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Dlf foundation and Laurus Edutech sign an mou to setup over 18 centres jointly in first phase New Delhi, 5 January 2012

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DLF Foundation and Laurus Edutech sign an MOU to setup over 18 centres jointly in first phase

New Delhi, 5 January 2012: In a significant development, Laurus Edutech- A leading skill Development Company signed a MoU with the DLF Foundation, the philanthropic arm of DLF Limited. DLF Foundation has launched a programme called DLF Life where LIFE stands for Learning Initiatives for Employment. As part of the LIFE Program and MoU, DLF Foundation and Laurus Edutech will set up joint centres. These centres which are spread out pan-India, will primarily focus on skilling the under privileged students and then further assist them with providing employment opportunities.
DLF Foundation provides structure and focus to the ongoing social responsibility initiatives of the DLF Limited Company. Registered under the laws of India, the Foundation has been formed with an express mission of empowering communities and creating opportunities for the underprivileged in areas of education, training and health. Since its inception, several rural Education, Training, Health and Environment initiatives have been taken by the Foundation
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Srinivas Rao Cheedella, Managing Director of Laurus Edutech said- “We are happy to be associated with DLF Foundation and help implement its initiatives under the LIFE Program. It is a privilege to be working with one of the biggest names of the construction industry. The centres to be operated in the brand name "DLF LIFE Skill India" will roll out most of the programs including services like retail, computers etc. The services are hardcore engineering focused like electrical, plumber, fitter, welder, auto mechanic, etc. and target the bottom end of the pyramid students.”
Speaking on the occasion Col Rajendar Singh, CEO of DLF Foundation expressed- “We are happy to sign an MOU with Laurus Edutech and in the first year of operations, will be setting up 18 centres across India. Laurus Edutech skills several students who are under privileged and we are confident that this relationship will lead to immense benefit in creating several skilled resources and provide them with employment opportunities. This partnership with will enable the centres offer highly subsidized programs making skill training affordable to the bottom end strata of the pyramid.”
Of the total 18 centres to be setup jointly in the first year, about 12 centres have been finalized and coming up in the Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore and Delhi region. The remaining centres would be set up in Kerala and Karnataka.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Laurus Edutech
Laurus Edutech is a premier skills development group formed from an acquisition of a centre with over 30 years of experience in providing high quality vocational training to students and placement services to customers across diverse industries. Laurus Edutech integrates best-in-class training curriculum, pioneering technology platforms, nationally dispersed training centres. It has several partnerships that provide unique capabilities to deliver vocational training, placements and consulting services.

Laurus Edutech also provides assessment support services on a pan-India basis and has helped its clients till date to certify over 70,000 candidates from various vocational streams. Laurus currently operates about 60 vocational training centres through a combination of owned, franchised, shared and government centres under PPP all having a combined capacity to train over 4,000 people per year

Laurus Edutech Vision is to be a global leader in the vocational training industry and an organization of choice for students and employers by using technological innovation, the best people, processes and partners. Its tagline “Skill India” demonstrates the commitment of bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower across vocational streams and provides high quality vocational training to candidates and to deploy certified candidates across small and medium enterprises in India.

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