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Saint Louis’ Unbelievable Trash Tournament Round 4 Tossups and Boni by Sean Phillips

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Saint Louis’ Unbelievable Trash Tournament Round 4

Tossups and Boni by Sean Phillips

1. He left Catholic University to become an intern in Carters White House, and, following Carter’s defeat, eventually landed a job at the headquarters of the National Association of Broadcasters. His first job as a reporter came at KOAM-TV in Pittsburgh, Kansas, and eventually he worked his way to becoming the anchor of NBC Nightly News’ Saturday edition in 1993. NBC named him chief White House correspondent in 1994 and he began to substitute for Tom Brokaw when he was absent. FTP, who is this man who NBC announced would replace Brokaw at NBC Nightly News when Brokaw retires in 2004?

Answer: Brian Williams

2. Founded in April of 1971 by Dennis A. Murphy and Gary Davidson, its charter franchises in San Francisco, Calgary, Dayton, and Miami never played a game in these cities. Its first game was between the Oilers and the Nationals, which the Oilers won by three. Its strategy for dealing with its main rival league was to place franchises where the other did not and to lure star players with big contracts, like the million dollar one signed by Bobby Hull. FTP, what was this rival to the NFL that became defunct in 1979?
Answer: World Hockey Association
3. He once spent some time in solitary confinement for making home brew during his three-year stay in San Quentin for breaking into a cafe. Following his release from prison, he eventually turned his attention to music releasing in 1963 “Singing My Heart Out” which sold only 200 copies. His songs gradually became more successful than that effort as he soon had hits with “Swinging Doors” “The Bottle Let Me Down,” and “(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers.’ FTP, who is this country star best known for his songs “Okie From Muskogee,” “Hungry Eyes,” and “The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde”?

Answer: Merle Haggard

4. On it, there are fifty-seven audio-animatronic animals and birds. It opened to the public March 18, 1967, and it can circulate as much as 20,000 gallons of water per minute. It was originally intended to be a walk-through attraction, but became a boat ride like its sister attraction “It’s a Small World.’ FTP, what is this Disneyland attraction in which the title characters have a ship called the “Wicked Wench”?

A: The Pirates of the Caribbean

5. When he was arrested for robbery at the age often, he was given the choice of going to professional acting school or juvenile confinement. Not content with one career, in 1957, he scored hits with the songs “Lasting Love” and “Start Movin’ (In My Direction).” He received Academy Award nominations for his work as Dov Landau in Exodus, but his most famous role was likely his first. FTP who is this actor who was stabbed to death on February 12, 1976, and who portrayed Plato in Rebel Without a Cause?

Answer: Salvatore ‘Sal” Mineo (Jr.)

6. His original name was Tralfaz and before his current owners found him, the wealthy Mr. Gottrockets owned him. Voiced by Don Messick, this character exercised on a treadmill and once foiled a cat burglar and, in doing so, trumped his competition for the role of “family pet,” a mechanical pet named Lectronimo. One Christmas he received a mechanical cat as a gift and that same Christmas he became very ill after eating a Spacely Sprocket. FTP, what is this Great Dane, the Jetson’s dog?

Answer: Astro

7. In 1963, she won the Grand Slam in mixed doubles with Ken Fletcher. Billie Jean King often cites the reason for her participation in the Battle of the Sexes match on the fact that this woman was slaughtered by Bobby Riggs in straight sets in a match dubbed the “Mother’s Day Massacre” Winner of a record eleven Australian championships, she ended her career with 92 titles including winning the Grand Slam in 1970. FTP, who is this Australian female tennis player who holds the record for most Grand Slain singles titles?

Answer: Margaret Smith Court (accept Smith, Court, or Smith Court)

8. In it, Kim Cattrall plays a woman who hooks up with a man in the boys’ locker room. Other characters include Dan Manahan’s Pee Wee who, urn, measures” himself every morning and met Wendy “the school mattress” already wearing a condom. Also a fixture at Angel Beach High School is Tommy Turner who, while at a strategically placed peephole, decided to insert something into it which Beulab Balbricker grabbed, causing Tommy a deal of pain. FTP, what is this film about the sexcapades of a group of teenage boys and the title strip club, which they are thrown out of early in the film?

