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Mappa form J’s guidance

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Notifications to the Job Centre Plus via a MAPPA Form J (attached).
A MAPPA Form J should be completed on MAPPA offenders who have restrictions in place via a Probation licence and / or a Police Order and these restrictions have an impact on any of the services the Job Centre may offer the offender when they attend an appointment.
Services the Job Centre may offer the offender include assistance with obtaining employment therefore, an exclusion zone of a specific area or an exclusion of working with children would be two examples of relevant restrictions.
Other services they offer include assistance with training and education opportunities.
Please be aware when completing the form that you are disclosing information to a third party and thus, this must be justified and proportionate.
With this in mind, please consider whether you need to include specific names / addresses of people relating to the offender and ensure you are only detailing those restrictions in place which effect any of the services you anticipate the Job Centre will assist the offender with.
Where an offender is in custody, a MAPPA Form J must be completed 6 weeks prior to their planned release.
The person responsible for completing the MAPPA Form J is the offender manager for the lead agency.
Exception to the General Rule:

Sometimes it may be relevant to submit a MAPPA Form J for non-MAPPA offenders.

This applies where it is believed the offender poses a risk of harm to staff working at the Job Centre Plus by virtue of their previous offending history / behaviour. This information then allows The Job Centre to safeguard their staff appropriately.
Once a form is complete, please send this to the MAPPA Coordination Unit ( The Unit will then take record of the form and forward to the SPOC at the Job Centre Plus. The SPOC at the Job Centre Plus will then forward the form to the relevant Job Centre.
Please contact the MAPPA Coordination Unit ( if you require further clarification around this process.

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