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Chapter 14 the demon’s identity

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Too shocked to move, Yuki stood still, rigid and stiff. The whole school was silent, the wind went dead, the thick black clouds in the sky gave the atmosphere a damp and dull environment.
Coming back to himself, Nagisa was the first to clear his mind from the scene. Pulling Megumi, who was still half-stunned by the incident, he rushed down the stairs of the main building, jumping three to four steps at a time.
Yuki pushed hard at Yamiyoru once she got her mind accustomed to what was happening. As if expecting her to do so, Yamiyoru moved backwards a little, but didn’t say anything.
“Kouga!” Nagisa shouted as soon as he landed on the ground floor inside the building. “I… I shall kill you for doing that to Yuki-chan!”
Nagisa rushed at Yamiyoru with his fists, but Yamiyoru simply dodged all his attacks with some slight movements.
“How do you…?” Seeing Yamiyoru dodging his blows so easily, Nagisa hesitated and asked.
Once seeing his chance, Yamiyoru waved his hand hard at Nagisa, sending him to the ground, sliding across the ground with only friction to slow him down. He rushed towards the fallen Nagisa and hit him hard on his stomach. Nagisa gave out a loud cry of pain.
“Who do you think you are to mess around with me?” The light blue eyes of Yamiyoru Kouga turned to a deeper blue as he said this, his voice became less friendly.
Suddenly, Yuki grabbed hold of Yamiyoru from behind. “Stop! What are you doing to Nagisa-kun?” Her eyes flaming with anger.
Yamiyoru loosened his grip on Nagisa and smiled to Yuki. “Don’t get so tense, Kasaki-san. Since Nagisa-kun wanted to fight with me, I was just giving him a slight blow. He will be fine in a minute or two.”
Fine in a minute or two. My stomach is aching like hell. Nagisa rolled on the ground, trying to get up.
“Nagisa-kun! Yuki helped him stand up and looked hard at Yamiyoru, who, however, didn’t return a look.
“Well, well, that’s your fault for interrupting me and Kasaki-san. You should thank her, since I am going now.” Yamiyoru turned and walked towards the main campus building.
“Are you alright, Nagisa-kun?” Megumi approached them.
“I am fine. I can at least walk on my own. Geez, his blow is heavy.” Nagisa stood up, walking like he was crippled.
“I know he did that on purpose.” Yuki murmured to herself, feeling guilty for Nagisa’s injury.
Nagisa notice the slight blush on Yuki’s face. Turning away, he spoke softly. “Actually I feel so jealous of him…”
Yamiyoru was walking towards the snack bar counter, when a hand tapped on his shoulder and a familiar voice said. “I have found you, too bad we are in different classes.”
Ameko Tetsuwa stood beside him, looking lovely in her Mizume High uniform, a white shirt with brown linings and a brown skirt.
“Wh…why are you here? I thought I told you not to follow me!”
“You know I can never leave Master alone, especially when that devil guy is around.”
“I said I am not looking for that guy!” Yamiyoru replied, turning red. “I am here just because I saw someone of interest...”
“Who?” Ameko looked surprised. “Do you mean Master likes someone else aside from Ameko?”
“Listen,” Yamiyoru threw on a serious look. “You are a creation of mine, so I am treasuring you and giving you power. However, the person I am going after now is different.”
Ameko pushed her lips forward, showing her childish attitude. “Master is mine!” She cried, “I don’t like anyone else to get close to you!”
“Don’t act like a child, man! You are made to be a high school girl!”
“But,” Ameko’s face softened and she looked like she had been crying, her tears at the edge of her eyes were seen when the sunlight was reflected. “I love you, Master. I have been loyal to you since you created me. I have never once disobeyed your orders. So why… why can’t you like me as well?”
“You don’t understand,” Yamiyoru said kindly. “You are not a devil, or even a demon. You are a dragon. We are not of the same kind. We cannot be together aside from working.” He stroked her hair slowly with his hands.
“Before anything else, I would like to have a favour from you.” Yamiyoru said suddenly.
“What, Master?”
“Could you please step aside if you are not queuing for the snack bar? You are blocking my way.”
“I…I am so sorry, Master!” Ameko apologized so loudly that everyone turned to them.
“Don’t call me Master, stupid!” Yamiyoru whispered.
“Yami-kun!” The group of girls who had been following Yamiyoru and Yuki earlier now gathered inside the dining area.
“Is it true that you like Yuki Kasaki?” One of them asked.
“Did you really kiss her just now?” Another interrupted.
Bugging non-stop, the girls kept on asking questions, surrounding Yamiyoru and keeping him away from the snack bar.
