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Information and Curriculum Vitae: Aad Correljé

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Information and Curriculum Vitae: Aad Correljé

name: Adriaan Ferdinand Correljé

address: Regenboogforel 18, 1562 KH, Krommenie, NL

telephone: home: (31) (0)75 622 3430,

office: (31) (0)15 278 7924

fax: home: (31) (0)75 622 3433,

office (31) (0)15 278 7925


birth: 3rd of August 1959, Beverwijk, NL

family: married, three children
languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German

Associate Professor, Section Economics of Infrastructures, Delft University of Technology (TUD), Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TBM), Delft, Netherlands.

Associate fellow to the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP)

Lecturer on Gas Wholesale Markets at the Florence School of Regulation of the European University Institute, Florence, and the European Energy Institute, Leuven.

Lecturer at the Toptech course Master of Business in Energy Systems, on Pricing of Gas and Electricity, Delft.

Lecturer and Member of the Examination Board of the Energy Delta Insititute Master of Gas Business Management, Groningen.
Aad Correljé is attached to the Economics of Infrastructures section of the Faculty Technology, Policy and Management (TBM), TU Delft, as an associate professor. He is a associate fellow with the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) of the Netherlands institute for International Affairs Clingendael. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Energy Policy and an instructor at the Florence School of Regulation. He has supervised several PhD students and took part in PhD committees
In 1989 Correljé graduated in Political Sciences (International Relations and European Law) at the Social Sciences Faculty (FSW-a) of the University of Amsterdam. Combining Political Sciences and Economics, he wrote and defended a Ph.D. thesis entitled, The Spanish Oil Industry: Structural Change and Modernisation at the Centre for International Energy Studies (EURICES) of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1994. The thesis shows how shifts in the Spanish political and the economic system, during the transition from the Franco-regime to a liberal democracy and Spain's entry into the EU in 1986, influenced the country’s energy and oil policy and the development of its oil industry. The study includes a political/institutional analysis of changes in Spanish energy/oil policy-making and is followed by - and (inter)connected with - an economic analysis of the consequences of these policies for the national consumption of oil products and for the development of the oil sector, at sector and firm level. This includes an assessment of the system of regulation, production costs, revenues, the financial position of the firms, production levels and consumption and international trade. The synthesis of this work relates social political developments with regulatory issues, structural economic features and oil industry specific aspects.
Since then, he has been involved in academic research and teaching and in consulting and advising on many energy, water and transport related issues, for a variety of public as well as private organizations. From August 1998 to the end of 2001, Correljé was scientific coordinator of the multi-disciplinary research programme Tackling Environmental Resource Management (TERM) Phase II, of the European Science Foundation (ESF.
Correljé’s current research theme involves an Economic/institutional approach to public policy, regulation and private strategy development and analysis in infrastructure-bound sectors (oil, gas, power and water). His fascination lies with the theoretical and empirical analysis of public and private decision-making processes on these issues and in particular with the combination of institutional analysis and economics therein. He is regularly commenting on energy related issues in the press, on radio and TV.

Academic Tasks

  • Member of the editorial board of Energy Policy ISSN 0301 4215

  • Member of the editorial board of Theomay ISSN 0301 4215

  • Refereeship Energy Policy ISSN 0301 4215

  • Refereeship The Energy Journal ISSN 0195 6574

  • Refereeship Energy Economics ISSN 0140-9883

  • Refereeship Journal of Industrial Organization ISSN: 0167-7187

  • Refereeship Revista de Historica ISSN 0212-6109

  • External referee of A.R. Spanjer, “”Securing the public service obligations on the European natural gas market”, University of Leiden, 2008

  • Co-promotor of Sander Boot, Economic Policy instruments and evaluation methods in Dutch water management, 29th of November 2007, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL).

  • Co-promotor of Richard Cawley, The new EU Approach to sector regulation in the network infrastructure industries, 26th of June 2006, TU Delft.

  • Member of the PhD Commission of Mohammed Reza Moghaddan, Improving Iran’s Domestic Energy Market, 5 September 2003, University of Tilburg (NL).

  • Member of the PhD Commission of drs. Kirsten Schuyt, Valuation of Water: The Economic Valuation Process of Ecosystems in Water Management, 27 November 2003, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL).


  1. Market and Micro-Economics (SPM 1210): 1st year course

  2. Economics of Infrastructures (SPM 1220): The theme Economic regulation of Infrastxcutures

  3. The themes of Energy and Innovation in the course: Policy, Economics and Law (SPM 3540): 3rd year course

  4. Supervision of Bachelors projects

  5. Economic Regulation of Network Infrastructures (SPM 9704): Elective masters’ course

  6. Regulation of Power and gassystems (SPM 9542): Elective masters’ course

  7. Writing a Master’s Thesis (SPM 5905)

  8. Supervision of Masters projects

  1. Section Coordinator of Graduation Procedures (Afstudeer Coördinator)

  2. Member of the Commission for Educational Affairs (Opleidingscommissie)

  3. Member of the Commission for Examination (Afstudeer Commissie)

Employment Record

8/1998-12/2003: Research Fellow to the Erasmus centre for Sustainable development and Management (ESM), Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

8/1998-12/2001: Scientific coordinator of the multi-disciplinary research Programme Tackling Environmental Resource Management (TERM) Phase II, for the European Science Foundation (ESF), based at the Dept. of General Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Tasks: Secretary to the Steering Committee; day-to-day co-ordination of the programme; contacts with participating research groups and co-ordination of their activities and output; publication and publicity issues; external relations; preparation of scientific policy; documentation; reporting to the ESF and external bodies; organization of final conference, 1-3 November 2001, Barcelona.

