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No. 1 T81526: Edition statement added. Space error in imprint after "Riley," and otherwise ok

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no. 1 T81526: Edition statement added. Space error in imprint after “Riley,” and otherwise ok.
no. 2 T83985: Subfield delimiter |b added at end of 245. When added, these delimiters should be placed at the end of the first phrase marked by punctuation, such as a full stop, colon, or semi-colon. Space error in imprint after “Wright,” and “piccadilly” should have an upper case “P”.
no. 3 T84393: A little trouble here with the French accents: on “intitulé” the accent appears to be missing (although the left hand double quotation marks look a bit funky so it’s hard to tell), the accent has also been replaced with question marks in the imprint for “à” before “Bruxelles” and the last letter of “marché” . Capitalization is a problem here also: Angleterre, Europe, Burxelles, Soeurs Le May, Loxum and Marché aux Poulets should all be capitalized. And the subfield delimiter |b was omitted in the imprint following “A londres”, so the full stop and capital “Et” should have been replaced by a colon, and a lower case “et”, since we do use ISBD punctuation in the 260.
no. 4 T84408: Good until the addition of the epigraph, which was probably confusing because it was in English rather than Latin or Greek, and the biblical reference to the book of Job was missed, and the name entered with a lower case “j”. The edition statement was added, although separate from the title, and there is a spacing error after “J. Wright,”. Piccadilly, however, was capitalized correctly.
no. 5 T84409: Same as the above record, except that Piccadilly does not have an upper-case “P”.
no. 6 T88222: Title fine, but edition statement added. Imprint has space errors after “Warwick-Lane,” and “Gunn,”. Capitalization missed for the words “lane” and “gate”, “Essex-street” doesn’t use a capital “s” in “street” since it isn’t present on the t.p.
no. 7 T89070: Problems with French again here. Accents missing on “conséquences”, and “Égalité”. Capitalization missing for ‘Piccadilly’, ‘Palais Égalité’. Typos in the imprint as well, with “engalite” for ‘Égalité’ and “Bon-Ensans” for “Bon-Enfans”. There is no delimiter |b following ‘A Londres’, and no colon. The street number of the ‘Galerie” was mistaken for the year of publication, although the year is present in the record, and the abbreviation: “n.o” is actually “no.” in spite of its appearance. The edition statement was also added. The 985 note is certainly appropriate!
no. 8 T92283: Good transcription, apart from capitalization: “hindostan” for “Hindostan”, “his majesty’s hundredth regiment of foot”, and the misplaced delimiter |b.

The imprint has a space error after “Murray,” and no hyphen in “Fleet-Street”; the commas in the roman date were replaced by full stops.

no. 9 T94799: Did we talk about half-titles at all? The image you received from ECCO in this case isn’t the title page, but the half-title, which explains why there is no author statement and no imprint. The half-title transcription is fine, however ... We may have a problem with others like this, but when there is no imprint, always be suspicious that it isn’t really the title page.
no. 10 T95437: This is fine apart from the misplaced delimiter |b. The imprint has a space and punctuation error after ‘Wright.” It should be a full stop, followed by an upper case “P” for “price”.
no. 11 T97717: This one has no errors of either spacing or punctuation, except for the delimiter |b added at the end of the 245. If people, or the software? can’t be persuaded to add the |b at the end of the first semicolon, colon, or full-stop, or before the word “By ...”, it should be omitted altogether.
no.12 T97718: No errors. The delimiter |b was correct also.
no. 13 T97719: One spacing error in the imprint, after “Donaldson,” and the delimiter |b at the end of the 245 instead of preceding the “By ... “.
no. 14 T101571: One spacing error in the imprint, after “Johnston,” ; delimiter |b in the right place.
no. 15. T102046: Spacing error in the imprint after “Cogan,” and capitalization error for “middle temple-gate”, which should be “Middle Temple-gate”. Price phrase should be in parentheses.\
no. 16 T102712: Punctuation error in the 245; “war” should be followed by a semi-colon (faint in the image). Spacing error in the imprint after “Dilly,” and capitalization error with “poultry”, which should be Poultry. Date in arabic follows the roman date without brackets or spacing, a single left bracket follows the date.
no. 17 T103845: Spacing error in the imprint after “Robinson,” and hyphen omitted in “Paternoster-Row”.
no. 18 T103486: Imprint errors identical to the preceding item.
no. 19 T107955: No errors.
no. 20 T108281: With no clues from the image, which is all in capital letters, capitalization was omitted in the 245, from “Charette”, “France”, and “La Vendee”. The Latin motto was included. The roman date in the imprint was not followed by the arabic date in brackets.
no. 21 T108994: Imprint has a punctuation error; there is no comma after “Brown”. There is no space between the words “Templebar” and “and”, and no space after “Bell,”. The name “crosskeys” should be capitalized. The comma (as it appears) and a space after the roman date were omitted.
no. 22 T108895: Spacing omitted after “Templebar,” and after the roman date, which should also be followed by a comma.
no. 23 T110203: The delimiter |b was misplaced at the end of the 245. The edition statement is properly left where it is, as it is in the middle of the 245. There are two spacing errors in the imprint: one following “Robinson,” and one following the roman date. The hyphens in “Pater-noster-Row” were omitted.
no. 24 T110553: Capitalization errors in “november” and “december”, and a misplaced delimiter |b in the 245. The imprint needs spaces after “Wilson,” and following the roman date. There is a missing hyphen in “Dame-street”.
no.25 T110584: Capitalization missed for “Vendée” and no accent transcribed. Imprint has capitalization errors for the name, “baylis” and the address, “piccadilly”, both of which should be capitalized. A hyphen was omitted in “Fleet-street” and the word “street” should not be capitalized, as it is not in the original. Spacing is fine.
no. 26 T110894: Title has one typo, the second “l” in “Colonel” is missing. The imprint has a space error after “Cooper,” and lacks the hyphens in “Pater-Noster-Row”. There should be parentheses around the price statement.
no. 27 T111138: An extra space inserted after the word “knights;” in the title, and brackets to be replaced by parentheses in the imprint.
no. 28 T113808: The epigraph was included in the 245 (a clue is the quotation marks, which are usually present in English language epigraphs, and the space and dash preceding the author’s name). Space error after “Kearsley,” in the imprint, and hyphen omitted in “Fleet-street”. The capital “S” in street is not present in the original. There should also be a space between the roman and arabic dates.
no. 29 T114473: Capitalization: “Majesties” and “Duke of Marlborough” were missed. The imprint has “Dublin” added correctly in the subfield |a, but it should be in brackets as it has been added to the original. There is also an extra space after the colon, and a missed full-stop after the original date.
no 30 T114588: This is one of those cases where the edition statement is followed by a full-stop which was not transcribed in the original record (and according to the original British Library rules was placed correctly within the 245). According to the DCRB rules, the separate edition statement should have been moved to the 250, and the transposition noted. You are not responsible for any error except a failure to correct the original by adding the full-stop following “edition.” The imprint has a space error after “Jeffreys,”

