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Expo 2008 Rules & Guidelines Saturday April 5, 2008 Ramada Inn at i-25 & 120th Ave., Denver co sponsor: Stone Company Version 2/1/2008 – Submitted to namhsa

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Expo 2008 Rules & Guidelines

Saturday April 5, 2008 - Ramada Inn at I-25 & 120th Ave., Denver CO - Sponsor: Stone Company

Version 2/1/2008 – Submitted to NAMHSA

(Added since last version: The Pony Pound pg 5)
Rules and Guidelines in this document are specific to this show. They do not speak for other shows or model showing generally.
Questions: Show Hostess - Mary Hirsch or 303-517-5613

Divisions & Judges

Regan O’Keeffe; Vicky Kitzman; Teresa Buzzell; Barb Spohr
OF Stone Vicky

OF Other Plastic Regan

Collectability Stone Vicky

Collectability Other Plastic Regan

Artist Resin / Custom / Custom-Glazed Barb

China OF Teresa

Performance Teresa

Performance Youth/Novice Adult * Teresa

* If 2+ entries are rec’d by April 1. No trophy. Full fee.


• 1st-6th placings – flat ribbons

• Div. Section champ/reserve - rosettes

• Div. Overall champ/reserve - special Stone trophy model


As of 2/1/08 the current version is 2/1/2008.

Check the Colorado Hobbyist website for the latest classlist & rules version. Check the date of your version against the date of the document at

Register for the show emailing list to receive an update (with docs) within 2 weeks of the show. You don’t have to be entered. Send the following to Mary Hirsch at

Your name, email address, location you are coming from & divisions you are thinking of entering

Class Entry Limits
Shower Class Limits

Halter - 3 models per shower per class

Performance - 2 entries per shower per class
Cross-Entering / Model Entry Class Limits

(All entry rules are based on the availability of a division and class for the model.)
Models not qualified for collectability divisions

may enter only 1 Halter class in this show.

Models qualified for collectability divisions

may enter 1 Halter breed division class (if available)

and 1 Halter collectability division class.
Unrealistic/Decorator models may enter only 1 Collectability Division class in this show.
All breed class entries are required to have tags, unless the class is only for 1 breed. See “Tags for show models” for details.
It is expected that models showing Performance will not enter Halter classes. But it isn’t forbidden. No class in either Performance or Halter will be held for a horse showing in the other division. If a Halter entry is wearing Performance tack the judge may ignore the entry, at the judge’s discretion.
If you have questions about where a model should show please consult the judge(s) before the show starts so you do not miss the correct division.


Tags for show models
** Non-compliance with ANY tag rule risks disqualification of the model, with or without notifying the shower. **

** Judges or scribes may disqualify and adjust placings accordingly. **
• Each model shown must have a tag attached while in the show ring. Showers supply their own tags.

• On the front of the tag write: the model’s name, breeding, gender, and the owner’s Colorado and/or Stone shower number.

• DO NOT write initials on the FRONT of the tag, at risk of disqualification.

• Results will be recorded by shower numbers written on the FRONT of the tag (not initials.)

• Tags will NOT be turned over. Anything written on the back will NOT be recorded.
Shower Numbers

You must have a Colorado or a Stonehenge shower number on the FRONT of each model tag.

**This is a requirement of the show management***
• Either number is sufficient. Both are permitted.

• If you don’t already have a Colorado or a Stone shower number please email Heather at A Colorado number will be sent to you as promptly as possible. (Stone is not issuing numbers for this show.)

• Colorado and Stone shower numbers are both good for life. You can find your previously assigned number at


Original Finish (OF) Plastic Divs. 4 Overall Ch/R Trophies

OF Stone Collectability - Stone

OF Other Plastic Collectability – Other Plastic

AR/CM/CG Division Overall Ch/R Trophy

Artist Resin / Custom / Custom-Glazed (combined)
Artist Resin (AR)

Any model, regardless of the number in the run, which has been home or professionally cast from resin and painted by someone other than the manufacturer. Includes original sculptures, resins altered after casting and resins painted by the sculptor.

• Includes resins originally sold unpainted by Stone, AA, Resins by Randy (RBR) and other manufacturers. Includes resins bought painted from RBR, as they are commissioned, not factory-finished.

• Does not include factory-finished resins (OF resins.) These show with OF China.

