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Lisbon Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines and Policies

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Lisbon Fire Department

Standard Operating Guidelines and Policies

Administration 1-1

Compensation Schedules 1-2

Attendance 1-3

Motor Vehicle Driving 1-4

Health and Safety 2-1

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus 2-2

Incident Rehabilitation 2-3

Incident Command System 2-4

Blood Borne Pathogens 2-5

Structural Fires 3-1

Vehicle Fires 3-2

Vehicle Accidents and Extrication 3-3

Brush Fires 3-4

Hazardous Materials Incidents 3-5

Carbon Monoxide Alarms 3-6

Mutual Aid Response 3-7

Driver Operator Responsibilities 3-8

Live Fire Training In Structures 3-9

Hamilton High School Response 3-10

Templeton Middle School Response 3-11

Richmond Grade School Response 3-12

Emergency Medical Response 4-1

Waukesha County EMS Guidelines 4-2


Station Rules 1

Call Group Coverage Times 2

Controlled Substance Policy 3

Tampering with turnout gear 4

Internet and Email usage Policy 5

Exposure Plan 6

Probationary Testing 7

Unit Identification 8

Interfacility Operations 9

Emergency Response Standard 10

Drug and Alcohol Policy 11

Code of ethics 12

Dress Code 13

Priority Responses 14

SOG 1-1
SUBJECT: Administration EFFECTIVE DATE: 02/11/2011

This manual has been prepared to present Fire department personnel with the various operational procedures and policies that govern the Fire department. The goal is to define the operation; procedures of the Fire department as they interact with the Town Ordinances, ILHR 30, and other department guidelines.
With regard to the emergency operations of the department, the term guideline indicates that those procedures provide a basic framework for the firefighter/officer in which to perform. Emergency guidelines can be altered for unusual situations that may be encountered by the department. However, the guidelines should be followed whenever possible.
It is the Fire Chief’s intention to amend, change and add to this guidebook from time to time as new situations are encountered, or as need for the changing of an existing policy becomes necessary. In this regard, your suggestions, ideas and thoughts will be most helpful in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in which we can all be productive.
1. The Lisbon Fire Department has been created by the Town Board to protect the citizens of the Town. (Reference: Town Ordinance 5.01) The Fire Department is governed in accordance with Chapter 34 of the Town ordinances.
1. All property and equipment of the fire department are assets of the Town of Lisbon.
2. Finances will be provided by the Town of Lisbon for operation of the department and the Town shall pay all invoices approved by the Fire Chief and Town Board.
3. All operating expenses and procedures of any equipment shall be approved by the Fire Chief or written designee before ordering.
1. All paid-on-call applicants will be subject to a hiring process provided by the Board of Directors of the Lisbon Firefighters Inc. as sanctioned by the Lisbon Fire and Police Commission. An application, with a copy of all certificates and resume (if applicable) must be completed and turned into the Fire Chief.
2. A completed application and or resume shall be filed with the Fire Chief, which then shall be reviewed. The interview process will be conducted by the Board of Directors. Upon approval from the board, The Chief, or an appointed designee, will then investigate the references, perform a background check, and request the police department to check the individual’s driving record.
3. Employment shall be open to all persons who are residents of the town or who reside within a reasonable response distance, (determined by the Fire Chief), or persons working full-time in the town who’s employers allow them to leave work. Non-residents can also be candidates for membership based on individual case by case negotiated conditions of employment accepted by the Chief and Board of Directors.
4. All applicants for employment may be required to take a medical examination based on national guidelines (NFPA 1582) and a drug/alcohol test before employment will be considered. Periodic physicals may be requested by the Fire Chief if deemed necessary including drug testing. Random drug testing may also be conducted at the discretion of the Department. The medical examination and drug/alcohol tests will be conducted at the expense of the Town of Lisbon.
5. The Town of Lisbon is an equal opportunity employer.
1. Application for employment process is conducted by the Lisbon Police

and Fire Commission.

