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Geos 596- recent Progress in Cordilleran Tectonics, Reading List Some key background papers dealing with plate arrays off Western us during Jurassic-Cretaceous

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GEOS 596- Recent Progress in Cordilleran Tectonics, Reading List
Some key background papers dealing with plate arrays off Western US during Jurassic-Cretaceous:

1. Dickinson, W.R., 2013, Phanerozoic palinspastic reconstructions of Great Basin geotectonics (Nevada-Utah, USA): Geosphere, August, v. 9, no. 4, in press.

Recent geophysical studies:

2. Sigloch and Mihalynuk, 2013, Intra-oceanic subduction shaped the assembly of Cordilleran North America: Nature 496, 50-56.

3. Hildebrand, R.S., 2009, Did westward subduction cause Cretaceous-Tertiary orogeny in the North American Cordillera? GSA Spec. Pap. 495.

4. Sigloch, K., McQuarrie, N., Nolet, G., 2008. Two-stage subduction history under North America inferred from multiple-frequency tomography. Nat. Geosci. 1, 458–462.

5. Sigloch, K., 2011. Mantle provinces under North America from multifrequency P wave tomography. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 12, Q02W08.

6. Schmandt, B. and E. D. Humphreys, 2010, Complex subduction and small-scale convection revealed by body wave tomography of the western U.S. upper mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 297, 435-445, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2010.06.047.

van der Meer et al., 2010 Towards absolute plate motions constrained by lower-mantle slab remnants: Nature Geoscience 3, 36 – 40.

Liu, L. and D.R. Stegman, 2011, Segmentation of the Farallon slab, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 311, 1-10.

Darold & Humphreys, 2013 Upper mantle seismic structure beneath the Pacific Northwest: A plume-triggered delamination origin for the Columbia River flood basalt eruptions: EPSL 365 (2013) 232–242.

Pavlis, T., et al., 2012, Unraveling the geometry of the Farallon plate: Synthesis of three dimensional imaging results from USArray: Tectonophysics 532–535 (2012) 82–102.

Jones et al., 2011, Hydrodynamic mechanism for the Laramide orogeny: Geosphere February 2011; v. 7; no. 1; p. 1–19.

Liu, L., M. Gurnis, M. Seton, J. Saleeby, R. D. Muller, and J. M. Jackson, 2010, The role of oceanic plateau subduction in the Laramide orogeny, Nat. Geosci., 3, 353–357.

Long, S.P., 2012, Magnitudes and spatial patterns of erosional exhumation in the Sevier hinterland, eastern Nevada and western Utah, USA: Insights from a Paleogene paleogeologic map: Geosphere, August 2012, v. 8, no. 4, p. 881–901.

Dickinson, W.R., 2013 Provenance of the Paleogene Colton Formation (Uinta Basin) and Cretaceous–Paleogene provenance evolution in the Utah foreland: Evidence from U-Pb ages of detrital zircons, paleocurrent trends, and sandstone petrofacies: Geosphere, August 2012, v. 8, no. 4, p. 854–880.

Tentative schedule
Sept. 6 Bill Dickinson: Dickinson (2013) Geosphere paper.
Sept. 13 George Gehrels: Sigloch and Mihalynuk (2013)
Sept 20
Sept. 27
Oct. 4
Oct. 11
Oct. 18
Oct. 25 GSA week, no seminar
Nov. 1
Nov. 8
Nov. 15
Nov. 22
Nov. 29 Thanksgiving

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