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Captions for Photographs of Male Librarians Note: sometimes there will be more than one photo of the same person. I purposely included them because the photos are different or different sizes, etc

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Captions for Photographs of Male Librarians

Note: sometimes there will be more than one photo of the same person. I purposely included them because the photos are different or different sizes, etc.

1. Even in this Andre Martins art piece, the librarian is shown with glasses and as studious and bookish.

2. Apollonius of Rhodes was a librarian at the Library of Alexandria.

3. Aristophanes of Byzantium moved to Alexandria and studied under Zenodotus and Callimachus. He succeeded Eratosthenes as head librarian of the Library at the age of sixty.

4. Librarian Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Excerpts from articles discuss this character).

5. In an Orwellian future, a librarian (played by Burgess Meredith) fills the title role of “The Obsolete Man” (1961) in an episode from The Twilight Zone. Rumney Wordsworth is a librarian who has been deemed obsolete (since there are no books there is no need for librarians). He is an older man with gray hair who wears a cardigan vest. He is nervous but strong minded, standing up to the State in the face of death. According to him his profession stands for freedom, intellect, and dignity. He has lived in the same room for twenty years and it is stacked high with books on furniture he made.

6. Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold typifies the stereotype of male librarian as a failure, a cog in the wheel.,,-11176272,00.html

7. Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold typifies the stereotype of male librarian as a failure, a cog in the wheel.

8. Callimachus originally from Cyrene, North Africa was a Greek poet and scholar. He migrated to Alexandria, where King Ptolemy II Philadelphus of Egypt gave him employment as the chief librarian at the Library. He is also considered to be the founder of Library Science.

9. Orlando Jones as Vox, the holographic reference source of all human knowledge in The Time Machine. Portrayed as an Information Provider (see Snoek-Brown’s Male Librarian Character Types in article excerpts).

10. Typical conservative stereotype of male librarian.

11. Cartoon that discusses male librarians.

12. Male librarian depicted as clumsy, unmanly, and even stupid.

13. Ordinary, almost invisible male librarian.

14. Typical stereotype of glasses-wearing male librarian.

15. Graphic depicts a grouchy, grim, and forbidding male librarian stereotype.

16. Cartoon of monk librarians/scribes.

17. Sketch of a male librarian caricature that has glasses and wears conservative, even out-dated clothing.

18. Demetrius of Phaleron assisted Ptolemy in establishing and organizing the Library at Alexandria. Some scholars also view him as the first chief librarian for the library.

19. A Dewey cartoon that has Dewey discussing the reality of being a male working in a feminine profession.

20. Eratosthenes of Cyrene, Stoic geographer and mathematician, succeeded Apollonius of Rhodes as chief librarian of Alexandria in 235.

21. Eratosthenes of Cyrene.

22. A dusty looking librarian guides Gandalf through ancient scrolls, to a most important discovery. Photograph is from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).

23. Giacomo Casanova is most famous for his romantic escapades and is sometimes called the world's greatest lover. He spent the last thirteen years of his life as the Count of Waldstein’s librarian in the Count’s Château at Dux. Atypical librarian because he was so handsome, not introverted, and was not seen as boring and bookish.

24. Giacomo Casanova.

25. A librarian stamping books in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He is seen as a typically conservative librarian, who is meek and shy.

26. Movie stereotype of a conservative librarian who wears glasses, a sweater vest, and a bow tie.

27. Librarian Mr. Koreander from The Neverending Tale movie is depicted as an information provider, helpful to children. His character displays the typical physical stereotyping of a male librarian: older, staid, glasses, and conservative outdated clothes.

28. On December 31, 1864, President Lincoln appointed Ainsworth Rand Spofford to be the sixth Librarian of Congress.

29. A 1950s male librarian.

30. Librarian in art, with beard and glasses.

31. Typical bearded glasses-wearing librarian.

32. Caricature of geeky, polite, and proper service-oriented librarian.

33. Librarian wearing the typical sweater vest and glasses.

34. Librarian from the turn of the century.

35. Archetypical librarian.

36. Present day librarian.

37. Male librarian stereotype, depicted as an older, pale, dusty bibliophile.

38. Librarian with books.

39. Librarian in a library.

40. Present day librarian from New York Public Library.

41. Librarians, late 1800s.

42. Librarians from the Glasgow University Library, 1920s.

43. Volker Prechtel in The Name of the Rose plays an anti-social librarian (see Snoek-Brown’s Male Librarian Character Types in article excerpts).

44. Library of Alexandria.

45. Tom Hanks in Joe Versus the Volcano. He plays a special librarian who exhibits mostly positive characteristics, but also gave a negative impression. He is not shown carrying out professional librarian duties, and neither he nor his library are seen as useful by others in the film. Joe’s company, his work environment, and his boss are terrible and project a negative impression of working in general. The opening credits even proclaim that Joe has a terrible job.

