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Qatar, Mob no: +974 30123598

B.Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering 2007 pass out with 74 % marks from TKM College of Engineering Kollam, University of Kerala, India.
Plant Design and Management System (PDMS). Familiar with 3D plant design (Equipment, Piping, Structures etc), Reporting, Draft, Spooler, Iso-Draft etc
CAESAR II - Piping static analysis and modeling, preparation of reports and summary.
Post Graduate Certification Program in Petroleum & Natural Gas Flow Measurement and Control 2012 at Fluid Control Research Institute India (FCRII)- Familiar with various flow meters, standards for flow meter installations, valves, testing of valves, CFD etc.

Attended Global Conference & Exhibition 2012, flotek.g “Towards Smarter and Greener Flow Measurement & Control” Oil, Gas & Water at FCRII, Palakkad.

Post Graduate Diploma Program in Oilfield Engineering and Quality Control 2008 at Induscan Petroleum Institute, Nilambur, Kerala.
Confident to handle Engineering and Design activities: Familiar with various construction drawings such as P&ID, Piping Isometrics, Equipment, Structural, GAD (General arrangement drawing). Familiar with Design of pressure vessels (Material selection, thickness calculation of various sections) according to ASME Boiler and pressure vessel codes, Design of piping as per ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8 etc., selection of pipe material, fittings & other piping components, ASME/ANSI Standards.

Familiar with pressure drop calculations through pipes and standard cross-section. Proficiency in using MS Excel for calculations and reporting.

Have knowledge and experience in Oilfield Engineering – Engineering Design, Planning, Procurement, Construction, Quality control & Documentation.
Software Skills: CAESAR II 5.0 & 5.2, AVEVA PLANT 12.0.SP4 (PDMS), AutoCAD (2D & 3D-Modeling), Primavera, MS Office, Gambit-Fluent etc.

1. Organization : Fluid Control Research Institute India.

Duration : 7th May 2012 to 26th Feb 2013.

Designation : Engineer (Design).

Facilities: High pressure air test facility (20bars), Wind tunnel facility, Multiphase flow facility.

ENGINEERING AND DESIGN: Associated with the R & D project in developing Multiphase flow metering system for the Blow down experiments at High Pressure High Temperature Test Facility, for BARC:

Design, fabrication and installation of piping, pressure vessel & other equipments required for Multiphase flow experiments at MPFL. Design of Static mixer (Homogeniser) according to the ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes Section VIII, to suit with the extreme conditions at site. Design of Metering spools & piping’s according to ASME/ANSI standards. Involved in calculation of pressure drops in spools and homogeniser for single and multiphase flow. Design of xy-table (using linear motion guide blocks, guide rails, ground ball screws with movable nut and accessories) for the positioning and calibration of gamma ray densito-meter. Involved in the design of gamma ray source holder and detector holders, Design of full experimental set up for multiphase flow metering. Involved in the preparation of Design reports, RFQ’s, Material take-off’s etc.

OTHER: Involved in the calibration and testing at High pressure air test facility & Wind tunnel - Calibration of Orifice plate, coriolis mass flow meters, anemometers, pitot tubes Cg test for pressure regulators of various sizes according to EN 334, Xt & Cv test of control valves, Preparation of procedures for the testing of manually operated ball valve and closed bottom plug valve as per the standard EN 331 Rev 1 etc.

Handled lectures for International Training Program on Multiphase flow & Multiphase lab facilities. Involved in implementing safety practices at High pressure air test facility, Wind tunnel facility & Workshops.

2. Organization : Fernas Construction Company, Qatar.

Duration : 2 Years.

Designation : Mechanical Engineer.




Roles & Responsibilities:

ENGINEERING DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION: Involved in the preparation of Material Take-Off’s, Construction Drawings, As-Built Drawings etc. Verifying project drawings (AFC, Red line mark up’s & As-Build’s). Involved in estimation of structural weight etc. Monitoring & coordination of Project Dossier preparation. Verifying submittals from sub-contractors etc

PLANNING: Preparation of project progress reports (DPR, WPR & MPR). Conducting Weekly project meetings (internal & client). Cost control. Preparation of Engineering status report, Construction status report etc.

PROCUREMENT: Monitoring & follow up of various procurement activities inline with project schedule. Preparation of weekly Procurement status report. Preparation of SPIR’s and coordination of SPIR activities.
PERMIT HOLDER - Mechanical (QP Operations, Mesaieed): Supervised various 36” Pipeline construction activities inside and outside Gas stations. – Pipe laying, Slinging, Pipeline Fit ups, Welding, Coating, Heat treatment, NDT, Installation & Erecting of Piping spools, components (Valves, Ultrasonic flow meter, Elbows, Reducers etc) & Steel Structures. Involved in Cleaning, Gauging (Pigging), Hydro testing, Drying etc of Pipeline/ Piping. All activities are done successfully following QP Permit to work system, QP Operations principles and safety regulations.
3. Organization : Tech Sharp Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

Duration : 1 Year.

Designation : Graduate Engineer Trainee

Project : MHSRP II (ONGC), RS16 Jacket fabrication. at Modular Fabrication Facility, L&T Hazira, Surat Gujarat, India.
ENGINEERING DESIGN & PLANNING: Verification of Lifting plan, AFC drawings etc. Preparation of Material Take-off’s. Fabrication drawings, Calculation of structural weight based on AFC drawings, review of lifting plan for critical lifting (like lifting and installation of CGF’s, Mud mat etc). Preparation of project progress reports (DPR, WPR & MPR).

EXECUTION: Supervised various project activities – Installation of Risers, Rigging Platforms, Buoyancy tank, Bracings, Boat landing, MGP’s, Anodes etc. Preparation of material requisition/ Inspection of materials supplied by contractor.
Father’s Name : Henry Dixon M. D.

Date of Birth : October 30, 1984

Nationality : Indian

Civil Status : Married

Religion : Christian

Passport No. : J 2 0 6 6 8 4 2 (Valid till 03-05-2020)

Driving License : Light vehicles - 4 wheeler (Qatar & India).

Permanent Address: Emmanuel Home, Ashramam Ward, Avalookunnu P.O,

Alappuzha, Kerala. Pin: 688006

To engage in a challenging job and thereby excel in assignments given as well as achieve personal & professional growth.



    * Mobile(QATAR) +974 30123598 * Landline(INDIA) +91 4772124306 *

    Email id:,

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