Custom (CM)

Any plastic or resin model that has been re-painted, re-positioned and/or re-worked outside of the original producing factory or business. Includes cold-painted china (but not china painted and fired.)

China - Custom-Glazed (CG)

Any china/ceramic/porcelain/etc. model that has been custom-glazed and/or modified in any way—and the final finish was fired in a kiln. Cold-painted (not fired in a kiln) ceramics will compete in the Custom division.

China – Original Finish Division Overall Ch/R Trophy

Includes china, porcelain, ceramic, earthenware and like models finished by the producer/factory. Ex. Lakeshore; AA if bought painted from AA; Hagen-Renaker; Northlight; Breyer porcelain/ceramic/china; etc.

China OF includes Original Finish Resins by live show tradition (see AR above for more detail.) These include finished resins from Northlight, BHR, EquinArt, and AA if bought painted from distributor.

Open Performance Division Overall Ch/R Trophy

Limit 2 entries per class per shower. Open Perf. showers may not show in Youth/Novice Adult. See further rules below the Breed division section.

Youth/Novice Performance Division no trophy

Offered only if 2+ entries are rec’d by April 1. Full entry fee.

Y/N showers may not show in Open Perf., but may show in Open Halter. Y/N Halter is not offered at this show. See qualifications and rules below the Breed & Open Perf. sections.
Mini Divisions - At this show

• If your model is the size of a Breyer classic or larger, it is NOT a mini. ALL smaller models are minis at this show. Minis include Stone Pebbles and Little Bits. Regardless of make or medium, compare to a Breyer classic to determine if the model is a mini at this show.

• No specific measurement is specified beyond the guidelines above. In case of questions ask the judges before the show. The judge and show management have final say.


Collectability Divisions (Coll.)

Collectables may enter 1 collectability class and 1 breed class, where a division and class are available. For qualifications see class description, and where provided additional descriptions here. Enter the narrowest definition your model fits (ex. enter “5 or less” rather than “50 or less;” enter “FXC” rather than “SR/LE 50 or less.”)
Documentation of Collectability

• Is REQUIRED stating the year(s) made and the number in the run. For FCM & FXC include a brief list of the model’s changes, and if windswept manes/tails are standard or customized unique to the run.

• Please provide the judge with any other information explaining the collectability of your entry. This can be a Certificate of Authenticity, or an index card, but no larger than 8.5” x 11”.

• Examples: “Judge’s Model - StoneHenge RMR Show 2004 - One of Eight” or “FCM Chardonnay - Eureka Live 2007 - One of 30”.

Unrealistic/Decorator (Unr/Dec): Colors that do not occur in real horses, such as red, blue, purple, metallics, bronzes, gold, pictures, etc. CHARCOAL and SMOKE are NOT considered unrealistic colors.
Holiday: State which holiday the model represents. May be an unrealistic/decorator color, with or without factory decorations; or a realistic color with factory holiday decorations. Include whatever you have that came from the factory with the model, set up as it is intended to be displayed. If you don’t have all the original factory accoutrements it’s ok as long as it’s clearly a “holiday” piece.
Woodgrain/Woodcut: All makes other than Stone, including Hartland woodcut.
Hartland: Woodcut Hartlands show in the Woodgrain/ Woodcut class. All other Hartlands show in Hartland.
Stone Collectability: Enter the first class in the classlist your model fits – FXC, FCM, 5 or less, etc. One class per model.
Factory Custom (FCM) (Stone)

(Definitions are for the purpose of this show only.)

Factory Customs (FCM) are alterations in the plastic that are not found on the original molded model, and were done at the producing company. FCM’s do not refer to paint changes. No max. limit on the number in the run for FCM.

FCM’s do NOT include standard regular run variations such as long/short tail on the ISH/Arab; manes loose or braided; standard bob & ribbon variations on drafters; etc.

FCM’s include the following changes when: they aren’t combined with other changes to the mold; or combinations of changes on runs >40: Standard windswept manes/tails found on multiple runs; mud knot tails. Any re-positioning of a body part such as opened mouth with/without extended tongue; mule ears; twitched ears; repositioned head and/or neck; re-positioned foot and/or leg; added veining; change of gender.

FCM examples with only one variation: Find at ‘Search.’ Tumblin Dice windswept (30); Zodiac windswept (30.) FCM examples with multiple variations on a run >40: Yes I Can (100.)

