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Andrew Waite is the publisher of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. Born in New Zealand, Waite initially worked in aviation product liability law with celebrity San Francisco lawyer Melvin Belli, and helped design one of the first word processing and practice management systems for lawyers.
Waite worked for seventeen years in senior marketing, sales and officer roles in technology start-ups and venture capital companies based in Texas and Silicon Valley, California.
He is a recognized expert and extensively published in sales and marketing automation processes, sports marketing, sponsorship and investment. Waite worked with Arthur Andersen in customer engagement and relationship management system and systems integration.
He has been involved in three successful publishing companies since 1987. Founded in 2003 Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine is his 9th title and third publishing company. As the magazine of record for the individual investment industry Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine has grown to be the seventh best sell-through business and finance magazine in the United States and can be found at Barnes & Noble and independent and select airport newsstands nationwide.
Waite began as an intentional real estate investor in 1992. Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine addresses a vast annual personal real estate investment market. This $300 billion a year market was identified in 2008 in The Invaluable Investor Study co-written with REALTrends and polling assistance from Harris Interactive.
NEXZUS Publishing Group and Waite have been chosen by domestic and international investment industry leaders from the Fortune 30 and major brands to small to medium sized businesses addressing the individual investor. Waite and NEXZUS Publishing Group are providing publishing, specialized marketing and investment systems consulting.
NEXZUS Publishing also hosts industry seminars and networking gatherings to share expert knowledge and experience to help investors and providers to get the best from investment performance.

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