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The South African National Centre of assitej (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) npo: 066/875; pbo 930031176 Patron: Gcina Mhlope

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The South African National Centre of ASSITEJ

(International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People)

NPO: 066/875; PBO 930031176

Patron: Gcina Mhlope &

Tony Cealy’s Workshops: Arts for Social Change
Tony Cealy’s workshops on ‘Arts for Social Change’ were very much appreciated by all the community theatre practitioners in Cape Town, Western Cape, who experienced them. ASSITEJ SA (the South African Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) organised workshops for its member companies with Tony Cealy, and these community theatre companies and drama groups coming from disadvantaged areas in the Cape Town area felt very privileged to attend.
During these workshops, they learned a great number of skills in connection with theatre for social change, by way of improvisation and game-playing. Tony’s facilitation was focused and fun, with a great capacity to make people leave the workshops feeling empowered. He was often working skilfully with people of different ages, levels of experience and backgrounds in the same workshop and demonstrated a capacity to make everybody feel included.
In all, about 200 community theatre artists from different community groups based in townships of the Western Cape benefited from Tony’s workshops in just less than a month. The following groups participated: iThemba Labantu Art Promotion, Sinebhongo Arts Academy, Phillipi drama groups and Kuyasa drama groups.
Below, are just few of the comments from community theatre practitioners who benefited from Tony’s workshops:
iThemba Labantu Art Promotion
“Things that I have learned in this workshops will help me during the rest of my life”.--Wandile Vayise.
“After this workshop, I will take away wonderful things that I have learned which are knowledge, respect, commitment, creativity and focus.”—Sinethemba Tsele.
“I have learned about how to be in control of oneself, working as a team and listening to the instructions and anything after that on one’s imagination can happen in reality”.—Themba
“Helped me in creating a story from images and ideas and that was well facilitated”.—Lwando Lufele
“I appreciated his efforts and the idea of coming up with this workshop. It was very helpful. I wish he comes back again.”—Melisa Peter
Sinebhongo Arts Academy
“Tony’s workshop gave me more reasons to believe in developing theatre for children.”—Mkhanyiseli Loqo.
“I didn’t expect to learn that much about theatre and children. But one has now learnt the importance of such.”—Avile Maguda
Phillipi Drama Groups (This workshop was comprised of different groups)
“The fact that young people can be exposed to so many different fields in theatre has been so touching and overwhelming”.—Sbu Nyamakazi
“I learnt a lot about teamwork and it was so encouraging to see how much can be achieved through my contribution in working with this spirit”. –Sgqibo
“The workshop opened my eyes as far as theatre is concerned, especially improvisation. That is something that we were never been exposed to.”—Luhlakanipho Nadhomgo
“I learnt lot of new things about theatre, things that I didn’t know before”.—Sithembiso
“Using theatre in addressing social issues was one of the best things I have learned in this workshop”.—Linda Tembani
“I learned a lot about acting techiniques”.—Natasha Matole
“I learnt a lot about group work”.—Mzofuno Debe
“He taught us focus, creativity and development within theatre”.—Unathi Nkentle
“In this workshop I experienced things that I never experienced before”.—Wantile Vayise
We thank Tony for the excellent work that he did with the groups and look forward to his returning to Cape Town in the future, to do more work with ASSITEJ SA.
About Tony:
Tony Cealy is a British actor, theatre & arts practitioner, workshop facilitator and trainer. He uses video and theatre mediums to provide drama/therapy based learning programmes, participatory theatre projects in a wide range of community and institutional settings for people within criminal justice settings, local authority, education, social services and health. He has over 16 years of experience of running projects, courses, workshops and performances nationally & internationally with adults, young people and people at risk. 
He believes that developing arts work training, with disadvantaged people and their related communities can stimulate growth and positive change. His work aims to develop interpersonal skills, self-esteem and empowerment of participants.

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