Factory Extreme Custom (FXC) (Stone)

(Definitions are for the purpose of this show only.)

FXC is limited to multiple alterations on OOAK’s and LE runs of 40 or less. Please document the number in the run.

FXC does not include: Runs of greater than 40, regardless of customization. The standard regular run variations excluded under FCM above. FXC also does not include models with the FCM variations if only one variation is on the model, regardless of the number in the run. Ex. Change of gender is an FCM, not an FXC, unless it is combined with other changes such as windswept mane/tail and the run is 40 or less.

FXC does include: Any re-sculpted mane or tail unique to one run (not the standard windswept found on multiple runs.) Combinations of the changes listed for FCM, such as a repositioned head, added veining and windswept mane/tail.

FXC Examples of multiple changes on a run of 40 or less: Find at ‘Search.’ Silver Expressions EFC (15); Secret Rendezvous (10); Amazing Grace (30.)

To determine if the alteration on your model is “standard” or customized for one run only, check the Gallery or to see the description. This should also provide the info for your documentation of the change(s) on your model, the LE status of the changes, the year and the number in run.

If in doubt if your model is FCM or FXC show the judge your documentation for a decision before the division starts. You may also email questions in advance of the show, with a link to the model on, to all 3: Vicky Kitzman, Barb Spohr and Mary


Breed Divisions

• All Halter divisions in the classlist not designated “Collectability” are breed divisions and judged accordingly.

Models may enter only 1 breed division, and only 1 class in the division. See “Breed Classes” (below Collectability Divisions) for more guidance on entering breed classes.

• Age and rarity are NOT factors in breed division judging in this show.

If not otherwise specified, all breed classes include purebred, ‘registered,’ mixed breed and grade horses of the type.
• Models in breed classes must have their breed/breeding on their tags to be sure of being judged (except in classes limited to one breed only.)

• These guidelines are to help you selecting the best divisions and classes for your model. This is not a complete or definitive list of breeds or breed/type criteria.

European includes all breeds originating on the European continent, including the British Isles and Scandinavia.
Mixed breed and grade division and class selection. If your model is a mix of breeds found in different divisions it is best entered in the division the body type most represents.
Grade. In real horses “grade” often refers to a unregistered horse of a definite type, and possibly of unknown breeding. Entries designated “grade” will be judged solely against the division type. Do not expect the judge to make assumptions about possible breeding – that is the shower’s job.

To be competitive a “grade” model needs to be an excellent representation of that division type. If a model has a body type that isn’t the best example for any division, picking the division closest to the body type and specifying a breeding that would be likely to produce the model’s conformation is a better strategy than “grade.”

Example: If the model fits a QH x TWH breeding and is more stock in type, entering a Stock Div. Other class as a QH x TWH is a better strategy than “grade.”

Light Divisions / Classes

Arabs and all Arab crosses including Nat’l Show Horse (NSH); Arab derivative breeds such as Shagya and Barb; gaited light breeds (see below,) Morgans, other “light” breeds and crosses of these breeds. If the breed is not one of these check the “Other” division list as well. If in doubt about the division a breed belongs in check with the judge before the show.

Gaited Light (non-Spanish): If not placed in a separate class all non-Spanish gaited breeds belong in Light. Includes ASB, TWH, derivative breeds such as MFT, and crosses. At this show Spanish gaited show in Spanish unless specified.

Spanish Divisions / Classes

All breeds/mixed originating from Iberian peninsula breeds, including those that are gaited. Alter Real, Andalusian, Azteca, Criollo, Kiger, Lippizaner, Lusitano, Mangalarga, all Pasos, Spanish Barb, Pura Raza Epanolã etc.

Spanish Mustang: The judge will determine if the individual model should show in Spanish or in Stock, depending on type. Check before the show.

Sport Divisions / Classes

Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Akhal Tekes, all European riding breeds and warmbloods generally considered as sport. All mixed breeds of sport type. Does not include Spanish.

Warmbloods: American and European. WB breed or breeding required on tag, not just “WB” or “warmblood.” If not given a separate class show in Other Sport. If in doubt about which Sport class to show ask the judge before the Sport division begins. Parti-colored WBs show in Sport (not Stock.) WB includes Amer. WB, Trakhener, Hanoverian, Holstein, Westphalian, App. Sport Horse, Don, English Cob, Irish Draft, Oldenburg, Orlov Trotter, Selle-Francais, etc.
Carriage: Part of the Sport division unless otherwise designated. If not specified show in Other Sport. Includes : Freisian, Hackney Horse, Gelderland, Welsh Cob Section D, Cleveland Bay, etc.

