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Laurus Edutech enters into strategic alliance with Babu Jagjeewan Ram itc

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Laurus Edutech enters into strategic alliance with Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC

~ Laurus Edutech Life Skills Private Limited to operate the Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC as part of the pact ~

New Delhi, May 31, 2012: Laurus Edutech, a premier skill development company and is also a partner with NSDC. NSDC has an equity stake of 27% in Laurus Edutech, where Laurus Edutech is implementing a Rs.54 crore project for setup and establishment of over 540 centres and skill over 1.1 Million people across India. As part of its initiatives to setup 540 centres, Laurus Edutech entered into a strategic alliance with Babu Jagjeewan Ram Industrial Training Centre. As part of the pact, Laurus Edutech will take over the operations of the centre and conduct all of the training programs and expand the skill development training activities at the centre. All of the programs that Laurus Edutech would carry out at this centre will be employment linked programs.
Also Laurus Edutech and DLF Foundation last year signed an MOU, where Laurus Edutech would setup 18 centres in the first phase which will operate as co-branded centres across India as part of the agreement. The Babu Jagjeewan Ram centre has been earmarked to be one of those centres that Laurus Edutech need to setup centres jointly with DLF Foundation. Located in the heart of Manesar phase one and two, near Gurgaon, Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC has been established under the aegis of Lord Buddha Social Development & Education Foundation (Regd).
This pact with Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC would help Laurus Edutech bring forth many opportunities for school dropouts from the economically backward section of the society by providing them technical education for a very nominal and affordable fee in the Manesar region. The courses offered at Babu Jagjeewan ITC include Electrical, Fitter, Welder all affiliated from National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) besides other courses like Draftsman Mechanical (DMM), Draftsman Civil (DMC) and Electrical and Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA) from State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT). The center also has a recognition for VTP to short term MES courses.
Expressing his elation on this new development, Mr. Srinivas Rao Cheedella, Managing Director, Laurus Edutech said, “We zeroed in on Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC for this collaboration due to the great visibility and location of the centre. Also, we reflected upon the fact that students from under privileged backgrounds, if fail to secure good marks quit studies and with this their desire for betterment in life becomes more challenging. Therefore, Laurus Edutech and Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC have confederated to present these monetarily-challenged but aspirationally-rich students the chance to learn and earn so that they can paint the canvas of their future with colors of self-reliance and success.”
India is a developing nation and has been witnessing turbo-charged growth in industrialization, infrastructure, manufacturing, service sector and other such arenas. This calls for an all-time high demand for more and more skilled labor, since recruiting manpower from abroad is a highly costly affair. There is great potential for Associate Degree, Diploma and Certificate holders undergoing technical training in Industrial training centres. Owing to the huge demand, our observation has been that almost 100% of the trained technical people get placed in Private, Public and Government sectors.
Speaking about this new venture, Mr. Anoop Kumar, Head of Operations, Laurus Edutech Life Skills said, “Every centre of ours has an industry partner and that way our skill development programs are all aligned to the industry needs and expectations, and we sometimes typically setup the centre inside the campus of the industry partner, to help the process as a supply. This time, for our alliance with Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC its with DLF Foundation as part of our agreement with them to setup 18 centres jointly in the first phase. Moreover, the strategic location of Babu Jagjeewan Ram ITC has played a big role in this alliance as it is based near Manesar and Gurgaon which are the bustling hub of industrial activities.

About Laurus Edutech:
Laurus Edutech is a premier skills development group formed from an acquisition of a centre with over 30 years of experience in providing high quality vocational training to students and placement services to customers across diverse industries. Laurus Edutech integrates best-in-class training curriculum, pioneering technology platforms, nationally dispersed training centres. It has several partnerships that provide unique capabilities to deliver vocational training, placements and consulting services.
Laurus Edutech also provides assessment support services on a pan-India basis and has helped its clients till date to certify over 80,000 candidates from various vocational streams. Laurus currently operates about 80 vocational training centres through a combination of owned, franchised, shared and government centres under PPP all having a combined capacity to train over 20,000 people per year. Laurus currently have a capacity to skill people with more than 45 trades and placing candidates with leading corporates in the country.
Laurus Edutech Vision is to be a global leader in the vocational training industry and an organization of choice for students and employers by using technological innovation, the best people, processes and partners. Its tagline “Skill India” demonstrates the commitment of bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower across vocational streams and provides high quality vocational training to candidates and to deploy certified candidates across small and medium enterprises in India.
Dasra one of the leading philanthropic arm in India and Godrej recently released a report on mapping the skill development players in the country. Laurus Edutech has been rated as the most capable training provider from the key players that have been covered by Dasra.

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