Probationary Employee:
1. A “Probationary Employee” shall be a minimum age of 18 and hold a valid Wisconsin driver’s license with a good driving record.
2. During the probationary period, the employee must attend department trainings and meetings unless excused by an officer for a reasonable cause.
3. The probationary employee must successfully complete two certification courses. Complete required drive time training. Complete the orientation class, and remain in good standing with the Department rules and regulations. Probationary member shall maintain a satisfactory on-call work history.
4. A probationary employee cannot hold office.
5. A probationary employee will be reviewed by the discretion of the Fire Chief.
6. When a probationary employee has successfully met the above criteria, they shall be given a “Lisbon Fire Department Probationary Test”. Upon passing this test, the probationary member will then obtain a “general employee” status. General or full status member graduates shall become sworn members by actions of Town officials.

General Employee:
1. A “General Employee” shall be at least 18 years of age, have been on the department for a minimum of one (1) year of continuous service and successfully completed the probationary period, and hold a valid Wisconsin driver’s license with a good driving record.
2. The employee must attend department trainings and meetings unless excused by an officer for a reasonable cause.
All Employees:
1. Any employee may resign from the department by filing a written resignation to the Fire Chief. Such resignation shall not relieve the employee from returning all department issued equipment and uniforms. The Town of Lisbon will hold their last check until all equipment is returned. Failure to return all department property will result in the individual being obligated to pay for all items not returned, at the market replacement value.
2. Any employee unfavorably terminated will agree not to use any department insignia upon any personal equipment owned by him or herself.
3. Any employee may request a leave of absence by submitting a written leave of absence to the Fire Chief. This period of leave may not exceed one (1) year with six (6) month review. If the leave is due to illness or injury, the request must be in writing accompanied with a doctor’s report indicating the need for the leave.

Before returning to active duty from the illness or injury, the employee must provide a written doctor’s order granting the employee to return to active duty. In determining the ability to return to active duty, the doctor must review the employee’s job description.

  1. Regarding any issues with disciplinary action or grievances, the individual must file the complaint with the Chief. If a satisfactory conclusion is not met, the following options are available. Town ordinances and State statues apply.

-Paid on call members- may appeal to the board of directors.

-Career members and officers- may appeal to the Fire and Police Commission.

1. When possible, each probationary member or general employee shall report immediately to the station for emergency calls, and get the necessary apparatus to the scene of the emergency.
2. No employee shall respond to an emergency scene in his or her private vehicle, unless designated by the Fire Chief. The member will be equipped with the proper PPE needed for that type of call.
3. The employee will remain at the scene of any emergency to which he/she responds until directed by command to depart. Absence from the scene or at the station may only be granted by the Fire Chief, or the next highest-ranking officer in charge. All personnel shall return to the station after every call to complete assignment.
4. The employees who respond to the station for an emergency call, but do not go out on the call, must stay at the station until all the apparatus returns to the station in order to provide adequate coverage for other calls. Roll call for attendance will not be taken until the Fire Chief, or the next highest-ranking officer decides that the above duty has been completed, including cleaning of apparatus and equipment, and are in proper condition for future use.
5. Any general employee, in the absence of an officer, can assume command and do everything within his/her power to handle the emergency incident

(Refer to SOG # 2-4, Incident Management System)
6. Any employee or officer, who leaves a post of duty without being properly relieved, who appears at any department call or function in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of a controlled substance, or who fails to maintain an acceptable attendance record, will be subject to legal ramifications and disciplinary actions.
7. All employees entrusted with possessions of the fire department shall be responsible for keeping them in efficient working condition. The employee shall report any unsatisfactory condition or needed repairs immediately to the Fire Chief or officer.
8. Lisbon Fire Department Paid-on-Call Job Description
Position: Paid on Call FF/EMT

Employed by: Town of Lisbon, Lisbon Fire Department
Reports to: Lisbon Fire Department Chief, Staff Officers
Appointed by: Lisbon Fire Fighters Inc., Board of Directors (sanctioned by the Lisbon Fire and Police Commission)
Position Summary
The Paid-on-call FF/EMT will be employed to primarily respond to emergency calls during assigned hours and on assigned groups. Both fire and EMS response will be required. Employee will be required to maintain a membership on the department and will be held to the standards as set forth in all the rules, regulations, policies, and protocols. Employee will be also required to carry a pager and will accept on-call duties as agreed upon or assigned. The person will serve as an agent of the Town Fire Department and will report to the group officers, captains, and Department Chiefs. Responsibilities will include but not limited to; answering emergency calls EMS and fire related, daily cleaning duties, communicating with the public, assisting department officers as assigned, special assignments, public education, and general fire fighter duties. Employee will be required to obtain training in fire fighting and or EMS and related fields and specialties. The member will also be held accountable for maintaining certifications, licensure and ongoing education as required for active status.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Respond to emergency calls, both fire and EMS, in Lisbon and mutual aid requests in neighboring areas.