Stock Divisions / Classes

All breed/mixed/types bred for range and/or cattle work, regardless of country of origin. Horses of foundation or modern QH type belong in Stock. Includes American Paint Horse registry, Appaloosa registry, Australian Stock Horse, Canadian Stock Horse, Colorado Ranger, Quarter Horse, Mustang (BLM) etc.

Spanish Mustang: See “Spanish” for instructions.
Paint and Appaloosa classes are for stock-type Paint registry and Appaloosa registry horses, of foundation or modern QH type. They are not for all pinto and app. models. Enter non-stock-type pintos and appaloosas in the division to which they are best suited, with the appropriate breeding specified. Division/type comes before color. Ex. An appaloosa Stone TB should show in Sport, with a breeding such as Amer. WB or App. Sport Horse. Ex. A pinto ASB shows in Light or Gaited Light.

Pony Divisions / Classes

By USEF standards a pony is any horse 14.2 hh and under, regardless of type. Any pony-sized horse belongs in the Pony division, regardless of type. Pony is the exception to the rule that type comes first.

European ponies: Breeds native to Europe (including British Isles.) Include British Shetland, Connemara, Dales, Welsh, Galiceno, Gotland, Haflinger, etc.
American ponies: Breeds developed in the Americas and registered there. Includes : Quarter Pony, POAs, Chingoteauge, Assoteague, American Shetland, Hackney Pony, American Walking Pony, etc.

Draft Divisions / Classes
NASD Breed/Mixed: NASD = North American Spotted Draft. For ‘registered’ and mixed NASD.
British Draft: Breeds native to the British Isles. Includes Clydesdale, Shire, Suffolk Punch, Gypsy Vanner, etc.
Other Draft: Includes Percheron, Ardennais, Belgian, Breton, Italian Heavy Draft, Jutland, Noriker (Pinzgauer,) Russian Draft, Soviet Heavy Draft, etc.
European Draft: Breeds native to Europe (including British Isles.) Include all breeds named in British Draft and Other Draft above, and any other European Draft breeds.

Other Breeds/Types without a “type” division

In most cases will show in the last class in the “Other” division. Any type, breed registry, mixed or grade that doesn’t belong in any other division or class. Advisable to ask the judge before the show, and provide documentation limited to 8 ½” x 11” describing the breed/mix/grade/type. Includes American Bashkir Curly, Dole, Finnhorse, Kathiawari, Marwari, Moyle, etc.

Other Equine

Includes Przewalski, Quagga, Zebra, Tarpan, prehistoric horses, crossbreds of these.

Open Performance

Limit 2 entries per class per shower.

• Open to all ages. Open Perf. showers may not show in Youth/Novice Perf.

• It is expected that models showing Performance will not enter Halter classes, but it isn’t forbidden. No class will be held waiting for a model in a Halter class.

• Questions about entries can be submitted in advance to Teresa and Mary
Other Division

• Harness entries do not require a cart, wagon, etc.

• Other Performance includes showmanship, endurance and other entries that do not have a logical fit into any other classes (or divisions.)

• Scene class is for those entries with lots of props and items that fill out to create a scene. Examples: Arab photo shoot, trophy award shoot (horse, backdrop, etc.), farrier, conformation clinic, etc. The complete scene entry can not be cross-entered into any other class.

English Division

• Trail includes natural and arena trail entries.

• Other English includes dressage, gymkana, etc
Western Division

• Roping/Cutting/Stock Work includes non-competition set-ups.

• Trail includes natural and arena trail entries.

• Other Western includes horsemanship, reining, etc.

Novice / Youth Performance
Offered only if 2+ entries are rec’d by April 1. Full entry fee. Will run after Open Performance if offered.

Limit 2 entries per class per shower.


Y/N showers may not show in Open Perf. They may show in Open Halter. Y/N Halter is not offered at this show.

Youth 17 years and under. Novice = 18+ years showing in Breyer or other novice-quality tack (regardless of shower experience.) The tack is what determines “novice.”

The judge has discretion to allow any shower to show novice, evaluating against other Open and Youth/Novice entries for the most fairness to all. Ask before Open.


