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Dong-Qing Yao (Last Updated: 10/2012)

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Dong-Qing Yao

(Last Updated: 10/2012)

Department of E-Business & Technology Management

College of Business and Economics

Towson University

Towson, MD 21252, USA

Tel: (410) 704-2298 (Office)

Fax: (410) 704-3236



  • 08/2012-Present, Professor, Department of E-Business & Technology Management, College of Business and Economics, Towson University, USA 2030

  • 08/2007-07/2012, Associate Professor, Department of E-Business & Technology Management, College of Business and Economics, Towson University.

  • 08/2001-07/2007, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, College of Business and Economics, Towson University.


  • Ph.D. in Management Science, August 2001, School of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

  • Master of Science in Systems Engineering, March 1994, School of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Management, July 1991, Suzhou University, China

Teaching Experience

3. Supply Chain Intelligence and Technologies

Articles in Refereed Journals:

  1. Dynamic Pricing Strategy for Subscription-Based Information Goods. 2012, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, (with Ziping Wang, et al.) 11, 210-224.

  2. Quality Management in China: The Effects of firm characteristics and cultural profile. 2011 International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management. (with Xingxing Zu, etc.), 28(8), 800-821

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  1.  Mukhopadhyay S., Yao D.Q. and Yue X. 2008. Information Sharing of a Value-adding Retailer in a Mixed Channel Hi-Tech Supply Chain.  Journal of Business Research. 61(9), 950-958.


  1. Yao D.Q. and Kurata H. and Mukhopadhyay S, Incentives to Reliable Order Fulfillment for an Internet Drop-shipping Supply Chain. 2008, International Journal of Production Economics 113, 324-334.

  1. Forecast Facilitated Lot-for-Lot Ordering in the Presence of Autocorrelated Demand. 2008. Computers and Industrial Engineering   54/4, 840-850

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  1. Channel Redistribution with Direct Selling, 2003, European Journal of Operational Research 144. 646-658.

  2. An Internet Trading Platform for Testing Auction and Exchange Mechanisms International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies. 1(4), (2005), 20-34. 

  3. Liu, J. J. and Yao D.Q. 1999. Strategic Options in Re-engineering of a Manufacturing System with Uncertain Completion Time. European Journal of Operational Research 115 47-58.

II) Selected Book Chapters / Conference proceedings (Partial List)

  1. Impact of Information Systems on the Research and Practice of Quick Response Systems. Springer publisher. (Forthcoming)

  2. Intelligent Simulation System for Supply Chain Event Management. 2011 Idea Group Publisher (Forthcoming)

  3. End-User Computing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. 2008, 163-177.  Idea Group Publisher.

  4. Improving E-Trade Auction Volume by Consortium. Idea Group Publisher.

papers under Review

  1. Working toward Better Quality: An Empirical Investigation of Quality Management

Implementation in China. (Under 2nd review of Production &Operations Management)

Research Interests

Supply Chain Logistics, Supply Chain Technology Management.

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