  2. Be available for work during pre-determined hours set by the chief at the fire station(s), and from home.

  3. Play an active role in building a competent EMS/Fire service.

  4. Participate in a positive manner creating an atmosphere confidence and proficiency in the departments EMS/fire ranks.

  5. To insure that proper EMS protocols are followed and procedures that are called for are indeed enacted.

  6. To insure that proper fire protocols are followed and procedures adopted to be implemented.

  7. Promote team work among the crew and personnel in their roles on the calls.

  8. Provide additional information or learned techniques from acquired experience to the departments EMS/Fire personnel.

  9. Follow the standard operating guide lines of the Lisbon and Hartland Fire Departments which apply to the position and perform in a professional manner at all times.

  10. Schedule available times for emergency response with the department’s administration and respond with the rescue/fire groups per the program guidelines.

  11. Seek proper coverage for periods of absenteeism.

  12. Participate in all Department trainings, and achieve required minimums.

  13. Provide input in the evaluation of the Department programs in the proper channels provided.

  14. Report, through proper established channels any activity within the Department or by individuals that undermine the mission and safety of the Department and members.

The preceding responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being preformed. These statements are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all the responsibilities, duties, and services required. Other unforeseen activities may also be included.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The Paid-on-call FF/EMT position will be employed from an application process directed by the board of directors of the Department. A probationary period will occur for all members and will be in effect until basic requirements are met. Applicants must be willing to carry a pager and physically capable to respond on EMS/Fire calls within the Town of Lisbon and Village of Hartland. Possess knowledge of Lisbon and Hartland ambulance procedures and state, local EMS protocols. Possess knowledge of fire fighting equipment, Lisbon protocols, and response SOG’s. Member will commit to a fire, medical, or combination career track upon acceptance.
Applicant will obtain a valid State of Wisconsin license for Emergency Medical Technician, IV Technician, Intermediate-99 or EMT-Paramedic level. In lieu of this level of Wisconsin Licensure a candidate may operate under their medical equivalent license (i.e. nurse) of equal competencies and accepted by medical control. Candidate will achieve one level of EMS and fire level I certification prior to being qualified to take the Lisbon probationary test. If applicant is on an EMS path will obtain 2 levels of EMS prior to test.

Must obtain state certified level fire fighter I and an EMS level of licensure prior to being eligible to take the probationary test. If employee is on a fire only path, must obtain two certifications prior to test. Members will successfully complete the probationary period, obtain certifications, four hours of drive time on each vehicle, complete EVOC training, and completed the probationary test to be eligible to run emergent to calls.

Tools and Equipment Used
Use of, but not limited to, ambulance, defibrillators, IV-sets, immobilization equipment, diagnostic devices, radios and other medical equipment. All firefighting equipment, SCBA, personal protective equipment, firefighting apparatus, computers, and all additional items required for training props.
Work Environment
While performing job duties, the paid-on-call FF/EMT will work in a variety of environments. Work duties will be conducted in a variety of locations and environments. Including all types of structures indoors, and outside in all types of weather. Including working in the interior of an ambulance, operating a fire engine, utilizing all physical positions such as standing, sitting, climbing, crawling, and any other positions as required. Exposure to blood borne pathogens and other communicable diseases are possible. Duties may include working in environments of structural fire emergencies, outside fires, hazardous material incidents, and special rescue or other scenes.

Compensation and Benefits
The paid-on-call FF/EMT shall be compensated on an hourly basis, paid quarterly, and based on a rate established by the fire chief and approved by the Town board. Regular members will be placed in a Length of Service program.