The classlist will be tailored by the judge to the entries on the day of the show. Judge-shower meeting before the division. Be prepared to describe how many and what kind of entries you would like to do in English, Western and Other.

• Expect 3-5 total classes (if offered.) Probable classes: Other, English, Western. An additional class for any of those 3 may be offered if possible shower entries warrant. (Ex., if showers are prepared for both Western games entries and Western trail entries, possibly 2 Western classes will be offered.)

Please email Teresa and Mary with your possible entries if you could do more than one class in each of the 3 categories. If enough are known we’ll add the class and let you know ahead of time. Not required, we can also decide the day of the show.

Other Show Rules & Guidelines

• The judge and show management have the discretion to split or combine classes and divisions according to these guidelines. It is not a requirement to do so.

Splitting classes: If a class has 40+ entries it may be divided into 2 classes. Any criteria may be used at the discretion of the judge and/or show management.

Combining classes: If any class has less than 6 entries it may be combined with another class in the same division.

Combining divisions: Any division with a significant shortage of entries in most of the classes may be combined with another division, at the discretion of the show management. In this case the “old” division classes with less than 6 entries may be combined with classes in the new combined division. There will be only 1 division champ/reserve for the new division. Every effort will be made to avoid combining divisions, but if a division is clearly under-represented this is an option for show management.
The Pony Pound (remove your model promptly!)

Models from a previous class not removed from the class table when the next class is closing will be moved to the pony pound. Judges, show helpers and management are not responsible for any issues arising from this move. Dual rings means prompt class closings after the previous is judged.


• Halters are not required. If used they should be standard for showing the breed and type.

• If a model in a Halter class is wearing tack other than a halter the judge has the option to disregard the model.

• Collectability classes allowing tack and decorations are the exception to the judge disregarding tacked models.

• Models may be touched up to hide rubs and flaws. Judges may count the model down if it is obviously restored.

Original Finish models: No alterations/additions or removal of paint is allowed. No added finish enhancers or gloss to eyes/hooves etc.

• You may place a paper or cloth under the model to protect hooves, or a cushion under a model placed on its side. The size may not limit the number of models normally occupying that show ring space.

If a “tippy” model is placed on its side for judging you are giving the judge permission to touch it and turn it over, unless you or your authorized substituted are present to do it at the judge’s convenience. If a judge prefers not to handle the model, and the shower or authorized substitute is not present to do so at the judge’s convenience, the judge may disregard the model. If you do not want the judge to handle your model please put a note beside it saying “owner only to handle.” No class will be held waiting for someone to turn over a model if the judge prefers not to handle it themselves.

• Judges and Ring Stewards have authority over the ring space. Please respond to their direction.

Judging Championships & Reserves

• All 1st and 2nd place models are eligible for the division championship and reserve.

• Remember that 2nd place models have not yet been judged against models from other classes. A judge may determine that a 2nd place model from one class is of better quality than a 1st place model from another class. A 2nd place model may be awarded a reserve championship even if a 1st place model from another class does not get a championship award.

Callbacks and the Callback Table

• If a callback table is designated for your division please place your 1st and 2nd place models on the table with their ribbon and NAN card. Leave them until after the championship judging.

• It is the responsibility of the shower to make sure their eligible models are available at the time of the championship judging. Be aware of the division progress and the calls for championship judging.

• Please keep in mind that 2nd place models are eligible and may be chosen for reserve championships – put ‘em on the table. They have not yet been judged against models from other classes.

Disqualifications (DQ)

DQ is at the discretion of the judge and might not be uniform in all cases during the show. A model risks being DQ’d from a class for any rule infraction at the judge’s discretion, or if it is entered in a class where it doesn’t belong. It is not required to notify the shower and give a chance to correct the issue. It is also not required to notify a shower afterwards if a judge chose to ignore a problem entry.

Possible DQ infractions:

  • Non-compliance with ANY tag rule.

  • Too many models entered by one shower in a class.

  • Entered in wrong class or wrong division based on breed, type, make, performance, tack, etc.

  • Breed or breeding not provided on the tag if the class includes more than one breed.

  • Model entered in more than one class, except were permitted (see “Cross-entering.”)

  • Other egregious issues as determined by the judge and show management.

Shower entries in excess of the allowed number per class may result in ALL that shower’s entries in that class being DQ’d. (This will have no effect on other classes.)

