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Elakr2 The student demonstrates the ability to identify and orally manipulate

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I Like Bugs

Margaret Wise Brown

words and individual sounds within those spoken words. The student

a. Identifies and produces rhyming words in response to an oral prompt and distinguishes

rhyming and non-rhyming words.
Brilliant Star Objectives:

  • Personal Style: Students will be able to identify and compare differences in people and their thinking/opinions.

Essential Question(s):

  • What patterns can be found in the English language?

Activating Strategy:

  • Display some pictures of bugs and ask if they like or dislike bugs.

  • Read I Like Bugs

Acquisition Lesson Activities:

  • Reread the book having the students fill in the second rhyming word in a series.

  • Make a class list of things “I like” on chart paper using student suggestions. Discuss how there are many different things that people like and that they are not always the same.

  • Encourage students to find rhyming words of things they like. Have each student create their own page in a class "I Like..." book.

  • Combine all of the pages into a book that is available for the students to go back and read during reading times.

Extend/Refine Activities:

  • Encourage students to find rhyming words at home and bring them in to share with the class.

  • Students can play the rhyming game on the Noggin website or practice with the printable rhyming cards (see links in Resources).




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