The Town of Lisbon is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Town/Village may provide reasonable accommodations to qualifying individuals with disabilities and encourage both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

1. It shall be the duty of all employees to obey all rules, orders, and instructions of their superior officers, policies of this document, ordinances of the Town of Lisbon, laws of the State of Wisconsin and of the United States of America.
2. It shall be the responsibility of all employees to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, both on and off duty, and by so doing reflect credit upon themselves and the Lisbon Fire Department.
3. Violation of these rules of conduct and/or the ordinances and the laws of the governing bodies shall subject the offender to the penalties as herein provided.
4. No plea of ignorance shall avail to relieve an employee from any of the penalties as herein provided.
5. A member shall not maliciously make any false report to create a disturbance to bring discredit upon a fellow employee.
6. It shall be considered a gross violation to engage in immoral or disorderly acts, violate any criminal law, or commit a felony at any time or to appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs on duty (reference Drug and Alcohol rule and policy).
7. Conduct, not within the scope of these rules and regulations, shall be governed by ordinary rules of good behavior as observed by law-abiding citizens.
8. Employees shall treat superior officers and subordinates with respect. They shall be courteous and civil at all times in their relationships with one another.
9. No employee shall be party to any malicious gossip, report, or activity, which would disrupt fire department morale or bring discredit to the department or any other employee.
10. In matters affecting the policies and practices of the department, no employee shall give utterance, public speech, publication, or take similar action directly or indirectly without first obtaining approval from the Fire Chief.

  1. No employee may use department equipment for personal gain or uses not authorized by the Fire Chief.

12. No member shall represent himself or herself as a Lisbon Fire Department employee to obtain information from outside agencies regarding results of investigations or situations, unless prior approval from the Fire Chief is secured

CHAIN OF COMMAND: On emergency scenes and during Fire Department Operations.

  1. Chief

  2. Assistant Chief

  3. Deputy Chief

  4. Captain

  5. Captain

  6. Lieutenant

  7. Lieutenant

  8. Lieutenant

  9. Lieutenant

  10. Lieutenant

  11. Lieutenant

  12. Lieutenant

  13. Lieutenant

  14. Lieutenant

1. No employee shall use tobacco, in any form, at the scene of an emergency or in town owned vehicles. (Includes smokeless) No smoking is allowed in any public buildings, including any part of any Lisbon Fire station.
2. Tobacco may be used at trainings, outdoors, when it is authorized by the Fire Chief or the person in charge.


  1. In order to keep the roster current, any change of an address, phone number, and e-mail will be forwarded to the Chief or his/her appointed designee.


  1. Employees shall wear full class “B” uniforms (see dress code policy) to all business meetings, and fire department activities, according to the Lisbon Fire Department Dress Code. Unless directed otherwise by the Fire Chief or officer in charge.


1. During business meetings, all cell phones and personal pagers shall be turned off or set to a vibrate mode to not disturb the meeting. No texting will be permitted.

SUBJECT: Pay Rates and Time Records EFFECTIVE DATE: 02/11/2011

To determine payroll calculations and create accurate record keeping.


To establish a standard of a fair and equal system of compensation.


Paid-on-Call Firefighter, EMT-Basic, EMT-Tech, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Paramedic or Firefighter/EMT-B through P compensation, will be calculated according to the following:

  1. Paid hourly while responding to emergency calls per set wage rates established by the Lisbon municipal government. Members shall in person sign the appropriate attendance forms designated for each specific call.

  2. Paid hourly while attending training/business meetings per set wage rates established by Lisbon municipal government. Members shall in person sign appropriate attendance forms designated for each specific training/meeting

  3. Bonus Stipend for extra duty. Each member shall turn in quarterly appropriate forms documenting extra duty hours worked.

  4. All members are to be held to an honor system of honesty.

Full time, permanent part-time and part-time personnel regardless of rank (excluding administrative positions) is compensated on an annual wage calculated to an hourly rate that can earn comp time if over 54 hours are worked within a Sunday to Sunday week period. The Fire Chief and Lisbon Municipal Government will determine all wages. All Employees shall submit time sheets in a format adopted and approved by the Chief of the Department. The Chief or designee will be responsible for reviewing for approval. Time sheets will be due on the Monday morning or the first work day of the week prior to the Friday payday and submitted to the Chief. Employee shall record time of arrival at the station of assigned duty at beginning of tour of duty and record times leaving and returning through out the day for all non-related work details. A ½ hour lunch period is allotted for all hourly personnel of this category, lunch will be taken from 12 noon to 12:30 or as close to this time frame as possible. This will also be reflected on the time sheets.

Paid-on-Call Officers are annual salaried and composted at rates established by the Lisbon Municipal government. Officers shall submit monthly time sheets documenting duties on an approved time sheet format by the Chief.
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