopping foliage of shrubs and perennials along most of the paths after days of heavy rain. In spite of all this we’ve been favoured with many excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, apart from one which stated that he could see ‘Nothing Special’ about the garden and was surprised that the NTS bothered to keep it open! Even allowing for my bias I feel that this was a little harsh!
Moving into the late summer period our hydrangea collection is coming into its own. Some of the new varieties are very vigorous with vibrant colours, especially ‘Zorro’, which also has dark purple stems. Fuchsias too are looking good – both of these genera enjoy cool, moist weather. Fuchsia ‘Lady Bacon’ is particularly good and one of the most colourful of the magellanica types. This is growing at the foot of the Cliff slope above the Top Lawn and is full of flower at the moment.
But one of the charms of Arduaine is the sheer variety of plant life. Sarracenias, or pitcher plants, are good at the moment down beside one of the ponds, as are Primula florindae and Lilium nepalense. There are ferns and perennials far too numerous to mention; do come along and see for yourselves, but be prepared to take your time and look beyond the obvious!
And as usual, can I ask that if anyone feels that they can help the garden in any way at all, please email me or give me a call.

Maurice Wilkins - - 01852 200366


As Dave Millward mentioned in the last newsletter, he was due to retire (and achieved his objective 20th June). May we wish Dave (and of course his wife Lill) all of the very best in his (their) their new pursuits. On behalf of the local community may I thank Dave for all of his efforts and achievements over the time he was Crew Manager at Kilmelford Community Fire Station. Dave has informed me that the new Officer in Charge is Donald Smith, and we wish all the best to Donald in his new role. Once he has settled in I shall no doubt start pestering him for a contribution to the December newsletter.

Also in respect of the KCFS: August saw the departure of two (or should that be three) of the local crew members, namely Ian and Mel Mctavish (not forgetting Hamish!). May we wish Ian, Mel and Hamish all the very best in their new adventures in Australia. (Ed)


Normal working hours for phone calls are 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. Tel: 01852 300223.

In case of emergency outside normal working hours, dial 999 for an ambulance.

For health advice, phone NHS 24 Tel: 111


Tel: 0845 90 90 999 or 0141 357 7700
Dates of future blood donation sessions are posted on under “Where to Donate”

In order to meet hospital requirement for blood and blood products, 1,000 blood donors are needed every day in Scotland. Only 5% of the eligible population currently give blood. New and returning blood donors are urgently needed.


The Local Directory is on sale at £1 a copy at Kilmelford Village Shop (Post Office) or by contacting Georgina Dalton on 01866 844212.

NOTICE OF MEETING: EGM Kilninford Association 2015
The Kilninford News is a newsletter produced entirely by volunteers, and its income is derived only from advertising. The news team currently consists of Gill Philpotts (distribution), Mark van der Kraan (IT), Val Wardle (advertising) & Graham Wardle (editor). We are very grateful to all those who continue to advertise with us, albeit we are constantly looking for additional advertising income - if you can help us please do so! Likewise, we really appreciate the time and effort from all of you who provide contributions to the newsletter (which are again done on a voluntary basis - thank you!). We hope that you, and any potential contributors out there, will continue to support us.
The Kilninford News is produced under the articles of the Constitution (dated 05-April-2015) of the 'Kilninford Association 2015'. The primary purpose of the Kilninford Association 2015 is, as a non-profit organisation, to provide the Kilninford News to local residents within the Kilmelford, Kilninver and surrounding area. By helping us with the newsletter it will directly benefit the local community.
Under our constitution there is a formal need to hold an Annual General Meeting, however, since the Kilninford Association 2015 has only recently been formed, then in lieu of an AGM an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held to disseminate information throughout the local community, and to provide an opportunity for a question and answers session..
All local community residents are eligible to attend this EGM. The meeting will consist of: a very short overview of the Constitution, followed by the main topic of the meeting which will concentrate on how the Kilninford News keeps the community informed of local events. The main question to be posed to the community is "How can the Kilninford News best benefit the needs of the community?" Some other questions to be posed are: "What should the KN include within its pages?"; "How often and when should it be produced?"; "How is it to be financed?" and "To whom should it be distributed?"
The EGM is to be held at the Cuilfail Hotel Kilmelford on Wednesday 4th November 2015. Starting time 19:30.
It is hoped that all of our Kilninford News contributors and advertisers will attend along with members of the local community. This event will provide an opportunity for us all to meet in friendly surroundings and get to know each other (especially for us part-time locals). It will give us all an opportunity to build on established relationships and to form new ones that will enable the Kilniford News to achieve its objective of ".... disseminating information throughout the community; to ensure that all residents have access to information of interest, use or value, including activities, events, notices, services, and news....".
On behalf of the KN Team may I thank Yvonne and Simon for allowing us the use of the facilities at the Cuilfail Hotel. Best wishes to all.
Graham (ed)


