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SOUL International Minutes

September 10, 2008

Present: Heide, Michael, Lee, David, Phil, JR, Lisa, Barb

Regrets: Christina, Laurie, Gail

Call to order: 7:05 pm

2.      Approve minutes of 16th July 2008: 1. Heide 2. David CARRIED

3.      Reports of Officers

a)      President-Lisa: Welcome it’s been a quiet summer.

  1. Treasurer Central-Phil: no report, approximately $4500 in account.

Approval of non-report: 1. Heide 2. Michael CARRIED

Treasurer Vancouver-Barb:
















tshirts & decals

july 10 SOUL meeting




2 pamphlets + $1 donation

Riley Park Farmers Market




3 tshirts

may meeting









JR Rendon

office supplies






E. Atkins

CanWest Show & photocopies





Burnaby School Board

1/2 CanWest Show




4.      Reports of Committees

  1. Membership-Barb

New Members since Summer 2008:

  1. Deborah Jones, Delta – the Rain Gardens speaker

  2. Vas Sladek, North Vancouver – GreenFirst! Landscaping

Current members of SOUL: 106
Motion: Speakers who speak at meetings should be offered a 1 year professional membership to SOUL including web page links in lieu of honorariums. 1. Barb 2. JR CARRIED
Associate memberships should be offered to like-minded organizations to get our name and association more publicized:

Evergreen (already in place), Coop Cars, Suzuki Foundation (hyperlinked to Lisa and SOUL), Wildlife Refuge Association, Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, City Farmer, North Shore Recycling.

Barb to write letters/email to invite other groups to link with us. Other ideas and groups welcome, please email barb.

  1. OMG-JR

JR received copies of the letters between Yolanda to Heide regarding the usage of the term ‘Master Gardener’. As far as JR knows, Yolanda does not represent the Vandusen Master Gardeners; she is only speaking for herself. JR herself has experienced only positive feedback from the MGs. The OMG committee will go over the letter in their next meeting and write a response.

A former OMG student has billed himself as a Certified Organic Master Gardener when he was a speaker. This is not our designation. OMGs are not ‘certified’ as there was no exam. The designation is ‘Organic Master Gardener’.

There is a totally separate designation, complete with a very very difficult and arduous exam, ‘Certified Organic Landcare Professional’.

OMG committee to speak to future classes and make sure this designation mixup does not occur again as we must be careful how we present ourselves to the public.

c)      Education-Heide:

  • Review of PURE presentations

  • PURE presentations went really well, people got it. Esquimalt was interested in the fact that SOUL has organic standards already. We should look into municipalities that have pesticide bylaws and let them know that we have SOUL organic certification and organic standards already in place. This should also be part of our Visioning.

  • Vote to allow CRD to publish booklets

  • Motion: At $2 each, the books are not really a fundraiser. It would be cheap publicity to have the booklets ready to download on the SOUL web page and linked to interested municipalities. 1. Michael 2. Lisa CARRIED

  • We should go further with this idea, a letter writing campaign to interested parties. We will explore this idea further in Visioning. It is a good opportunity for SOUL to mainstream.

  1. Reports of Chapters


We had a lovely BBQ at Chez Martan with lots of food, wine and badminton; volunteering at Farmers’ Markets is ongoing; we are trying to roundup instructors to visit WRA to see how they would like to use the facility.

We need an OMG to volunteer for the Burnaby School Board Information session on Wednesday Sept. 17 at Burnaby Central. JR (Jolene Rebecca) & Barb volunteered.


Victoria does not have a good meeting place yet, they are pursuing a relationship with Compost Education. The OMGs could meet there and hold workshops. OMGs could teach workshops or a course. David would like acknowledge Marisa Herrera, Tanya Kendall and Nancy Brown for organizing and running the Garden Tour.

6.      Old Business

  1. December symposium

Lisa will ask Karen about using the school as a meeting place. The date is December 7/08.

  1. CanWest Hort Show

Date: Sept. 17 and 18/08. As per Karen Flynn, Burnaby School Board will pay half. She would like a banner to advertise BSB. Heide is all by herself on Wednesday, another call out to volunteers will be emailed.

  1. PURE presentations in Vancouver: Gail absent, no report. Tabled until next meeting.

d)      SOUL logo on CRD presentations: Done

e)      Business cards: Vancouver directors to receive their cards at tomorrows Chapter meeting.

f)        Email accounts: All directors have been set up with email accounts

g)      Directors’ bios: reminder to send them in to Phil.

  1. SOUL logo:

Please clarify, is this a badge to sew onto your clothes? Yes.

Lisa would like a sticker that adds to the existing sticker stating ‘Certified Landcare Professional’ instead of a whole new badge/sticker with another logo. Heide would like to see an example of Lisa’s idea. Phil has various drawings of new logos and will bring them to the Teachers’ Retreat weekend for perusal. They will also be scanned for the rest of us to look at.

  1. New Business

These conference calls for our meetings are costing money; specifically they are costing Michael money. He has not submitted any bills for reimbursement yet.

Motion: Michael will submit teleconference bills for reimbursement to SOUL Central. 1. Lisa 2. Barb CARRIED.

8.      Adjourn meeting: 8:28 pm

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