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Mayhem Elite Faspitch Commitment Letter

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Mayhem Elite Faspitch

Commitment Letter

Dear fellow Mayhem Elite players and coaches

I_______________________ (player) sign this commitment letter as I am interested and committed to playing softball for the Mayhem Elite Fastpitch. I make this commitment and agree that:

  1. I will have and show respect to my parents, coaches, teammates, opponents and umpires.

  2. School is a priority. School and homework is not an excuse to miss softball and softball is not an excuse for missing school or completing your homework. Plan accordingly.

  3. I will not argue with the coaches. I will ask if I have a question but understand the coaches have the final decision.

  4. I understand my playing time is earned and there is no mandatory amount of playing time that I will be given. I understand that the coaches will evaluate the team and play players accordingly. I understand that there are many factors to determine playing time including but not only training, attendance, skill, attitude, leadership, injuries and match ups. I may not agree or understand the coaches’ decision regarding playing time, but I will respect the decision.

  5. No one likes to be criticized, but I will learn to accept constructive teaching & feedback.

  6. No one player is indispensable to the program.

  7. The only way for me to improve is to work on my weak points.

  8. The word “can’t” is in the dictionary, but is not a word used on the softball field or during training sessions.

  9. I will communicate! If I have any problems, I will let my coaches know. They will do their best to help with any problems.

  10. I will be on time to training. I will be at ready to train at the starting time. I will call my coach and inform him of my absence, if I am going to miss practice or games for any reason, including injury or illness.

  11. I will accept teaching from the coaches in a positive way. I will learn from my mistakes and from the mistakes of others by paying close attention at all times.

  12. I will have as much intensity and concentration in training sessions as I will have in a game. My performance in a game is a reflection of the way I train.

  13. When on the field or on the bench, I will be aware of match- ups, offenses and defenses, strengths and weaknesses and positions. I will be ready to play and be alert at all times.

  14. I will not argue with the umpire, talk back to an opponent or respond to the crowd. I will not discuss a call with an umpire at any time. Only the coaches will discuss issues with the umpire.

  15. I understand that the coaches will determine the quantity and location of tournaments to be played. I understand that we may start playing tournaments in March and finish in September and that we may participate in tournaments every weekend during this time frame. The 16 team will Start playing at the end of May.

  16. I understand it is my responsibility to eat nutritious meals and prepare myself in between games.

  17. I will continue to work on my skills and maintain conditioning on non-training days.

  18. I understand that I have been selected for this team and will make this team a priority in my life. I understand that the coaches have made a commitment to this team as well. I make this commitment to the team and agree to the items listed above.

I______________________ (parent) have reviewed this commitment with my child/player and agree to support and assist my child/player in our commitment. As my child/player makes this commitment, I too agree to the items identified above.



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