Chair Antoinette Mitchell

Treasurer Fergus Gillanders

Secretary Diane Scaife

Committee members Matthew Anderson

Ellen Coyle

Lucy Files

Maggie Morsley

Caretaker Colin Gibson 01852 200204

Bookings Kilmelford Village Stores 01852 200271

Squash: £5.00 per hour all categories

Badminton: £5.00 per hour all categories

Junior Football: £5.00 per hour

Indoor Tennis: £5.00 per hour




Charity Fund Raisers

£2 per hour

£5 per hour

Social use other than charities

£4 per hour

£7 per hour

Commercial use

£8 per hour + £25*

£15 per hour + £25*

The £25.00 charge is for the Caretaker to set up the tables and chairs beforehand, and clear up afterwards.

Above charges include kitchen power and use of equipment for light refreshments and drink preparation only.

Additional use of kitchen cooking facilities for preparation of hot food is £10.00 per event


5 p.m until 11 p.m (1 a.m for dances)


£65.00 per session Deposit £20.00


£65.00 per session Deposit £20.00


£90.00 per session Deposit £50.00

Above charges include kitchen power and use of equipment for food and refreshment preparation

After use the Hall must be left clean and tidy. Failure to do this will lead to a further charge of £50.00

Residents of Kilmelford, Kilninver and Arduaine may hire equipment, and by special arrangement for those resident outside the area.

Tables £5.00 per day. Chairs £3.00 per day. Prices of cutlery and crockery on request.

A full list of rates and availability can be obtained from the Hall Caretaker.

HALL CARETAKER - Colin Gibson Tel: 01852 200 204 or 07825 987 696







Nigel Mitchell


01852 316151


Antoinette Mitchell


01852 316151


Alison J Rentoul



01852 200331

Minutes Secretary

Colin Clark


01852 200259

Stuart Cannon


01852 200205

01852 200286


Annie Delap


01852 316240

Jamie McAndrew


01852 200286


Present: Nigel Mitchell (NM); Stuart Cannon (SGC); Antoinette Mitchell (AM); Jane

Rentoul (JR); Colin Clark (CC); Jamie McAndrew (JMcA)

In attendance: Councillor Elaine Robertson (ER); Keiron Green; Shaun Davidson, Area

Manager, Social Work, Argyll & Bute Council; Hilary Brown, representing Caroline

Henderson, Clinical Services Manager, Lorn and Islands Hospital.
1. APOLOGIES - Annie Delap; Councillor Duncan MacIntyre
2. MINUTES OF MEETING held 10th February 2015 - Proposed by AM and seconded by

CC to be a true and accurate representation of the meeting.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were none.
Shaun Davidson was introduced and took the meeting through the previously distributed

brochure regarding Reshaping Care for Older People to enable people to live long, healthy,

active and happy lives in Argyll & Bute. The integration of health and social care is legally

required by the Scottish government to be in place by 1st April 2016. Argyll & Bute had

hoped its plan would be implemented by 1st April 2015 but is now more likely to be end

Summer/early Autumn, owing to a required inspection taking longer than expected. The

public are asked to make any comments at
Matters raised at the meeting included the problem of recruitment of carers as there are simply

not enough people available. This is a national problem, not just in Argyll and Bute. There

is a need to raise the profile of caring, starting in schools and colleges, to make it more valued

and better remunerated and therefore more attractive to people.

