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To be completed by overseas schools seeking sister school partnerships with a Victorian school. The information you provide here will help Victorian schools

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To be completed by overseas schools seeking sister school partnerships with a Victorian school.
The information you provide here will help Victorian schools to get to know your school and form a decision if they wish to start the conversation of a sister school partnership. Please answer each question in full. Please type your responses.

School Name ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Matsudo Municipal High School

School Sector: ☑ Government  Non-Government

School Type  Primary ☑ Secondary  Prep-Year 12  Other ____________________

Enrolment Number of students 1,097 Number of teachers 87

School Address 2-7-5 Kamishiki

City Matsudo State/Province Chiba

Country Japan

School Phone Number +81-47-385-3201 Fax No +81-47-385-3467

School Website

Name of Principal Kazuo Oshima

Name of Contact Person Shinichi Saito

Position of Contact Person Vice Principal

Email of Contact Person

  1. Please provide a brief explanation outlining why you wish to establish a sister school relationship with a school in Victoria:

Matsudo Municipal High School and Koonung Secondary College have been sister schools since 1986. Both schools together run a homestay program which gives an opportunity for Koonung and Matsudo students to gain cross-cultural experience. Based on this successful sister city relationship between the City of Whitehorse and Matsudo, and the fact that this program is conducted once every two years, we are looking for another Australian high school which can have a similar homestay program with us in the years when we do not have one with Koonung. We are looking for a long lasting sister school relationship.

  1. What does your school hope to achieve from a sister school relationship?

We hope this sister school relationship will encourage the students to gain interest in each other’s language and culture. A sister school program is an effective way to deepen the mutual understanding between Australia and Japan. We also hope the students will learn to see themselves from a global point of view.

  1. What activities does your school propose to undertake to implement the program?

(1) For every second year the Australian school and Matsudo High School will host 10 students. They will have homestay experience for approximately 10 days.

(2) Each student will have a host family (One student per family).

(3) The students will go to school with their host sister(s)/brother(s) every weekday. They will spend the weekends with their host family.

(4) To enhance their mutual understanding, the students will have a cultural exchange meeting and/or a presentation introducing their own country and culture at the sister school.

  1. What financial and other resources is the school prepared to commit to this program?

(1) The City of Matsudo will sponsor our students visiting the Australian school. They will pay 80,000 yen (approximately AU$ 870) for each student and remaining fee will be paid by the parents of the students.

(2) Each family hosting an Australian student will receive support funding of 10,000 yen from Matsudo Municipal High School.

  1. How do you anticipate the program will be sustained by the school?

To minimize the cost, we will provide each Australian student with a host family (no extra fee for homestay will be needed). The students will spend most of the time with their host brother(s)/sister(s) on weekdays and with their host family on weekends.

  1. How does your school intend to evaluate the effectiveness and benefits of the program to the school?

(1) The students will write an essay about their experience in Australia.

(2) We will conduct a survey to measure students’ growth and satisfaction.

Principal’s endorsement:


(Signature and print name here)
For more information and to fax or email your completed form, please contact:

Sister School Coordinator

International Education Division

T: +61 3 9637 3947

F: +61 3 9637 2184

Visit our website for more information on Sister School Program:

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