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and for those dischargers

Attachment “C” to Santa Ana Regional Board Cease and Desist Order No. 99-65

As Adopted by SWRCB Water Quality Order No. 2000-01 on February 2, 2000
The dischargers listed below shall achieve compliance with Discharge Specification A.2 of Order No. 99-11 in accordance with the following time schedule:



Submit a report specifying the name of the engineer or other qualified individual who will be preparing the EWMP

December 1, 2000

Submit a draft EWMP for the facility

June 1, 2001

Submit final EWMP

Within 90 days of transmittal of Board staff’s comments on the draft EWMP

Fully implement the EWMP and submit a certification from the engineer or other qualified individual who prepared the plan that all facilities have been constructed as specified in the EWMP

Within 120 days of Regional Board staff’s concurrence with the final EWMP


Facility Name

Facility Location

Aukeman, Lewis

Aukeman Dairy

12391 Schleisman

Bain, Warren

Warren Bain Calf Nursery

6420 Harrison

Biscaichipy, Jean & Mike

Brothers 3 Dairy

5950 Harrison

Boersma, Peter

Peter Boersma Dairy #1

7090 Cleveland Ave

Bootsma, Ike & John

Bootsma Calf Ranch

14560 Schleisman

Bosch, Pete

Pete Bosch Dairy

13567 Whispering Lakes Lane

Boschma, Henry

Henry Boschma & Son Dairy #1

13350 Haven

Bosma, Dick

Dick Bosma Heifer Ranch

7290 Cleveland Ave

Collinsworth, Shelby

Collinsworth Dairy

10529 Eucalyptus

Dallape, Tom

Dallape Dairy

2877 River Road

De Bos, Andrew

De Bos Dairy

14300 Schleisman

De Groot, Jake

De Groot Dairy

14080 Haven

De Vries, Case

Milk Maid Dairy

10869 Eucalyptus

Dolan, Tom

Drifty Farms

5810 Sumner Ave

Duhalde, Lauren

Lauren Duhalde Dairy

9859 Eucalyptus

Dykstra, Dick

Dick Dykstra Dairy

10129 Schaefer

Dykstra, John & Pete

Dykstra Dairy

11091 Edison Ave

Fullmer, Que

Fullmer Cattle Company

8551 Hereford Dr

Goedhart, Ben

Goedhart Dairy

14250 Schleisman

Goedhart, Ben

Goedhart Dairy #2

6851 Archibald Ave

Gorzeman, Joe

Joe Gorzeman Dairy

12451 Bellegrave Ave

Goyenetche, Albert

Archibald Dairy

7575 Archibald Ave

Haakma, Larry

Del Amo Dairy

13737 Archibald

Heida, Don

Don Heida Dairy

13454 Cloverdale

Hettinga, Hein

Hettinga Ranch

17250 El Sobrante Rd

Hettinga, Pete

Pete Hettinga Dairy

11101 Eucalyptus

Hettinga, Wilbur

Wilber Hettinga Calf Ranch

5240 Hamner Ave

Hilarides, Frank

Northview Dairy

10601 Riverside Dr

Hill, Kurt

Hillco Dairy

10350 Eucalyptus

Hoekstra, Edward

Hillcrest Dairy

11355 Bellegrave Ave

Hoogendam, John

J Hoogendam Dairy

12871 Schleisman

Jongsma, John

John Jongsma Dairy

9876 Edison Ave

Kasbergen, Neil & George

Kasbergen Dairy

12400 Limonite Ave

Knevelbaard, John

Knevelbaard & Sons Dairy

6550 Harrison

Knevelbaard, John

John Knevelbaard Dairy

6485 Harrison

Koolhaas, Simon

Simon Koolhaas Dairy

14717 Haven

Leal, John

Leal Ranches

12741 Cloverdale

Lorenz, Richard

Oosten Dairy

8405 Archibald Ave

Martin, Tony

Martin Dairy

10129 Edison Ave

Miersma, Harry

Harry Miersma Dairy

6828 Archibald Ave

Minaberry, Marie

Minaberry Dairy

8120 Harrison

Mocho, Jean

Mocho & Plaa Dairy

12421 Bellegrave Ave

Osterkamp, Joseph

Joseph Osterkamp Dairy

8301 Archibald Ave

Pinheiro, Jack

Jack Pinheiro Dairy

11011 Riverside Dr

Plantenga, George

Western Sky Dairy

6500 Hamner Ave

Ranney, Walter Iii

Excelsior Farms

7401 Hamner Ave

Schakel, Fred

Fred Schakel Dairy #2

5815 Sumner Ave

Slegers, Hubert & Gerard

H & G Dairy

10051 Eucalyptus

Slegers, Jake

Jake Slegars Dairy

11400 Harrel St

Slegers, Lenwood & Ben

West-Star Dairy

10401 Riverside Dr

Stanley, R.F. & Mccune, R.M.

Flamingo Dairy

14970 Chandler

Stelzer, Mike

Northern Calif. Holsteins

14100 Cloverdale

Te Velde, Jim

Tee Vee Dairy #2

14692 Archibald

Te Velde, Ken

Ken Te Velde Dariy

14901 River Road

Te Velde, Ralph

Tee Vee Farm

14744 Archibald

Teunissen, Bernard

B. J. Dairy

16666 Hereford Dr.

Tillema, Harold

Harold Tillema Dairy

6848 Archibald Ave

Troost, Greg

T & T Cattle Dairy

6301 Archibald Ave

Tuinhout, Harry

Harry Tuinhout Dairy

14741 Carpenter

Van Dam, Bas & Gysbert

Bas Van Dam & Son Dairy

10333 Eucalyptus

Van Leeuwen, Bill

Midhill Dairy

13000 Citrus

Van Leeuwen, Bill

Vangard Dairy

7490 Cleveland Ave

Van Ryn, Dick

Van Ryn Dariy

14487 Schleisman

Van Veen, John

John Van Veen Dairy

9581 Chino Ave

Van Veen, John

John Van Veen Heifer Ranch

14983 River Road

Vanden Berg, Darrel

Jack Vanden Berg Dairy

6715 Wineville

Vander Dussen, John

Vander Dussen Dairy #2

10615 Edison Ave

Vander Dussen, John

Vander Dussen Dairy #1

10573 Edison Ave

Vander Dussen, Sybrand

Syann Dairy

14950 River Road

Vander Eyk, Case

Case Vander Eyk Dairy

17650 Hellman Ave

Vander Eyk, Case Jr.

Case Vander Eyk, Jr. Dairy

13661 Haven

Vander Meer, Dick

Dick Vander Meer & Son Dairy

6851 Harrison

Vander Stelt,Katherine & Steve

C. Vander Stelt & Sons Dairy

6701 Harrison

Vanderham, C. & P.

Vanderham Dairy

4860 Wineville

Vanderham, Cornelius A

C. A. Vanderham Dairy #2

15133 Carpenter

Westra, Jake, John, & Calvin

Westra Dairy Farms

11023 Eucalyptus

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