For information generally about healthcare there is a new website up and running which gives

comprehensive information concerning Lorn and Islands Hospital in Oban at, listing departments, services, contact phone numbers etc for the

general public.

a) COMMUNITY EMERGENCY PLAN - JMcA reported that the draft plan has been

submitted to Carol Keely at Argyll & Bute Council. Anyone wishing a copy to contact JMcA.

In connection with this emergency planning NM announced that a benefactor, who wished at

this stage to be anonymous, has offered to fund the purchase of two defibrillators, one for

Kilninver and one for Kilmelford. ER undertook to find out about the permission required and

suitable location for installing one at Kilninver School. SGC stated that the Argyllshire

Gathering Christmas Ball has offered £350 and this, along with the £250 previously donated

by the Kilninford Newsletter team, means that there will be a fund of £600 for any future

expenses in connection with maintaining and operating the defibrillators. The meeting

expressed its gratitude to the individual and the two groups for their generous donation to the

community of this life-saving equipment.
b) CARRAIG GHEAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT FUND - NM and David Wilkie attended a

meeting of the Steering Committee which will decide on the disbursement of funds. NM and

David Wilkie can decide on application of funds (£1000 annually for 25 years per community,

maximum of £250 at a time). If not applied for in any one year it can be carried forward. It

cannot be awarded for any function that is currently carried out by Argyll & Bute Council.

The possibility of all community councils affected joining together to use the funds for a major

project such as improvement of broadband across the area was put forward as a suggested use

of the funds. Community Councillors present agreed to administering the grants (a

requirement of the scheme).
c) GLENMORE FARM WOODLAND CREATION - There will be a drop-in session on

Saturday 2nd May 2015 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The draft scheme, which has been

produced and can be obtained from Stuart Cannon (; 01852

200286) on request, can be refined as a result of comments made by the public on 2nd May.

People are urged to look at the plan before attending.
d) GLEBE STREET NUMBERING - NM reported that there was a problem with the way the

roads in the Glebe at Kilmelford are numbered, the emergency services having had difficulty

finding certain houses. Lucy Files has come up with a more easily understood and logical

way of indicating the street numbers in any one road and has suggested amending the plan to

reflect this. ER undertook to speak to Graham Stone of the Roads Department on the matter.
Pending Consideration:
Lagganmore Kilninver Oban Argyll and Bute - Site for the erection of dwellinghouse,

demolition of existing buildings and amendments to existing access tracks

Plot 1 Ref 15/00700/PPP; Plot 2 Ref 15/00701/PPP; Plot 3 Ref 15/00702/PPP; Plot 4 Ref


Tigh Na Mara Kilmelford Oban Argyll and Bute PA34 4XD - Erection of dwellinghouse

with attached garage Ref 15/00538/PP.

Pending Decision:
Glenmore Steading Kilmelford Oban Argyll and Bute - Renewal of planning permission

reference 11/02141/PP - Partial demolition, alterations and extension of existing steading

to form 12 dwellinghouses and associated storage building Ref 15/00658/PP.
The Steading Kilmelford Argyll and Bute - Partial demolition, alterations and extension

of existing steading to form 12 dwellinghouses and associated storage building Ref

Permitted Development:
Land adjacent to 10 Cuilfail Cottages Kilmelford Argyll and Bute - Installation of

telecommunications cabinet Ref 14/02775/TELNOT.

Prior Notification - no objection:
Raera Forest Kilninver Argyll and Bute - Rural Development Contract Ref


The next meeting (9 June 2015) will incorporate the AGM. Any invoices to be submitted to

SGC by end April.

a) Celtic Sea Ltd. SGC reported that he had had great difficulty in making contact with the

mussel farm following a request from the Community Council meeting in February to do so

regarding pontoons, mussel floats and general debris over a large area of the foreshore of Loch

Melfort adjacent to and further away from the mussel farm. Concern was expressed by the

meeting that nothing has been done to remove the eyesore this creates and which has been

evident on the shore for many years now. Any approaches to Celtic Sea to remove the mess

have been rebuffed. In an attempt to finally get something done about the situation, the

meeting requested SGC to approach the Crown Commissioners and ER undertook to raise the

matter with the Council Planning Department.
b) The meeting expressed their appreciation of the speedy action by the Roads Department

immediately after the last meeting to clear the Eathie layby of screening trees and thanked ER

for her assistance in the matter.
c) Anyone wishing to organise a community emailing list should contact JMcA or Fiona

d) The issue of speeding in the 30 mph limit in Kilmelford was raised and the generally

acknowledged deterrent of a flashing 30 mph sign was considered worthy of investigation.

