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June 26, 2015 – 10:00 a.m.

Virginia City High School

92 R Street


Virginia City, NV 89440

Board of Fire Services
Members Present: Eric Guevin – Fire Marshall, Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection

Pete Mulvihill – Chief, Nevada State Fire Marshal Division

Elaine Pace – Chief of a Volunteer Fire Department, East Fork Fire & Paramedic District

Dom Cambeiro – Licensed architect

Steven DiGiovanni – Engineer, Clark County Fire Department

JoAnne Hill – Member of the public

Member Present in Carson:

Timothy DeHaven – Firefighter, Carson City Fire Department

Also Present: Bob Fash – Nevada Fire Chiefs Association

Nathan Hastings – Deputy Attorney General, Attorney General's Office

State Fire Marshal Division

Michael Heidemann – Nevada State Firefighters Association

Denesa Johnston – Administrative Assistant, Nevada State Fire Marshal Division

Dennis Pinkerton – State Fire Marshal's Office

Dave Praether – Nevada Division of Forestry

Kevin Schaller – Nevada Division Emergency Management

I. Call to Order

Chair Eric Guevin called to order the Public Meeting of the Nevada State Board of Fire Services.

II. Verification of Notice of Compliance with Open Meeting Law Non-action Item

Denesa Johnston verified the Board is in compliance.

III. Roll Call and Introductions
Chair Guevin called roll.
IV. Public Comment
There was no public comment in any location.
V. Approval of March 27, 2015 Meeting Minutes Discussion/Possible Action
There were three minor changes to the minutes. Denesa Johnston will add them into the record.
Domingo Cambeiro moved to approve the March 27, 2015 meeting minutes as corrected. Steve DiGiovanni seconded the motion. The motion carried.
VI. Review Changes to Nevada Professional Qualifications Manual for the Fire Services Instructor I and II Certification Exam to Include Manipulative Skills Testing Discussion/Possible Action
Chair Guevin explained this change is necessary to comply with the I.F.S.A.C (International Fire Services Accreditation Congress) accredited certification testing for Fire Services Instructors levels I and II.

Dennis Pinkerton stated that upon approval of this agenda item, the Fire Service Instructor level I and II program will be accredited by I.F.S.A.C.

Steve DiGiovanni commented on section 772. He stated that the second sentence of the section appears incorrect; he wanted to change the words "in which" to "that."
Steve DiGiovanni moved to amend and approve the Nevada Professional Qualifications Manual for the Fire Services Instructor I and II Certification Exam to Include Manipulative Skills Testing. Dom Cambeiro seconded the motion. The motion carried.
VII. Adoption of Certification Upgrade Program for Newly State of Nevada Certified Fire Service Instructors I and II Recipients Discussion/Possible Action
Chair Guevin explained that this program would allow newly certified Fire Service Instructors I and II recipients to receive I.F.S.A.C. Fire Services I and II certification only after successfully completing the Manipulative Skills testing administered by the State Fire Marshal's Training Bureau. He explained the program is proposed to be offered to those newly certified Fire Service Instructors I and II recipients who receive State of Nevada certification between April 30, 2014 and June 26, 2015. He stated the program would only be available for one year, commencing from the day a certification upgrade program receives Board approval.
Dennis Pinkerton stated that people who have received certification for Fire Services Instructor I and II since April 30, 2013 have completed the written test but not completed the newly required manipulative skills test. He stated that this would recognize what the Fire Services Instructors have already completed, finish the manipulative skills portion, and upgrade their certification to I.F.S.A.C. accredited certification.
Elaine Pace asked how the Board would find these instructors. Dennis Pinkerton stated his division does know who the instructors are. He also stated they would advertise to the training officers around the state.
Dom Cambeiro asked if after June 26, 2015 it was given that applicants for certification for Fire Services Instructor I or II must pass the Manipulative Skills test. Dennis Pinkerton answered yes. Elaine Pace answered yes to both the written and the skills testing. Dom Cambeiro clarified this agenda item.
Steve DiGiovanni moved to approve the Certification Upgrade Program for Newly State of Nevada Certified Fire Service Instructors I and II Recipients. Elaine Pace seconded the motion. The motion carried.

VIII. Discussion of the Adoption of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications 2013 Edition. Discussion/Possible Action

Dennis Pinkerton stated the manual needed to be updated very minimally, only separating the vehicle and machinery into two categories. He stated he spoke with several fire departments that use the certification and they indicated they would prefer the Board move forward with the update.

Chair Guevin asked when the next revision to the document will be. Dennis Pinkerton said it would be in 2018.
Steve DiGiovanni moved to adopt the 2013 Version of NFPA 1006. Elaine Pace seconded the motion. The motion carried.
IX. Discussion of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Requirements to Process and Procedures for the F Endorsement on the Driver's License to Operate Fire Apparatus Discussion/Possible Action
Chair Guevin explained that the item was brought forward from a concern about the “F” endorsements on the current process.