  • If the class isn’t yet closed the judge has the discretion to allow the shower to take models out, but this is not required. The judge has the option to DQ instead (even if some ribbons are not awarded due to small class size.)

  • If the class is closed the judge or the scribe must DQ all the shower’s models in that class. In a class with entries from only one shower the judge has the discretion to allow an exception to the limit on entries per shower.

  • If judging is completed then all the shower’s models must be DQ’d. If any placed they will be removed from the placings and all lower placings moved up accordingly. The judge must then take reasonable steps to fill in the placings from the other entries in the class. The judge may call back certain entries to complete the judging.

Before the judging is completed the judge has the discretion to allow a shower to correct a problem entry – but it isn’t required. No class will be delayed solely to allow a shower to correct a rules infraction.
If a rules violation is discovered after the judging has been completed the model will be DQ’d from the class. Any placing will be removed (including NAN card.) A reasonable attempt will be made to re-assign the lower ribbons/NAN cards to the following placings. There will be no re-judging, so if the model placed the last ribbon won’t be awarded. If the discovery is made before the next class has closed the judge has the option to choose a model for the last ribbon.

Judging & Judges

• The judge is in charge of their ring, in cooperation with show management. Showers and stewards/scribes should accept direction from the judge concerning any aspect of the ring, divisions, classes and entries.

• Feel free to politely ask judges how classes were placed. Please try to do this immediately after the class while it is fresh in the judge’s mind. Judges do not have to answer these questions but most are glad to do so. Be understanding if the judge does not have time to answer your question right away.

• At this show judges are permitted to show in divisions they are not judging.

Collectability Judging: Horses to be judged on a combination of age, rarity, condition and finish. Condition is to include rubs and seam issues in an OF Plastic, and breaks and *crazing in chinas. Finish includes the application of paint (color) to the body and it’s attractiveness – including shading, dapples, eye details, overspray, masking, correctness of pattern, etc. Restored pieces may be also judged on the quality of the work done as part of condition. (*As crazing is not exclusive to old pieces and there is nothing the collector can do to prevent it, it’s absence is to be used only when no other determining factor can be found.)
Breed Judging: Does not include age and rarity as factors (at this show.) Does include condition and finish (see above.) Includes the sculpture’s structure and biomechanics as authentic representations of a horse. Includes the conformation and color standards for the breed/breeding supplied by the shower on the model tag.

Ring Stewards (Scribes)

• Some or all rings will have judges’ assistants, known as ring stewards (formerly scribes.) In addition to recording placings, ring stewards call classes, help manage class loading/unloading, and generally assist ring progress and timeliness. Stewards may also give information and help direct shower questions to the judge at the appropriate time.

• Showers are asked to give ring stewards the same attention and respect as the judge.


• Part of the shower’s responsibility to optimize their model’s chances for a ribbon includes selecting the best division & class for each model, assigning breed/breeding and providing documentation where advisable. Standards for the breed/breeding provided on the taq are part of what is being judged.

• Appropriate documentation is encouraged for less common breeds and colors. Without documentation judges may disregard less familiar breeds. Historic breed criteria should also be documented (ex.: foundation QH mare circa 1940 should have a photo reference.)

• If you are not sure what class is best for your model please ask the judge before your class, when the judge is not judging another class. Do your best to ask the judge(s) before the show starts.

• It is not the judge’s job to correct showers’ errors and oversights, whether they be class entries or failing to have a class winner on hand for champ judging.

• Judges may elect to answer questions about breedings and class/division assignments, and even offer suggestions at their discretion, but it’s not a requirement.

• Part of learning is asking politely about the judge’s class placings at an appropriate time (usually just after the class was judged while it is fresh in mind.) Many judges are happy to answer shower questions, but they are not required to do so. Be considerate of the judge’s time and responsibilities to the show.


• Serious concerns with the fairness of the judging, adherence to the rules or other issues should be brought to the show management. The show hostess is ultimately responsible for handling grievances. Where possible and appropriate first politely address your concerns to the judge or appropriate individual and attempt a polite, quick and fair resolution.

• If you have concerns about the correctness of any class entries try to discreetly bring it to the judge’s attention before the class starts. The judge’s decision is final.

• Please keep in mind that, in the event of a complaint or grievance, the showmanship considerations above are part of the evaluation of the issue.

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