ER and NM to contact Constable Jeremy Moore regarding reintroducing regular police speed

checks in the village.
e) Keiron Green advised of proposed rearrangement of Ward boundaries and stated that

Boundary Review Scotland would be seeking consultation in due course, giving the public a

chance to comment.
f) The matter of the ill-positioned large brown tourist sign in Kilmelford was raised.

Particular concern was the fact that it appeared with no consultation having taken place. This

matter was first raised at 11 February 2014 Community Council meeting when it was stated

that it was in the wrong place, leading to confusion as to the location of the Loch Melfort

Hotel - people heading down Degnish Road over 4 miles in the wrong direction as a result.

ER undertook to speak to the Roads Department.

ER also undertook to raise the matter of the broken sign (3 bar) counting down to 30 mph

approaching Kilmelford from the south, it having been placed too close to the side of the

carriageway initially and raised at previous community council meetings when it was only

slightly bashed. Now it is completely broken. ER also undertook to bring the attention of

the Roads Department to a further sign denoting an upcoming bend just south of the entrance

to Kames Pier which has rotted at the foot of the supporting poles and as a result has swung to

the side and is therefore not facing the oncoming traffic.
g) The telephone numbers for Oban Police Station in Albany Street (01631 510 500/501 are

no longer in operation. The public should now dial 101 to contact Oban Police Station.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:55 p.m.
Date of next meeting: 9th June 2015.

Present: Nigel Mitchell (NM); Stuart Cannon (SGC); Antoinette Mitchell (AM); Jane Rentoul (JR); Colin Clark (CC); Annie Delap (AD); Jamie McAndrew (JMcA). 6 members of the public.
In attendance: Councillor Elaine Robertson (ER); Councillor Roddy McCuish; Keiron Green; Deirdre Henderson, Argyll & Bute Libraries

1. APOLOGIES - Councillor Duncan MacIntyre

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - There were none.
3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 14 APRIL 2015 - Item 4b Carraig Gheal Community Benefit Fund - it was drawn to the Chairman's attention subsequent to the meeting that the life of the fund is 25 years, not 20 years as stated at the meeting. With this amendment CC proposed and SGC seconded that the minutes were a true and accurate representation of the meeting.
a) COMMUNITY EMERGENCY PLAN - ER reported that informal discussion with Argyll & Bute Council has resulted in a generally favourable reaction to the proposed defibrillator for Kilninver being located at the school, although she is awaiting a formal response. A copy of the plan has been given to the staff at Kilninver School. ER undertook to find out if staff would be willing to train to operate the machine, although wider members of the community would also require to do this. Precise location of the machine is yet to be decided upon.

b) GLEBE STREET NUMBERING - ER reported that Graham Stone, Roads Department, is happy to go ahead with the suggested signage in the Glebe in Kilmelford. ER also stated that, while on the subject of signs, a survey is being undertaken at present of all road signs on the A816.

The meeting expressed concern yet again at the wrongly located large brown sign in the middle of Kilmelford village.
CELTIC SEA LTD - SGC reported that the staff at Kames Fish Farm have removed much of the rubbish on the shore at Celtic Sea, in spite of being unable to make contact with the owner. The sole employee left at Celtic Sea has undertaken to dismantle one of the remaining rafts which Kames were unable to get to, although he is lacking suitable equipment. There is a further large raft on the shore which Celtic Sea says is nothing to do with them and which has been on the shore for a number of years. Upon investigation it was found to be full of cement. Kames is prepared to break it up but would need guidance - possibly from Crown Estate - as to where it should be removed. Councillor McCuish offered to make enquiries and advise SGC. The meeting thanked SGC for undertaking to provide Kames staff in the operation to clear the shore of the considerable amount of long-standing debris.

