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Solo exhibition 2005 3 South Gallery

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1Jacqueline Maria Milad

PO Box 50343 Baltimore, Maryland 21211 443-540-1809


Towson University, Baltimore Maryland, Masters of Fine Arts, Fellowship Recipient, Spring 2005

School of Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, Boston Massachusetts, Bachelors of Fine Arts, 1996-1998

Parson School of Design, New York New York, 1993-1996

Studio Arts Center International (SACI), Florence Italy, January-May 1998



3 South Gallery, “Group of Friends”, Thesis Exhibition of installation and drawings, Baltimore, MD


John Fonda Gallery, Exhibition of MonoChrome Drawings and Paintings, Baltimore MD.


Goodesign Studios, D.U.M.B.O Arts Festival, New Works by Yeni Mao and Jackie Milad, Brooklyn, NY


Creative Alliance at the Patterson (main gallery), New Works by Jackie Milad and Jason Urban, Baltimore MD.


School 33 Art Center, New Works: Exhibition of Monochrome Drawings, Baltimore MD.

John Fonda Gallery and Baltimore ARTSCAPE, New Works: Juried show, Baltimore MD.

Xando, Rupert and Milad : Paintings, Baltimore MD.


Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater-Summer Series. Curated by Morgan Pecelli, Performance Thanatology Research Society: Performance with Bonnie Jones, Lucas Crane and Ric Royer, New York, NY.

District of Columbia Art Center, Performance Thanatology Research Society: Performance with Bonnie Jones, Lucas Crane and Ric Royer, Washington D.C.

Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater-Outside/Input Series. Curated by Daniel Allen Nelson, Performance Thanatology Research Society: with Bonnie Jones, Lucas Crane and Ric Royer, New York, NY.


14KT Cabaret, Wig Night. Performance Thanatology Research Society: Performance with Bonnie Jones and Ric Royer, Baltimore, MD.

Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Performance Thanatology Research Society: Performance with Bonnie Jones and Ric Royer, New York, NY.

Baltimore Museum of Art, Artscape Juried Exhibition. Curated by Darsie Alexander and Gary Simmons, Baltimore, MD.


London Biennale: “Draw_ Drawing”, International Group Exhibition. Curated by Giacomo Picca, London, England.

Area 405, Surplus. Drawings and installation. Baltimore, MD.

Pinkard Gallery at Maryland Institute College of Art, Hall of Portraits. Drawings. Baltimore, MD

14KT Cabaret, Wig Night. Performance with Bonnie Jones and Ric Royer, Baltimore, MD

Asterisks Art Space, Mayday Text and Noise. Performance with Bonnie Jones and Ric Royer. Brooklyn, NY.

Amalie Rothchild Gallery, Creative Alliance at The Patterson: Artists in Residence Exhibition. Baltimore MD.

Chela Gallery, (eight): Chela Collective Members Exhibit Curated by Talia Greene. Baltimore MD.


School 33, Sell Your Childhood Memories: found object and drawings, Baltimore MD.

Chela Gallery, Transmodern Age, Otherworldly Adornment Curated by Catherine Pancake: Collaborative Performance piece done with artist Temple Crocker, Baltimore MD.

Contemporary Museum, Hands On: MTA Bus Project: drawing, Baltimore MD.

Contemporary Museum, Baltimore Book Festival Curated by Gary Kachadourian: series of ten handmade books, Baltimore MD.

Delaware Center of Contemporary Arts, MFA Biennial Curated by Susan Isaacs: drawings, Wilmington DE.

Towson Commons Gallery, 3x3x3: Three person show: drawings, Baltimore MD.


Peirogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

The Drawing Center, New York, NY

1Jacqueline Maria Milad

PO Box 50343 Baltimore, Maryland 21211 443-540-1809


McCabe, Bret, “Median Cool” City Paper, July 20, 2005.

Carberry, Violet, “Nice Little Machine” City Paper, feature article April 6, 2005.

Dodds, Jed, “Jackie Milad/Jason Urban” Curatorial Statement September 2, 2004.

Bowers, J. “Soul Mates”, City Paper. September 28,2004, p. 34.

Bowers, J. “Triple Threat”, City Paper. August 11, 2004, p.32.

Nylon Magazine, Illustration, page 53, May 2003.


Towson University, Graduate School Fellowship Award (1 of 3 school wide awards). Baltimore, MD 2004-2005

Towson University, Graduate School Professional Development Grant. Baltimore, MD 2004

The Drawing Center, Viewing Program, New York, NY, 2003-Present

Creative Alliance Patterson Residency Program, Baltimore MD 2003- Present

Small Business Administration: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2002


Choreographer, Naoko Masheiba. Created original animation projection for dance performance featured at Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage in Washington DC.

Heresee Record Label. Art Director for first album by Leprechaun Catering, “Kumquats and Lychees”.


City of Baltimore, Walters Art Gallery and Contemporary Museum, Hands On: MTA Bus Public Art Project.

John Berndt Record Label. Artwork published in CD Booklet for group Monad.


Lorie and Stewart Mostofsky, Mural for private collection. Baltimore MD

Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD 2005-Present. Teaching visual performance art, An introductory course, which explores central issues in the visual and performing arts. The inter-relationships of essential elements in a work of art, including; process, technique, form, subject matter and content will be emphasized. The course also covers an examination of the arts in a larger context, from historical, cultural and theoretical perspectives. Students discuss works drawn from the areas of dance, music, visual arts, and theater.

Adjunct Faculty, Dundalk Community College, Baltimore, MD 2005-Present. Teaching beginning drawing, including figure drawing and basic formal skills.

Instructor (TA), Towson University, Baltimore MD, 2004. Taught basic 2D fundamentals and art appreciation to non-art majors at college level. Developed and organized class syllabus in collaboration with assistant professor Nora Sturges. Fully responsible for facilitating class, creating assignments and grading assignments.

Visiting Artist, American University, Washington DC, 2003.

Exhibitions Director and Collections Coordinator, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, 2005-Present, Responsible for developing and curating exhibitions for the College’s main gallery, Rosenberg Gallery. Development and follow through of support programming for exhibitions. Maintaining and developing new relationships with local and national artists interested in exhibiting work in gallery. Work in collaboration with Communications Department to develop and design invite and catalogue, including writing educational essays for exhibition catalogues. Budget officer for Gallery’s finances, maintain and apply for local and national grants.

Co-Curator and Co-Founder, Transmodern Age Festival, An annual performance festival focusing on experimental works by female artists. Artists are invited every year to participate in the festival and travel from around the globe for the opportunity. The festival also offers festival attendees workshops and artist talks. Artists featured in past festivals include: Tracey + The Plastics, Paperrad, K8 Hardy, Naoko Maeshiba, Chiara Giovando, Audrey Chen, Laure Drogoul, and PRAXIS.

Co-Founder and Co-Director , Chela Collective (, Baltimore, 2001-Present, Curate monthly exhibits that focus on young artists that use experimental mediums or ideas. Manage and maintain Chela Artist Studios. Responsible for installation and promotion of all exhibitions. Exhibited participants in two Whitney Biennials, Force Field and Cory Arcangel.

Guest Curator, Creative Alliance, Baltimore MD, 2004. Co-Curated with Jed Dodds and William Downs, “SHAZAM!- Contemporary Artists and the influence of Comics.” A satellite group show related to Maryland Institute’s Comic Show, “Raw, Boiled, Cooked”

Guest Curator, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD, 2004. Curated exhibition “All Four Corners” An exhibition featuring female artists who utilize architectural elements in their installation works.

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