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Biography of Edward M. Keyes, author of The Michigan Murders

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Biography of Edward M. Keyes, author of The Michigan Murders
Edward Keyes was a native New Yorker, and a graduate of Fordham University. He wrote for more than thirty eight years, first as a newspaper reporter, columnist, and editor for small-town New York dailies, and later as a staff writer for such magazines as Look and Quick. His articles have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, True, American Weekly, Inc. Magazine, and TV Guide, among others, and he has written a syndicated newspaper column with famed trial lawyer Melvin Belli. In 1956 he coauthored, with Al Schact, My Own Particular Screwball, and in 1969, he collaborated with author Robin Moore in the best-selling thriller – which adapted as a major motion picture became an Academy-award Best Picture winner – The French Connection.
Mr. Keyes also wrote the highly and widely acclaimed New York Times bestseller novel, The Michigan Murders, and went on to pen the books Double Dare – a suspense thriller set in New York city based on a true story of an undercover police informant, as well as Cocoanut Grove, a spell-binding, minute-by-minute account of the most famous disaster up to that time in American history - the fire in Boston’s Cocoanut Grove nightclub in November of 1942 which resulted in innovative methods of burn treatment, the first general use of the new wonder drug penicillin, and significant changes in fire and safety laws throughout the nation.
Mr. Keyes with his wife and partner Eileen Walsh Keyes raised seven children in New Rochelle, New York, and lived his remaining years retired in San Diego, California. He passed away in December 2002.

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