Deirdre Henderson, Service Manager for the above and based in Argyll and Bute Council's Library Service, gave a short address to the meeting outlining a new strategy which will be in place in Oban Library from November. In this new initiative, what the NHS provides will now be complemented by non-clinical support. She passed round copies of a number of very informative booklets covering all aspects of cancer, ranging from how to talk about cancer, talking to children, legal issues, finance, practicalities of end of life, work issues, carers, support after treatment ends etc. These will be available at the Library, along with the offer of emotional support and the opportunity to have a cup of tea and a chat in a homely atmosphere at a drop in session once a week. They will be looking for volunteers who will be trained, with ongoing support. A consultation day in Oban Library is planned for the end of July. Further information: Deirdre Henderson Tel: 01586 555937.


a) Community Emergency Plan - JMcA has distributed the plan around the area. It is a living document and consequently open to changes.

b) Carraig Gheal Community Fund - NM and David Wilkie attended a meeting in May. The initial £1000 in the annual fund is now £2000 as the fund has been running for a year. The £2000 is therefore a one off and will revert to £1000 annually. The fund will be administered by NM and David Wilkie through the Community Council, SGC to advise NM of bank details and proposed method of distributing the funds.

c) Glenmore Farm Woodland Creation - a revised plan which has taken into account views expressed at the latest drop in session for the public has been published via the Community Council. People who attended the latest drop in session at Kilmelford Village Hall and who asked to be kept informed of developments expressed concern that they have not received any communication from the Forestry Commission. The possibility of holding a separate meeting to enable members of the public who had not received notification of the amended plan to be informed of the changes was considered. After much discussion NM decided that there was very little point because there would be an opportunity to put the community's views through the Community Council once the application has gone in to the planners at Argyll & Bute Council. Meanwhile the public can comment individually direct to the Forestry Commission.

d) Glebe Street Numbering - see 4b above.
5. PLANNING APPLICATIONS - List not to hand at meeting. List below dated the following day - 10 June 2015.

Pending Consideration:

Arduaine House Arduaine Oban Argyll PA34 4XQ - Alterations and erection of entrance porch. Ref 15/01287/PP

Lagganmore Kilninver Oban Argyll and Bute - Site for the erection dwellinghouse, demolition of existing buildings and amendments to existing access tracks. Plot 3 Ref 15/00702/PPP; Plot 4 Ref 15/00703/PPP.

Pending Decision:

Farm House Arduaine Oban Argyll and Bute PA34 4XQ - Change of use of dwellinghouse to general agricultural store. Ref 15/01281/PP.

Permitted Development:

Kilninver Telecommunications Mast Kilninver Argyll and Bute - Installation of 2 replacement panel antennas on existing 18 metre high lattice tower and replacement ancillary apparatus. Ref 15/01434/TELNOT

Kilmelford Telecommunications Mast Kilninver Argyll and Bute - Installation of 2 prelacement panel antennas on existing 15 metre high lattice tower and replacement ancillary apparatus. Ref 15/01433/TELNOT

Application Permitted:

Lagganmore Kilninver Oban Argyll and Bute - Site for the erection dwellinghouse, demolition of existing buildings and amendments to existing access tracks. Plot 1 Ref 15/00700/PPP Plot 2 Ref 15/00701/PPP

Traighuaine Ard Arduaine Oban Argyll and Bute PA34 4XQ - Partial change of use of dwellinghouse to use lower ground floor to provide self catering accommodation. Ref 15/00901/PP

Land West of Hill House Arduaine Oban Argyll and Bute PA34 4XQ - Site for the erection of dwellinghouse. Ref 15/00876/PPP

Discussion took place regarding ease of obtaining information on status of any planning application. NM offered to produce a step by step guide to finding such information on the Argyll & Bute website and would email this through to community council members.

a) Rona Gold, Community Planning Manager Community and Culture, Argyll & Bute Council, replied to concerns expressed at a recent community council meeting regarding Broadband for our area. Extract from her email:

In the Kilmelford area, BT Openreach are working on behalf of HIE to bring next generation broadband to the area through the Highlands and Islands Project. The first live connections are expected by the summer. Unfortunately they are still evaluating the Kilninver exchange area so there are no plans for deployment currently. The interactive map at allows people to get the most up to date information for their premises and it will indicate when they can order the new fibre service.

