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Prologue: The literary history Very cool to hear

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Sequence Analysis: Ringers
Sequence # Content Establishes Notes/Impressions

  1. Prologue: The literary history Very cool to hear

Intro from

LOTR books

Length: 20 seconds

  1. Opening: High production value Very interesting

Intro to the choice of graphics


Length: 2 minutes

  1. LOTR in the 50s: LOTR literary introduction Interesting facts

LOTR’s origins
Length: 7 minutes
4 Vista Line Party Day 1: Modern fan dedication We all remember this

Fans line up to when the movie came

see Two Towers out

Length: 2 minutes

  1. LOTR Themes: The deep-running themes These are very

Literary themes of the books serious books
Length: 5 minutes

  1. John and Andy: Shows cast dedication Incredibly

Andy Sirkis jumps to fans hilarious

in on an interview

Length: 1 minute
7 Of Hippies and Hobbits: Shows how the fans affect Some of these stories

The cast tells the cast are hilarious

stories about fans

Length: 10 minutes

8 Environmentalism: Shows that there are some Some of these people

in LOTR oddballs in the group should seek

professional help

Length: 4 minutes

  1. Rock & Roll & Rings: LOTR in other mediums Pretty good music

LOTR inspired rock
Length: 6 minutes

  1. Hobbiton, US: Some fans are committed This place looks

A Hobbit inspired enough to build an entire town trashy and boring

Length: 4 minutes

11 Fellowship of Funk: LOTR adapting to the times Hippies are creepy

LOTR in the 60s/70s

Length: 7 minute

  1. Vista Line Party day 3: How long the wait is Very devoted fans

Day 3 of the line
Length: 2 minutes

  1. Gandalf: Literary analysis of a Gandalf legend

Fans and cast main character is amazing

weigh in on Gandalf

Length: 3 minutes

  1. Tolkein’s Grave: Fans devotion to the author Humble grave

Info on Tolkein’s death with a lot of flowers

and grave

Length: 1 minute

  1. Forging Fantasy: The origin of the entire genre LOTR played a key

Creating the fantasy and how LOTR helped role in what has

genre become a huge genre

Length: 4 minute

16 Frodo: Literary analysis of a There is so much to

Fans and cast main character the character of Frodo

weigh in on Frodo

Length: 2 minutes

  1. Vista Line Party Day 5: Insane dedication They need a shower

Day 5 of the Two

Towers line

Length: 2 minutes

  1. LOTR on the Net: Shows the vast People are getting

LOTR website web-community behind rich off these sites

popularity LOTR

Length: 8 minutes
19. “El Son De: Show’s the weird Amazingly annoying

Los Ringers”: side of LOTR

A band singing about fan-creation

LOTR merchandise

Length: 2 minutes

  1. Middle Earth : Shows how some of the Beautiful scenery

Pilgrimage locations affect the casts’

Trips to LOTR sites and fan’s lives

Length: 4 minutes
21 Orcs: Fans loves the Costume detail

Fans weighing in bad guys too is amazing

on the bad guys

Length: 3 minutes

22 Spirituality in LOTR: Fans finding spirituality Fans base so

The spiritual in the books much of their lives

side of LOTR around these books

Length: 6 minutes

  1. Vista Line Party Finale: Shows how long They REALLY

Fans finally see the fans had to wait need showers

the movie

Length: 2 minutes

  1. LOTR cool again: Shows the work involved The process was

Making the movies to get an LOTR film truly epic

off the ground

Length: 12 minutes

  1. The Road Goes On: Shows how LOTR LOTR isn’t

The future of LOTR will always be part of going away any

society time soon

Length: 11 minutes

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