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Tyler Perry Heads in a New Direction with tbs comedy Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse

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Tyler Perry Heads in a New Direction with TBS Comedy

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse
Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Kent Faulcon, Crystle Stewart, Jason Olive

And Kiki Haynes Star in Comedy Based on Perry’s Hit Why Did I Get Married? Movies
With the success of two ultra-popular family sitcoms on TBS, writer-director-producer Tyler Perry is ready to take comedy in a new, more adult direction with Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. This all-new comedy, based on Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? movies, focuses on three couples at various stages of their relationships. The ensemble cast includes Tasha Smith (Couples Retreat), Michael Jai White (Spawn), Crystle Stewart (Miss USA 2008), Kent Faulcon (American Beauty), Kiki Haynes (Nora’s Hair Salon) and Jason Olive (Melrose Place, Raising Helen). Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse is slated to premiere Friday, Nov. 25, with back-to-back episodes at 9 and 9:30 p.m. (ET/PT), only on TBS.
Produced by Tyler Perry Studios and distributed by Debmar-Mercury, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse follows the ups-and-downs of marriage and dating. The show centers on Angela Williams (Smith), the owner of a successful beauty salon, and her husband of 13 years, Michael (White). Michael is a former professional football player who has recently partnered with Richard Ellington (Faulcon) and Joseph Jetson (Olive) on a new sports news program called C-Sports Now.
Michael’s business relationship with Richard and Joseph is complicated, however, by the fact that Joseph is dating Keisha (Haynes), Michael’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his teenage daughter. In addition, Richard’s wife, successful real estate agent Leslie (Stewart), is Angela’s best friend, which sometimes makes it difficult for the couples to keep their business and private lives from mingling.
About Debmar-Mercury

Debmar-Mercury, a leading media company specializing in syndication, network, cable and ancillary markets, produces and distributes The Wendy Williams Show; produces (with ITV STUDIOS AMERICA) and distributes The Jeremy Kyle Show, debuting in September 2011; distributes Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and spinoff Meet the Browns; distributes Are We There Yet?, from Revolution Studios’ Joe Roth and Cube Vision, starring  Ice Cube, debuting in national syndication in fall 2012; distributes strips Hell’s Kitchen, Family Feud, South Park and True Hollywood Story; and distributes a movie library featuring titles from Revolution Studios. Debmar-Mercury is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the leading next-generation studio.


About TBS

TBS, a division of TBS, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., is television’s top-rated comedy network and is available in 100.8 million households. It serves as home to the Emmy-nominated late-night series CONAN, starring Conan O’Brien; original primetime comedy series like Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns; and upcoming series like The Wedding Band and Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. TBS also features an outstanding slate of contemporary comedies, such as The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and The Office, as well as blockbuster movies and championship sports. In addition, TBS produces special live comedy events, including the star-studded comedy festival held each year in Chicago.

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