General information on mobile and broadband coverage is available from which is updated as we become aware of progress.

She added that a colleague, Shona Barton at Argyll & Bute Council, was looking into the issue - also raised by us - of BT response times.

b) Seil and Easdale Community Council has approached us regarding a presentation from the community to Dr. George Hannah who has recently retired. The meeting agreed in principle to contribute to this and further information will follow.

a) ER reported that integration of Health and Social Work is progressing and should be in place by 1st April 2016.

b) The question of budget cuts in Argyll & Bute generally affecting, among other things, care for the elderly was raised. ER said that the cuts will fall right across the board, affecting all departments.

Councillor McCuish put forward the view that the Council should be looking at generating income, not cutting all the time. He cited grass cutting contracts, which are carried out by the housing associations, could be done by the Council as the infrastructure - depots, machinery and men are already in place and if Argyll & Bute Council bid for these contracts jobs could be retained, instead of laid off owing to the budget restraints. He also suggested that services could be shared with councils on our borders, such as Highland and Dumbarton. Gritting of roads, amongst other tasks, could be more streamlined and carried out more economically, to the benefit of the budget. ER pointed out that all Councils are affected by the need to make cuts, it is not just Argyll & Bute.

c) NM reported that it had come to his attention that in future Kilninver and Kilmelford Community Council might not come under Oban, Lorn and the Isles. There has been no consultation or correspondence on this matter and it would be likely that we would now come under Mid-Argyll. ER said that consultation will take place. It was agreed by the meeting generally and forcefully that being moved away from the Oban area would be quite unacceptable. NM paid tribute to the good working relationship this community council has had with Oban and in particular his gratitude to ready assistance over the years from Councillor McCuish.

JMcA asked what was driving the redistribution and KG replied that it has been proposed as a result of a review by the Scottish Government across the whole of Scotland, whereby they wish to allocate more councillors to deprived areas, e.g. Glasgow. The total number of councillors will not be cut which means that councils outwith these deprived areas will be allocated a reduced number.

d) The matter of non-attendance of two of our councillors at Community Council meetings was raised. The meeting expressed extreme disappointment that Councillors Iain Angus Macdonald and Iain Stewart Mclean did not attend meetings or even send their apologies. A view was expressed, to general agreement, that they would be more likely to attend around election time.
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:45 p.m.
Date of next meeting: Tuesday 11th August.

PLEASE NOTE: Ward Boundary Changes
Hopefully a number of you will have read in a recent edition of The Oban Times, about the Scottish Governments plan to change ward boundaries. Oban, Lorn and the Isles is currently split into two wards, Oban South and the Isles and Oban North and Lorn.

How does this affect Kilmelford and Kilninver? We would become part of Mid-Argyll and our sphere of influence would transfer from Oban to Lochgilphead. We would also lose the four present councillors like Elaine Robertson who are attached to our community council and these would be replaced with just three new ones.

When the changes were announced in June A and B council said it was opposed in principle to the plan, similarly at our last KKCC meeting all committee members present and those in attendance were also against the proposal.

Councillor Elaine Robertson said ‘I have grave concerns that these proposed boundary changes will have on our established area and the local links of the communities within it. Oban is the natural hub in North Lorn, for administration, local council services and larger social activities and gatherings.’ She went on to say, She felt ‘the geographical spread of the new boundaries had not been fully considered. It is a long way from Lochgilphead to Glen Orchy.’ Councillor Robertson was concerned about the impact changes would have on the present communities within the ward. She felt the consultation needed to be made as public as possible. Hence the reason for my submitting this article so as all in the Kilninver and Kilmelford area will be made aware of these proposed changes.

The public Consultation will run until October 22nd. And further information is available at Council Offices. Comments on the proposals can be submitted through the commission’s consultation portal website at: by email to or in writing to Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 SHD.
Antoinette Mitchell (Secretary KKCC)


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