46. A Roman library.

47. Library of Alexandria.

48. Sesame Street Librarian.
49. Monk librarians and scribes.
50. Monk librarian.
51. Time Winters as the librarian in Underneath the Lintel.
52. This is John Rothman in Sophie’s Choice. “Do you want me to draw you a map?” barks a staggeringly rude and unhelpful librarian (John Rothman) at Sophie Zawistowski (Meryl Streep) in Sophie’s Choice (1982). Being unapproachable is another common trait of librarians. One of the worst examples can be seen in Sophie's Choice, where Sophie is so humiliated by the librarian that she faints. Are male librarians more often like the surly John Rothman in Sophie's Choice? He ridicules Sophie because of her poor English. Sophie visits the library to find a book by her favourite American poet, Emily Dickinson, but in her heavy accent the request comes out ‘Emil Dickins.’ The librarian (Rothman) directs her to the card catalogue, but tells her that she will find no such entry. "Everyone knows," he sneers, "that Charles Dickens was an English writer. There is no American poet by the name of Dickens." Sophie’s reaction to his scathing comments on her ignorance is perfect. I believe that this segment should be shown in every reference class as an example of the worst reference interview of all time. Streep won an Academy Award for her role, and John Rothman went on to play the library administrator who hired the Ghostbusters.
53. Monk librarian.
54. Monks at work in the library.
55. Next generation librarians showing their tattoos (actual librarians).
56. Next generation librarian (actual librarian).
57. Next generation librarian (actual librarian).
58. Next generation librarian (actual librarian).
59. Next generation librarian (actual librarian).
60. Next generation librarian (actual librarian).
61. Next generation librarian (actual librarian).
62. Award-winning next generation librarian (actual librarian).
63. Noah Wyle plays a heroic librarian in the movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear. Librarians went from shabby and shy to handsome superhero in this atypical depiction of a male librarian.
64. Noah Wyle plays a heroic librarian in the movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.
65. Noah Wyle plays a heroic librarian in the movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.
66. Christopher Lloyd plays the role of a typically eccentric librarian in The Pagemaster.
67. This is parliamentary librarian, Ewen McColl, who became assistant parliamentary librarian in 1865 and librarian in 1878. After preparing a new, larger catalogue in 1880, he died the following year, perhaps in part from overwork.
68. In Philadelphia, a librarian (Tracey Walter) encourages an ailing Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) to use a private study room. The male law librarian is a competent professional providing Tom Hanks' character with valuable information, but he gives a negative impression as a nasty librarian because he treats Tom Hanks' character with prejudice when he suspects him of having AIDS.
69. Pope Sixtus IV appoints Bartolomeo Platina librarian of the Vatican Library.
70. Hugh Simon plays a nosy and brusque librarian in the movie Possession. Although he works at the British Museum Library, he is dressed casually, is slightly unkempt, and has the stereotypical glasses on.
71. Jonathan Pryce (he is to the right in the photograph) plays a librarian in the movie Brazil. He is depicted as a societal failure.
72. Reclusive Jason Robards in Something Wicked This Way Comes is a librarian described as “a meek librarian with some dark secrets and regrets.” He is categorized under Anti-Social Male Librarian in Jennifer Snoek-Brown’s Male Librarian Character Types.
73. Reclusive Jason Robards in Something Wicked This Way Comes.
74. Reclusive Jason Robards in Something Wicked This Way Comes.
75. Roman library.
76. Monastic library in the movie The Name of the Rose.

77. Jorge the librarian in Eco's The Name of the Rose. For his villain, Eco has borrowed the image of the librarian as priest of the book, merging it with the Borgesian image of the librarian as an uncompromising book-keeper fighting a rear-guard action against a new age.

Within the confines of a great monastery on the slopes of the Apennines, a scholar-detective, the enlightened English cleric William of Baskerville, seeks to unravel a series of library-related murders. His quest for a forbidden book, which appears to hold the key to the case, requires that he first decipher a perplexing classification and shelving scheme. Failing again and again to crack this code, he concludes that the fault is not his own, that instead the knowledge of the all-powerful librarians has been used "to conceal, rather than to enlighten," that indeed "a perverse mind presides over the holy defence of the library." In the central villain's role, Eco has cast just such a librarian, the aging monk Jorge of Burgos. As we ultimately learn, Jorge has poisoned the forbidden library book, using it as a weapon to bring an excruciatingly slow and painful death to monks who, in violation of library access restrictions, succeed in getting their fingers on it. The novel ends with Jorge maniacally devouring the book rather than handing it over. In a spectacular finale, the magnificent library burns to the ground, set ablaze by none other than its supposed protector: Jorge the librarian.
78. Jorge the librarian.
79. Jorge the librarian.
80. Jorge the librarian.
81. Law librarian in Second Life, the 3D online virtual world.
82. Great photo to use for your presentation. Shows two gay librarians with books.
83. This seems to be a take-off of the “Brokeback Mountain” movie. Comical exchange.
84. This is an actual gay librarian. For more information, please visit:
85. Actual gay law librarian, who was nominated hottie librarian. Link:
86. Actual librarian. His name is Eli, who says he is a librarian by day, activist by night, organic farmer on the weekends.
87. This an actual gay librarian, who runs the Gay Librarian website.
88. Another photo of Giles. See image and caption #4.
89. Another photo of Giles. See image and caption #4.

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