3/1996-7/1998: Post-doc Research Fellow at the Department of Policy Sciences, University of Nijmegen (Neth.). Lecturing on the political economy of the energy sector

7/1995-2/1996: Self employed (projects for EU, African Development Bank, etc.).

11/1993-6/1995: Lecturer on energy and labour market issues at the Economic Geography Institute, Economic Faculty, EUR.

9/1989-12/1993: PhD student (AIO): Tinbergen Institute/Economic Geography Institute, Economic Faculty, EUR.


  1. September 2007 – March 2008 Public values and Infrastructure, (with the Wetenschappelijk Raad voor Regeringsbeleid (WRR)).

  2. September 2007 – January 2008: Fase 1 “development of an all-island Curacao energy Policy”, for the Refineria di Korsou N.V. (with Clingendael International Energy Programme).

  3. September 2007 - September 2009: Dealing with Flooding Risk, for Leven met water:

  4. 2007: Onderzoek Werking Seizoensflexibiliteitsmarkt: Hoofdrapport, in opdracht van Ministerie van Economische Zaken, met ECORYS Nederland BV.

  5. 2007: Evaluatie Wet Voorraadvorming Aardolieproducten 2001:In opdracht van Ministerie van Economische Zaken – Directie Coördinatie, Strategie en Internationaal – DGET with ECORYS Nederland BV:!dsname=EZInternet&isapidir=/gvisapi

  6. 2006: Evaluatie Elektriciteits Wet 1998 en Gas: In opdracht van Ministerie van Economische Zaken – Directie Coördinatie, Strategie en Internationaal – with ECORYS Nederland BV


  8. March 2005 – June 2006: Regulation of Gas Markets, for the International Gas Union.

  9. Januari 2005-May 2005: Regulation of Underground Gas Storages, for Gasunie Transport Services.

  10. December 2002- May 2004: Kansen en bedreigingen voor Nederland op de Europese flexibiliteitmarkt na de liberalisatie, for Gasunie Trade & Supply.

  11. January 2003 – January 2004: Geopolitical Risks and Energy Security of Supply, with Clingendael, for the European Commission, DG TREN (with Clingendael International Energy Programme).

  12. October 2002 – June 2003: Development of a CBA-approach for Energy Security of Supply Policy, for the Ministry of Economic Affairs (with the Dutch Central Planning Office, CPB).

  13. January 2003: Coordinator of the economic working package and participation in other packages of the Euromarket (2003-2006) project on the implementation of the European water Directive, funded under the FP5 programmme.

  14. August – December 2002: Evaluation of Flooding Risk, for the Ministry of Traffic and Watermanagement (with Prof. J.J. Bouma, Dr. J. van Ast).

  15. Organization of “The Annual International Conference of the Association for Institutional and Political Economy: Innovations in liberalized network industries: Between private initiatives and public interest”. TU Delft Interfaculty Research Institute, Design and Management of infrastructures, ESM-EUR, 23 November 2001. (Partial funding of EUR FSW Onderzoeksfonds 2e tranche 2002) (with Dr. R. Künneke)

  16. May - August 2001: De Zuiderzeelijn en het Rondje Randstad: Evaluation of combinations of alternative rail transport concepts, for the Ministry of Traffic and Watermanagement (with Prof. G.J van der Knaap, dr. H. Geerlings, dr. L vander Laan).

  17. April - September 2001: Co-ordination of Case study on household energy use, water consumption and waste generation: The Netherlands and writing of the household energy use section, for the OECD Programme on Sustainable consumption (with drs. J. Klostermann, dr. S. Slingerland)

  18. Januari 2001- january 2003: Besluit Aanleg Energie-Infrastructuur: Competitie, innovatie en duurzaamheid? [Decision-making on the construction of energy infrastructure: Competition, innovation and sustainability?], for Novem (NL).

  19. June 1999-2003: Integrated Watermanagement. Water Scarcity in the Netherlands: an institutional economics approach, for Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland. (with Prof. J.J. Bouma).

  20. May-July 2000: Human Dimensions of Global Change research in the Netherlands: Themes for the future. Research programme for the Dutch HDP Commission, Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

  21. September - October 1999: Organization of and introductions to study tour on ‘Regulation of Electricity Markets in Europe’ for the Vice-Minister of Mines and Energy and officials of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay (with Energy Strategies, NL).

  22. July-August 1999: The Dutch Natural Gas Market and the Situation of Gasunie: An Analysis of the Current Situation and Possible Future Developments (with Energy Advise, UK).