and after the roman date, but also missed capitalizing and hyphenating the word “Charing-cross”.

no. 31 T114622: Good transcription, except for the epigraphs quoted from the Bible, and the word “devil” which, when used as a proper name should be capitalized. In the name of the place where printed, “the three Bibles”, “Three” is part of the name and should be capitalized. “Street” is capitalized and should not be, as it is lower-case in the original.
no. 32 T114801: Delimiter |b should follow the first full stop. The edition statement, even though it is followed by other words, is separated from the245 and should be in the 250 field. Capitalization is the problem here; in “his Grace the Duke of Marlborough”, Grace and Duke should also be capitalized. In the imprint, there is a punctuation error after “Payne”; it should be a comma not a semi-colon, and the entire address of the print shop: “Horace’s Head in Round Court in the Strand, opposite to York Buildings” should be capitalized. Only “Horace” has an upper-case initial letter. Same problem with the “king’s arms” which should be capitalized. “New Bondstreet” should be transcribed as printed, not as “New Bond Street”. There are space issues after ‘gentleman” in the 245 and after “buildings” in the imprint, as well as between the roman and arabic dates.
no. 33 T116004: “Great Britain” should be capitalized in the 245. A delimiter |b should precede the word “By”. In the imprints, there should be a comma after “Butterworth” rather than a semi-colon, and there are space problems after “Street;” and “Richardson,”. The Royal Exchange also should be capitalized, and the price statement should be enclosed in parentheses.
no.34 T117322: There were several typos here, and not surprising since the image reproduction was poor. “plates” should be “places”, “garritons” should be “garrisons”, “beaing” should be “beating”. Otherwise, no problems except the space after “Morphew,”
no.35 T117531: Delimiter |b at the end of the 245 instead of after “Beurnonville” or “War”. Titles for generals should be capitalized when associated with their names (which was done correctly in the statement of responsibility, but not earlier). Otherwise fine, except space problem after “Owen,” in the imprint.
no 36 T117825: “Governor Hastings” should have been capitalized.
no. 37 118220: Except for a punctuation error, this is very good. “French.” is followed by a period, rather than a comma, but the image is so poor it may not have been clear. In the imprint, once you add all the names, it is necessary to remove the phrase: [and 18 others in Dublin], as that was a substitute for the names.
no. 38 T118884: 245: no errors. 260: “Shakespear’s-Head”: both words should be capitalized, “chapter-house” should be capitalized; “Churchyard” should be transcribed as printed, with a hyphen between “Church” and “yard”.
no. 39 T119227: Good, apart from capitalization of the shop address: “black-spread-eagle” is incorrect, and “strand” is incorrect. The hyphen in “Somerset House” should have been kept.
no. 40 T121379: Good apart from two capitalization errors: “turks” and “tartars” are both proper names. In the imprint, “Paternoster Row” should have been transcribed as printed: “Pater-Noster-Row” or else, “Pater-noster-row”, so that the hyphens are preserved. With all caps in the imprint it is hard to tell whether the printer wanted all three elements of the word capitalized, but I would assume that that would be preferable.
no. 41 T121405: Oops ~! A word, “Strand,” omitted in the imprint, and a space omission after “warehouse,”.
no. 42 T126144: Edition statement added to the title. Imprint address words not capitalized including: “caesar’s head,” “new church”, and “strand”.
no. 43 T134245: Capitalization a problem here: books of the Bible, principal words in the names of institutions, and a couple of place names were all skipped, as was the “strand” in the imprint, and the hyphen in “Gracechurch Street”.
no. 44 T137314: 245 fine. 260: punctuation problem. Transcriber forgot to change semi-colons to commas between names and addresses, and there was a typo in “Ludgate-Street;” which was also followed by a period instead of a semi-colon and lacked the hyphen (transcription: “Ludgate Streets.” Hyphen also missing in “Paternoster Row” and usual spacing problems.
no. 45 T139198: Epigraph transcribed, even though in italics, with a source noted, and separated from other elements. Major punctuation mess in the imprint. The transcriber not only failed to change semi-colons to commas following names, but omitted the semi-colons that are to follow each address, and after “Hood” inserted a full stop instead of a comma.
no. 46 T144046: This is French, so the accents are missing, including the ones in the original record. “poeme.” follows a full stop and should be capitalized as should ‘majeste’ ‘roi de prusse’. The usuall

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