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Radio Interview, kgo, Owen Spann 1/4/68

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Ruby, 1968

1/2/68 Radio Interview, KGO, Owen Spann

1/4/68 Radio Interview, KGO, Jim Dunbar
Harold Weisberg [1/2] and Melvin Belli [1/4/] tell of San Francisco cab driver who says he had Ruby in his cab two days before assassination; driver claims Ruby said he had to return to Dallas to shoot someone; driver went to FBI immediately to report incident, repeated visits several times, brushed off.
1/24/68 Thompson said that figure in Willis Slide 8, taken by some to be Ruby, is Dallas police inspector [unnamed]. Josiah Thompson, interviewed by Owen Spann, KGO. Tape No. 66, at 520 feet [Sony 104]
1/31/68 Julia Ann Mercer, in affidavit to District Attorney in New Orleans, says man she saw driving truck on Elm St. before the assassination was Jack Ruby, that she identified pictures of him for police including one with his name on it. Charges her testimony was altered and her signature forged on documents published by Warren Commission. NBC-TV Johnny Carson Show, 2/1/68
2/2-3/68 Ruby mentioned by Rose Cherami 11/18/63 to doctors at Mandeville, LA, hospital where she taken after found lying in ditch, at time she warned of assassination plot. She was Ruby's barmaid, said saw Oswald with him often. Capital Times, Madison, WI
3/1/68 LA Free Press prints long interview with Roger Craig and Penn Jones, Jr. Craig says Dallas police told him extensive cache of arms and ammunition were found in storehouse at rear of Ruby's apartment. Jones says Ruby and Tippit knew each other, but that the people who saw them together no longer live in Texas. Craig details large amounts of cash found on Ruby, in his car and in his apartment. LA Free Press
5/7/68 The FBI told Willis his slide No. 8 was very valuable because it showed Ruby at Texas School Book Depository. [Willis Exhibit 1, Hearings, XXI, p. 771.]
8/68 On homosexual aspects in the assassination; names Oswald, Ruby, Ferrie, Shaw, Russo, Tippit. The Kennedy Assassination: A Study in Perversion, Confidential Magazine, Joel Palmer
10/22/68 There is no such thing as a writer without notes, and she [Dorothy Kilgallen] had the only private interview with Ruby, she certainly had some kind of notes and they didn't show up. Harold Weisberg, interview by Robin King, KNEW, tape No. 81, between 1140 and 1390 ft

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