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Two Hearts Become One

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Two Hearts Become One

Craig & Dena Forsyth and Chris & Dee Dee Isaac are please to announce the joining Lives of Dustin Forsyth and Kathy Isaac July 07,2012.

The Ceremony was officiated by Pastor Dave Penner. At the stunning and picturesque setting of Haney Heritage Park, surrounded by their family and friends

Wedding party included Maid of Honour Sandra Isaac and Best man Craig Forsyth, Bridesmaids:Amanda Bouma, Becca Peters, Colleen Leffelaar, Kristi Isaac and Flower girl McKenna Forsyth. Groomsmen: Riley Bartusek, Dalin Gollan, Dave Numan, Matt Drew, Ushers Mark and Dan Kohlen and Ring bearer Kadin Menzies.

Kathy was breathtaking in a sweetheart gown, and Bouquet of Red Roses and White Lilies. Wedding colours of Black and white, with red accents were beautiful. Reception followed at the Salmon Arm Senior Centre.
The Newly weds ventured to Maui for their honeymoon retreat. And are now currently residing in Salmon Arm B.C.
Thank you to all for making their day so Special.

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