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Setting up your Virgin Money Giving page

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Setting up your Virgin Money Giving page
It’s easy to create a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page and start getting sponsored online. Once your page is set up you can keep it for life – just add a new event page each time you take up a new fundraising challenge.
Set Up Your Page

Your fundraising challenge

  • Click the ‘create my page’ button on our homepage to start.

  • We’ll ask what kind of event you’re taking part in, when the event is taking place, where, and if you’re doing it alone or with friends.

  • If you’re taking part in an organised event the details may already be loaded onto Virgin Money Giving, so you’ll be able to search for your event and we’ll bring up all the information for you.

Your charity

  • We’ll ask for the name of the charity you’d like your sponsorship money to go to.

Register or sign in

  • To set up your page we’ll ask you to register with us. Simply tell us your contact details and choose a password for your Virgin Money Giving account. Or if you’ve already registered with Virgin Money Giving, just sign in.

  • We’ll then ask you to choose a web address for your Virgin Money Giving page. The address will be the same for every event you take part in, so it’s best to avoid one that’s related to a specific event or date.

  • You’ll now have a basic Virgin Money Giving page showing your event details and the charities you’re supporting.

  • Next you can customise your page with more information, photos and links by clicking the ‘create my page’ button.

Customise your page


Here’s how you can customise your page:

  • Type a page title and some more information about yourself and your event into the blank boxes.

  • Add features to your page like a countdown calendar, photo gallery and history of the other fundraising events you’ve taken part in. Just tick the boxes next to the features you’d like to add and follow the instructions on screen.

  • If you’ve already raised money for your event outside of Virgin Money Giving, you can add this to your page by letting us know how much in the ‘offline fundraising’ box.

  • When you’re happy with your changes, click the ‘save’ button. You’ll be able to update this page whenever you like by signing into your account and choosing ‘update my page’.

Ask friends and family to sponsor you


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