“Hey geez, I have to go and get my lunch. If you girls can just excuse us…” Pulling Ameko behind him, he tried to squeeze out of the crowd.
“Who is this red-haired girl?” One of the girls from the crowd suddenly shouted.
“Kyaa~ Yami-kun is so famous~!” And the chatting began again.
“Stop it! This is annoying!” Yamiyoru couldn’t control his anger. Whoever she is, it is none of your business! However I am telling you just in case you are thinking badly. She is my sister, got it!?” Yamiyoru walked away angrily towards the snack bar counter. “Chips and coke, please.”
“Yami-kun got angry…” One of the girls stated.
“What should we do?” Another joined.
Yamiyoru went out to the grass fields and sat on a spot near the edge of the campus, where several tall pine trees stood shading the sun. Ameko sat beside him, silent.
“Hey, Master…”
“Call me Yami-kun when we are not carrying out missions.”
“Yes, erm… Yami-kun… you are really popular among those girls…”
“Yah, I know. This is one of the characteristics of demons. Born with beauty and power. That’s why I like being one.” Yamiyoru held up his hand and looked at the little shiny dots on it – the rays that got through the holes between the leaves.
“I want to become a demon too.” Ameko held her hands around her knees and looked at the ground.
“Do all bad guys become demons after they died?” Ameko asked suddenly, looking at Yamiyoru hopefully. “Perhaps I can become one when I die.”
“No, not really. It is a misunderstanding for humans to think that all bad guys become demons. It is true that all bad people on earth will go to Hell after they die, but before they enter the Gates of Hell, they have to go through a screening process. Our boss, which is now my dad, the Devil, will be the one judging where they are going to end up in.”
“I always think it is cool to become the head of Hell. Of course it is also for the Devil’s son.” Ameko said in excitement.
“I don’t think it is cool at all,” Yamiyoru held his head up in deep thought. “My dad is not the real devil. The Devil’s blood does not run in him.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I am not sure, but from what I heard from the other demons, the Devil was dad’s best friend. He disappeared six years ago and my dad became the new commander of Hell. It is rumoured that my dad killed his friend for his place, but I believe in my dad. He will not do such a thing.”
“So I will stay as a dragon for the rest of my life?” Ameko asked in disappointment. “I want to be with Master always.”
“Don’t worry, you will stay with me. Your powers depend on my powers, and your life is connected to mine. We can be considered as one unit.” Yamiyoru smiled.
“I am always happy by Master’s side, since Master created me.” Ameko closed her eyes and held her hands closed to her heart. “I will never forget Master, even when the day this heart stops beating comes.”
“Thanks, Ameko. Although I do not love you as you love me, I am glad I have a companion like you.”
“So, speaking of which… Mas… Yami-kun has someone he likes in this school?”
“Yah,” Yamiyoru replied softly. Her name is Yuki, huh? He thought.
“I will support Master! No, Yami-kun!” Ameko said happily. “Well, then, I would have to look for my prince as well since Master rejected me.” Ameko said teasingly.
“Wanna make another dragon?” Yamiyoru laughed.
“No, I want to find my own.” Taking out something from her bag, Ameko held it in front of Yamiyoru’s face. “Look at this!”
“What’s that?” Yamiyoru looked at the object she was holding. It was a small keychain, somewhat the size of a palm, stuffed with cotton. The figure looked familiar. A guy with black hair, red eyes and black cloak.
“This is my prince!” Ameko said like a fan-girl obsessed over her new idol. “Do you remember when I did my first mission? I was knocked unconscious and in my dream I thought I saw him carrying me away from the scene.”
“Wait, stop!” Yamiyoru interrupted. “Isn’t he the devil who is always interfering with our missions? I thought you dislike him, calling him “devil guy” or some sort…”
“Not really, but compared to Master, of course you are the priority. This keychain is the latest hit item in the streets, and I got this one with much difficulty this morning!” Ameko stood up and danced around on the grass, holding her little keychain in front of her. “Do you know that when girls start to hate someone to the core, usually they will end up liking him? I always fight him because I want to know how strong he is and what he thinks of me.”
“Thinking of which, he is a demon too,” Yamiyoru said calmly, “and you are a dragon as I have said.”
“If I don’t tell him, he won’t know!” Ameko replied cheerfully.
Shit. This is not good. That demon is Yuki also, that means… Yamiyoru scratched his head as he was thinking to himself.
The Mizume bells’ clear ring echoed through the whole campus. Jumping to their feet, Yamiyoru and Ameko packed up their bags and ran across the fields towards the main building.
“Let’s see who can run faster, Master!”
“I said call me Yami-kun!”

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