Michael Heidemann stated this issue was discussed last year in regards to the process of qualifying people to drive the apparatus. He explained they brought it to the DMV and it has progressed very well. He stated that after the legislation sessions the DMV agreed to change the regulations and have met with Rob Redman from the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration who agreed with the suggestion that Mr. Heidemann wanted to put on the endorsement that it meets the CFR 383.3. Mr. Heidemann added "In the performance of official duties." He explained that currently the “F” endorsement is only for emergency response. He stated that the issue goes to LCB in July who would like him to support the change. He further explained it will be a Class C, F endorsement for firefighters that can be done by the authority having jurisdiction. He stated he changed the signee from Battalion Chief to Chief or Chief Officer. He also changed the wording to "must meet the minimum requirement of a driver program adopted by the AHJ such as 1002 chapter four in a PA standard or an approved program. He stated it should go for adoption on January 1st.

Nathan Hastings asked since the Board gives input to the DMV, what that would mean logistically. Michael Heidemann explained it was going to LCB and then a DMV hearing. Nathan Hastings asked in what way the Board would be asked to provide helpful input to the DMV. Michael Heidemann explained the input could be given to himself or Wayne Baymiller at the DMV. He explained that he came to the Board for support and that the endorsement could be rewritten and forwarded for distribution.
Chair Guevin stated that Michael Heidemann had a concern that the DMV was not addressing the issue and was asking for more feedback. Chair Guevin explained that communication with the DMV has since improved. Michael Heidemann said there was still an issue with the third party certifier, which was a personnel problem, which DMV is addressing.
Dennis Pinkerton suggested a wording change for the signer as "Chief or his/her designee." Michael Heidemann stated that he used the phrase "designee" but the DMV's concern was that the Chief could designate someone with no experience; therefore, "Chief Officer" was used.
Chair Guevin said there was no action that needed to be taken on this agenda item. He asked for comments from the Board. Dom Cambeiro suggested a vote on support. JoAnne Hill stated that Michael Heidemann had done a lot of work on the item and thanked him.
Dom Cambeiro stated for clarification that whomever is going to be operating a firefighting apparatus during their duties needs an “F” endorsement on their driver's license? Michael Heidemann agreed. He explained that this would allow the endorsement to be on a Class C, the standard, driver's license, rather than it having to go through a third party certifier. He stated this would also allow for local authorities to have jurisdiction. Chair Guevin stated that the program is a sanctioned program.
Chair Guevin stated the Board could vote to support the ‘F” endorsement. He asked who Mr. Heidemann was representing. Michael Heidemann answered he was representing the Nevada State Firefighters Association. Nathan Hastings stated that the Board may make a recommendation to the DMV, as well as giving support in their presence at a DMV meeting or hearing. He stated that the Board could make a motion to do so when the time comes. Chair Guevin stated that if someone wanted to put together some verbiage they could vote on it.
Dom Cambeiro moved to support the NSFA revisit of the F Endorsement process with the DMV by attending a meeting or providing a letter of support. NAC number 483.850. Elaine Pace seconded the motion. The motion carried.
X. Schedule the Next Regular Meeting of the Nevada State Board of Fire Services

Discussion/Possible Action
JoAnne Hill stated the next meeting was on the calendar for Thursday, October 8th at 10:00a.m. at the Reno Sparks Convention Center.
Chair Guevin asked for comments or concerns.
JoAnne Hill moved that the next meeting of the Nevada State Board of Fire Services be held at Fire Shows West on Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 10:00a.m. Elaine Pace seconded the motion. The motion carried.

XI. Public Comment Discussion/Possible Action

Chair Guevin opened the meeting for any public comment.

Chief Mulvihill gave some updates for the State Fire Marshal Division. He stated that regulation LCB file number R124-13 went before the legislative commission on June 25, 2015 and the commission had a few questions. He stated that the commission was satisfied with the answers and approved the regulation effective June 26, 2015. He shared that he has a copy of the regulation that he will leave with Denesa Johnston for the record. He thanked the Board for their help drafting the regulation and said that the commission was pleased that the industry played a major role in its development.

