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April 24, 2000 4884 w curtis St members present members absent leo Wiley, Chairman Martin Reinhardt

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April 24, 2000 4884 W Curtis St


Leo Wiley, Chairman Martin Reinhardt

Al Leonard, Vice Chairman

Jo Diane Cornwell

Sally Childs

Joni Andary

James Moore
Also, present: Sheila Rizzo, Woody VanVolkenburg, and Linda Peters.

Attendance: 4

The meeting was called to order at 7:45PM, by Chairman Wiley.
#1MOVED: by Sally Childs, second by Al Leonard, to accept the March 27, 2000 meeting minutes with one correction to show Joni Andary absent for the meeting. Motion carried.
#2MOVED: by Joni Andary, second by Jodi Cornwell, to approve the April 24, 2000 meeting agenda. Motion carried.


Pastor Bywater was present at the meeting to have questions answered regarding property

he is looking into to build a new church. The property is approximately 5.34 acres east

of Country Club Drive and North of M-80. Pastor Bywater was asking for preliminary

approval to move forward with the purchase of the property. He is concerned that he may

not be able to build a church and doesn’t want to invest money in the property. Questions

were asked regarding height restrictions, the Commission were unable to answer why the

restriction is written in the Zoning Ordinance. Chairman Wiley requested a copy of the

airport flight plan, which will be available at the next meeting. Deputy Clerk Rizzo will

contact Fran Brink. The Commission requested that Woody and Pastor Bywater work

together on what will be needed to submit to the Commission.

Page 2 April 24, 2000


Construction Code Ordinance #11A was discussed regarding procedures for building


#3MOVED: by Jim Moore, second by Sally Childs, to recommend that the Township

Board repeal K.C.T. Ordinance #11 while transferring responsibility for the administration and enforcement of its building code to the County of Chippewa under the provisions of the State Construction Code Act of 1972, Act 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended. Motion carried.

The Commission scheduled June 12, 2000 tentative date for Public Hearing.
Joni Andary volunteered to be assigned Secretary for the Commission since Sally Childs declined the position.
#4MOVED: by Sally Childs, second by Jodi Cornwell, to appoint Joni Andary Secretary for the Planning Commission. Motion carried.
Chief Deputy Clerk Rizzo updated Commission Members Zoning Ordinance books with

the recently adopted amendments.

The Commission received information about the volunteer dinner for township

committee members.


Department of Agriculture – Right to Farm

Andrew Gable – Quarry Ordinance
The Commission discussed the letter received from Andrew Gable and agrees with their concerns regarding safety and dust.
Chairman Wiley informed the Members about training he recently attended on Avoiding Zoning Lawsuits. He stated that the class was very informative.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

Sheila M Rizzo, Chief Deputy Clerk

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