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The communications society (comsoc) of the institute of electrical and electronics engineers, inc and

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Cooperation Agreement
This agreement is between the Communications Society (ComSoc) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) and the Full Name of Sister Society (XYZ) hereafter referred to as the "organizations". “Members” hereafter refer to individual members.
To implement this agreement, the following conditions are agreed upon:

I. Members of ComSoc are encouraged to submit papers to XYZ-sponsored meetings with the same privileges and limitations as XYZ members. Conversely, members of XYZ are encouraged to submit papers to ComSoc-sponsored meetings with the same privileges and limitations as ComSoc members.

II. Members of XYZ (ComSoc) may register for ComSoc (XYZ) sponsored meetings at IEEE (XYZ) member rates. To implement this procedure, XYZ (ComSoc) members must indicate on the meeting registration form or at the registration desk that they are a member of XYZ (ComSoc).
III. Members of XYZ (ComSoc) may subscribe to ComSoc (XYZ) publications at Sister-Society rates. (Please refer to the Publications Side Agreement, if applicable.)

The following stipulations apply:

A. XYZ (ComSoc) members may separately purchase individual ComSoc (XYZ) publications.

B. Each organization will annually review sister-society rates for publications; rates for a given year should be set in accord with IEEE policies and procedures.

C. Subscription rates for each organization will include an option to receive print publications, if print versions are available, via airfreight at a price set by the organization.

D. Each organization's publications, if they are available in print, will be shipped directly from the printer to the respective individual subscribers; there will be no bulk shipments of print publications.

E. Each organization will promote the sale of the other Society’s publications to its members by including advertisements in promotional literature and publications; promotions by XYZ and ComSoc will be within legal limits permitted to non-profit organizations.

F. ComSoc (XYZ) will annually invoice XYZ (ComSoc) subscribers to their publications; individual subscribers will make subscriptions payments to the sister society.

  1. ComSoc will provide an option to XYZ members for Affiliate Membership, thereby providing the same privileges as ComSoc members for ComSoc publications subscriptions, access capabilities to ComSoc on-line publications, and technical activities.

The following stipulations apply:

    1. Regular XYZ Members (or higher grade) are eligible for Affiliate Membership in ComSoc.

    2. ComSoc will review the Affiliate Member fee annually; the fee for a given year should be set by the 30 of June of the preceding year.

    3. An Affiliate Member will receive a monthly digital edition of IEEE Communications Magazine at no additional cost.

    4. XYZ will promote ComSoc Affiliate Membership by including advertisements, application forms (prepared by ComSoc) in XYZ promotional literature, and publications.

  1. ComSoc (XYZ) will extend privileges to XYZ (ComSoc) and cooperate with each other to promote mutual prosperity.

Both organizations agree to the following items:

  1. ComSoc may consider for publication in any of its peer-reviewed magazines no more than two sister-society-sponsored original technical feature articles each calendar year. The article(s) will be prepared by XYZ on a subject that is mutually agreed upon by XYZ and ComSoc.

An XYZ officer will manage the preparation of the these feature articles, submitting them in English to the appropriate ComSoc magazine’s Editor in Chief, who will in turn collaborate with ComSoc's Director of Magazines. Such publication of original work shall be subject to appropriate ComSoc and XYZ copyright ownership requirements, conform to ComSoc's publications procedures, policies, and manuals (including IEEE's Publication Services and Products operations). Review and acceptance of the paper(s) is at the sole discretion of the appropriate ComSoc magazine's Editor in Chief, whose decisions are final.

Also, as appropriate, see the Publications Side agreement, Section 1.1 for related principles.

  1. XYZ might publish (in any of its publications) at least one article every year that has appeared in a ComSoc magazine or journal, such collaboration with appropriate XYZ Directors and ComSoc Directors of Magazines and Journals (reference the Publications Side Agreement).

  1. ComSoc may provide technical co-sponsorship to established XYZ-sponsored meetings and conferences, provided that these meetings/conferences comply with ComSoc technical co-sponsorship policies. The ComSoc technical co-sponsorship application fee will be waived.

  1. XYZ will publicize the ComSoc web site and its URL by including advertisements prepared by ComSoc in XYZ publications.

  1. XYZ (ComSoc) will provide the opportunity to advertise to its members via a branded e-mail message and/or appropriate space in a regularly scheduled electronic member communication, such as ComSoc e-News.

  1. XYZ members are encouraged to participate in ComSoc Technical Committees and vote in Technical Committee elections.

  1. ComSoc will include a link to its sister society web site information provided by XYZ on a yearly basis or as frequently as appropriate; said information may include link(s) to their web site, list of society events, goals, structure, contact information, etc.

  1. This agreement is valid for the calendar years ______________ (4 years).

  1. XYZ (ComSoc) will maintain an administrator for this agreement. That contact information can be found at; go to "About ComSoc" and "Sister Societies."

VI. Either Organization may withdraw from this agreement at any time upon written notification to the other Organization at least one year in advance. The effective date of termination shall coincide with the end of the calendar year.

For and on behalf of

The Communications Society (ComSoc) of

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.

New York, NY, USA

Sergio Benedetto, President


For and on behalf of

Name of Sister Society (XYZ)

City, Country


President’s name, President


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