Chief Mulvihill stated there were staff changes since the last meeting: Lori DeGristina had moved from the State Fire Marshal Division to Emergency Management and Josh Halterman has replaced her. He stated that Denesa Johnston has moved to the State Public Works Division and her position would be filled quickly. He stated that Karen Pabon had retired from the State Emergency Response Commission and Stephanie Parker will be taking her place effective July 6th from the Division of Emergency Management. He stated that new to the Division of Emergency Management is Kevin Schaller who heads the preparedness section.
Chief Mulvihill stated there are far fewer fire fatalities this year to date compared to previous years, at five, keeping it at a rate of 10 for the year, the lowest number since tracking began.
He stated they received two new training props funded by AFG grants from FEMA to the Division. He stated these were an LPG fire vehicle prop and an SCBA maze. He invited anyone present to take a look at the props after the meeting. He stated that the older LPG props have been completely rebuilt by Eric Smith of the LP Gas Board.
Chief Mulvihill reported that there were no changes to the State Fire Marshal's chapter this last legislative session for the first time he can remember. He explained that the budget was approved intact with no cuts or changes. He explained there was one bill, AD90, that directly affects the Fire Service significantly and is an improvement for Emergency Fire across the state. He stated it establishes the Nevada Intrastate Mutual Aid System within the Division of Emergency Management which sets forth its duties and responsibilities; and for the first time provides tort liability protection, workers compensation protection for agencies that loan or receive resources; and allows a clear mechanism for local resources to go to other states and vice versa.
He also stated that as of July 1st the State Fire Marshal office in Nevada will be 50 years old. He invited those present to the celebratory barbeque in August.
Chief Mulvihill stated the National Guard Civil Support Team is relocating from Las Vegas to Carson City. He explained that the team studied the best use for the program, talked to local law enforcement, first responders, fire service, and Hazmat and felt the program would be of more use in the north. He explained their duties. Elaine Pace added that the Quad County Hazmat team has trained with them.
Chief Mulvihill wrapped up his update and asked for any questions. Elaine Pace asked about term endings. Chief Mulvihill explained that everyone's term ends on June 30th and that there was a letter from the Governor's Office inviting everyone to reapply. He stated that several Board members will not be applying for reappointment. He reminded people who were new to applying that they needed a letter of recommendation from a fire chief with their application. Elaine Pace clarified that that pertained only to new applicants and not those reapplying. Chair Guevin iterated that if the Board does not have a quorum at the next meeting due to loss of members the Governor's Office will appoint members. Chief Mulvihill agreed.
Chief Mulvihill asked for further questions. There were none.
Kevin Schaller introduced himself to the Board and spoke about his background. Board members welcomed him.
Chief Mulvihill stated he was working in two different positions currently but that was only temporary. He stated it has been an interesting experience.
An unidentified speaker asked if there was an update on the forest fire. Kevin Schaller stated he has attended the 0600 and 1800 briefings regarding the fire. He explained the cause of the fire as a lightning strike that ignited the trees which were dry due to a drought that spread because of high winds. He stated that the fire was at incident scene stability at 17,000 acres. He updated that the incident commanders were very concerned about safety factors due to green fuels drying, weather, and team member fatigue. He stated that the fire was one mile south of Leviathan Mine and that the springtime runoffs could be catastrophic, which could have an impact for a century. He stated there were around 1,000 personnel in the northeast where the fire may spread due to wind patterns. He asked for any questions or concerns. Elaine Pace asked if the fire was still completely in California. Kevin Schaller confirmed that, but expressed concerns regarding hot spots and winds. He wrapped up by saying there was 15 percent containment, which the incident commanders did not like. An unidentified speaker asked if it was being overseen by Type I. Kevin Schaller informed him it was overseen by Type II, Team Four. Chief Mulvihill added that the Great Basin team was a significant team. An unidentified speaker asked if "the wilderness" phrasing meant a particular area. Kevin Schaller answered that it meant a wilderness designation area. Another unidentified speaker asked if it was the Carson Wilderness and Kevin Schaller answered that he was not sure but it was at the north end of the Yosemite region. An unidentified speaker asked about the area of Markleeville and Brentwood. Kevin Schaller confirmed that the fire was 25 miles from there. The same unidentified speaker asked about the mines. Kevin Schaller explained that the area approaching the mine is much higher and a lot rockier so it would not spread as fast. An unidentified speaker explained that there were divisions all around the fire, surrounding it, but the fire could run through some spots. Chief Guevin thanked Kevin for his update.
JoAnne Hill spoke about Fire Shows West. She stated that it was formerly known as Fire Shows Reno and was rebranded in January 2015. She handed out brochures. She stated that there is a Hazmat program via SERC and the State Fire Marshal's office. She explained there was some hands-on training through the State Fire Marshal's office as well as leadership training and a fire prevention tract. She stated there would be pre-conference classes on July 5th and July 6th with sessions on July 7th and 8th at the Reno Sparks Convention Center. She spoke about session speakers and schedule. She urged everyone to look at grant funding available for the counties.
JoAnne Hill thanked Denesa Johnston for the work she has done over the years.

Chair Guevin asked for any further comments. There were none.

XII. Adjournment Discussion/Possible Action
Dom Cambeiro moved to adjourn the meeting. Elaine Pace seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Chair Guevin adjourned the meeting.

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