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Gail Bennett Using Microsoft Publisher to Produce Your Newsletter

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Gail Bennett

Using Microsoft Publisher to Produce Your Newsletter

Microsoft publisher is a self-explanatory system that you can easily learn with a bit of experimentation. Here are some basic instructions to get you started.

Set Up

1. Go to programs and open Microsoft publisher.

2. Scan the list of documents on the left, and click on Newsletters. Select a type of newsletter (we’ll model the program by starting with the first kind, accent newsletters). Then click on start wizard. Click next to begin.

3. You’ll set up your newsletter by making a variety of choices. The first choice, newsletter options, determines printing (one or two sided) and address information. The second, page content, sets the columns. You can modify a page’s layout by clicking on the page that you want (1, 2, 3, or 4) on the bottom left, and then choosing from possible modifications. Publication design allows you to change to a completely different layout. Continue on, choosing color and font schemes.

Working on Your Newsletter

1. To move from page to page, click on the page you want (1, 2, 3, or 4) on the bottom left.

2. To drop a page (if you only want a 3 page newsletter), save your newsletter and get out of the wizard. Go back to the newsletter, go to edit (the bar at the top), and click on delete page. To add a page, simply go to insert, insert page.

4. To zoom in and out on a page, click F9.
To Add Your Text

1. If you wrote your text in a word document, and you want to add it to the newsletter, click the text that you want to replace with your article, click on edit, edit story in Microsoft word, copy your text to this location in place of the story that already exists, click file, close and return to (your publication), and the new text will be inserted. Note that the piece tells you an allowable word count.

2. To make changes directly into the page, just click on the item and type the changes you want.

Adding and Changing Visuals

1. To insert an attention getter, logo, new masthead, coupon, advertisement, picture caption, calendar, or other new objects, go to insert, design gallery object, click on the type of item you wish to insert, and make your selection.

2. Attention getters (see page 4). To change an “attention getter,” click on the attention getter, right click, go to wizard for this object, and make the change.

3. Logos (see page 4). Follow the same steps you followed for attention getters, and then click on the logo you select and type your text (such as the name of your company) in the box. (If your company already has a logo that you’ll want to use, you’ll need to insert it as a picture.)

4. To delete a visual, right click and delete the object. You move and size visuals the way you would in any other word document.

5. To enhance a picture by putting it in a box, for example, right click on the picture, click format object, and make the changes you desire.

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