  23. November 1998 - December 1999: Optimalisation Energy Infrastructure (OEI) in the Future: a strategic view to a liberal future, geared towards a greater effect of the OEI program, for Novem (NL).

  24. January 1999: Analysis of research opportunities in 5th EU DG XII Framework program for the social, environmental and spatial sciences, for Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO (NL).

  25. October 1998 - January 1999: Position Paper to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on behalf of the 1999 Energy Policy Paper: Position Paper: Liberalisering, duurzame energie en energiebesparing (Sustainable and energy efficiency policies in a liberal context) for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • January-March 1999: Analysis of Dutch electricity and gas retail trade, for EDF, on behalf of ACT, Paris.

  1. July-September 1999: Contributions to The Dutch Natural gas market and the situation of Gasunie: An analysis of the current situation (1999) and possible future developments in the light of the Third Energy White Paper (for Energy Advise, UK).

  2. December 1997-May 1998: Research and scriptwriting for three part television documentary on economic, political and social aspects of Dutch natural gas: Hollands Welvaren: De geschiedenis van een Nederlandse bodemschat [Holland's Affluence: the history of a Dutch natural resource], broadcasted 17, 24, 31 may 1998, (also in august 1998 and in june 1999) for Tros/Teleac, Hilversum

  • December 1997- October 1998: Analysis of institutional framework for energy conservation policies in EU countries: Fortalecimiento del Diseño Institucional y de la Regulación para profundizar la Modernización de las Políticas Energéticas de los Países de América Latina: El Uso Eficiente de la Energía. Sub-Proyecto: Sistematización de los Marcos Legales, Regulatorios e Institucionales Europeos sobre Uso Eficiente de la Energía ( CEPAL, European Commission, Synergy programme DG XVII)

  • September 1997 - December 1999: Economist and European natural gas specialist in International Co-operation with Mercosur: Energy-market integration in the MERCOSUR-area (EU-Commission, Synergy Programme DGXVII, NIFES Consulting Group (UK))

  • July/August 1996: Economic Development, Energy Use and Efficiency in Thailand. Scenario-based estimation of the energy savings in the industry, achieved through the implementation of the Thai Energy Conservation programme over the period 1995-2005 (for National Energy Policy Organization [NEPO], Bangkok).

  • March/April 1996: Contributions to The Dutch Natural gas market: An analysis of the current situation and possible future developments in the light of the Third Energy White Paper (for Energy Advise, UK).

  • February 1996: Organization and guidance of study tour on budgeting, accounting and programme monitoring for energy conservation programmes, to the Netherlands, the IEA/OECD and the EU-Commission, for officials of the Thai energy conservation programme by the National Energy Policy Organization [NEPO], Bangkok (on behalf of 'Energy Development and Planning', EDP, Netherlands).

  • January - March 1996: Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the Dutch programme for noise reduction in large-scale industrial sites and projects (Jumbo-Programme), for the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planing and Environment (on behalf of RIGO, Netherlands).

  • May - June 1995: Institutional and economic analysis of the Spanish electricity sector and the new Spanish Electricity Law, as part of a feasibility study for the expansion of independent power production and small-scale hydro plants (on behalf of Energy Advice, UK)

  • April 1995 - June 1996: Institutional and economic analysis of the Rumanian energy and cement sectors, as part of a feasibility study for the substitution of coal for natural gas in the cement industry, for the EU-Phare programme (on behalf of Nifes, UK)

  • January - July 1995: Environmental impacts of energy systems in African countries: Study on legal and institutional issues. (1995) A study for the African Development Bank on the development of environmental policy in the energy sector 24 African countries. In addition, on the basis of analysis of the environmental policy of countries in Asia (Thailand) and the OECD (The Netherlands), an overview is given of experiences which might be helpful in the African context (for ADB, Ivory Coast, with EDP, Netherlands).

  • December 1994 - January 1995: various contributions to An Energy Accounting System for Africa, a plan for the establishment of an institutional framework for the collection of data on energy use and production in Africa (for ADB, Ivory Coast, with EDP Netherlands).

  • July - December 1994: Institutional and economic analysis of the Chilean electricity sector, as part of a feasibility study for the expansion of CHP in certain industrial branches (for the Chilean Comision Nacional de Energía, with Adviesburo voor Energie Strategie (AES), Netherlands).


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(Contributions to) Books:
Correljé, Aad, Vries, Laurens de, (2008) Hybrid Electricity Markets: The problem of explaining Different Patterns of Restructuring, in (ed. Fereidoon P. Sioshansie) Competitive Electricity Markets: Design, Implementation and Performance, Elsevier Global Energy Policy and Economics Series, February 2008, ISBN: 978-0-08-047172-3

Correljé, A.F., Francois,D. Massaruto, A. (2007) Economic implications of Water Scenarios, in (eds. Mathias Finger, Jeremy Allouche, Patricia Luis Manso) Water and Liberalization, European Water Scenarios, IWA Publishing London:

Correljé, A.F. (2007) How to survice fossil fuel dependence when the oil price is high, in R.A. hakvoort, L.L. Zachariah-Wolff (eds.), Balancing Private Business and Public Interest, NGI, ISBN 978-90-9021931-8.

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