Answer: Porky ‘s

9. Created in 1963 by Jay Ward, his first name is Horatio and he was born and raised on an island in the Milk Sea. He disappeared in 1985 and again in 1999 and was revealed to be in the Milky Way the first time and at Volcanica, the center of the Earth, the second. In command of the 5.5. Guppy, he tries to keep Jean Lafoote from acquiring his cargo of cereal. FTP, what is this popular Quaker Oats character who is almost always seen in his blue uniform?
Answer: Cap’n Crunch
10. When this chart topper was recorded, its singer was wearing a back brace from her hip to just under her arms. The president of Polydor Records did not see its hit potential and chose instead to release it as a B-side for the song “Substitute.” After getting the song into heavy rotation at Studio 54, it quickly rose up the charts giving its performer her first Top Ten hit since 1974’s Never Can Say Goodbye. FTP, what is this anthem, which was covered by Cake and originally made a smash hit by Gloria Gaynor?

Answer: “I Will Survive”

11. In one episode of Seinfeld, when Jerry finds George reading this book, it further proves to Jerry what a loser George is. Though he is not credited with writing it, Eric Berne originated some of the ideas in the book, including the adult child and parent models. This book helped people with advice on taking control of themselves and their futures using a method of therapy called “transactional analysis.’ FTP, what is this 1967 bestseller by Thomas A. Harris, M.D.?

Answer: I’m, OK. You’re OK

12. In the 2000 Olympics, he averaged 10.5 points per game and six rebounds. A two-time All-Star, he recently led his team to their first ever regular-season title and, after two failed attempts, he finally beat the former team of the Dallas Mavericks’ Wang Zhizhi. Because of new regulations, he will never see more than half of his salary or any endorsements he might receive and was recently the subject of controversy because of some inappropriate comments made by Shaquille O’Neal. FTP, who is this Houston Rockets first round pick, the former star player for the Shanghai Sharks?

Answer: Yao Ming (accept either., actually begrudgingly accept Ming as Yao is the actual surname)

13. She played Laura West on The Upper Hand, which was the British equivalent of the American series Who’s the Boss? Audiences in the States know her better as Cathy Gale from The Avengers and as Penny Husbands-Bondsworth in Bridget Jones’ Diary. She is probably best known, however, for her character, which meets James Bond on a plane to Baltimore after Bond thinks he has been shot and killed and therefore “must be dreaming.” FTP, who is this actress, best known for her performance in Goldfinger as Pussy Galore?

Answer: Honor Blackman

14. He had a white, 1970 Cadillac with longhorns on the front. He once coerced his enemies to escort Rocky Marlowe to town from Springville, but neglected to mention Marlowe was Public Enemy Number One. His wife, whom he calls his ‘little kumquat’, is the sister of his sidekick, played by James Best. Though constantly scheming, his attempts to get rid of the kin of Jesse Duke were always foiled. FTP, who is this character played by Sorrell Booke that ruled Hazzard County with the help of Roscoe P. Coltrane?

Answer: Boss Hogg

15. In this game, players can use a M6D pistol with a smart-link scope capable of 2X magnification. Released by Bungie Studios, this game deals with the aftermath of an attack on the Earth colony of Reach. Following the murder of 700 million humans on Reach, Master Chief John-117, a super-soldier and lone survivor of the SPARTAN project, lured his enemies from Earth by taking a ship, the Pillar of Autumn, to an unexplored system. FTP, what is this game in which players must stop a race of aliens called the Covenant from finding the secrets of a massive ring artifact orbiting the gas giant Threshold?

Answer: Halo: Combat Evolved
16. He guest-rapped on ‘Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite and on the 1991 remake of ‘Give Peace a Chance.’ With three people he met at New York City’s Murray Bergtraum High School for Business Careers, he formed a group that recorded the 1990 album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. In 1999, he pursued a solo career after the dissolution of A Tribe Called Quest and he released Amplified with the songs “Breathe and Stop” and “Vivrant Thing.” FTP, who is this rapper who also appeared on Missy Elliott’s Hot Boyz” and Janet Jackson’s ‘Got ‘Til It’s Gone”?

Answer: Q-Tip (also accept Jonathan Davis)

17. He was convicted of abducting his wife and five children in 1998. He began his professional career in 1989, one year after losing the Olympic Gold in heavyweight boxing to a man from Canada. His stint in the U.S. Marine Reserve lasted for about three days in 1997; evidently, they broke his balls harder than Andrew Golata did in the two fights they had the previous year. FTP, who is this former undisputed heavyweight champion who won the crown in 1992 at the first of his three fights against Evander Holyfield?

Answer: Riddick Bowe

18. One can view it if they go into an alley behind a brewing company’s store on Third Street. It was designed in its distinctive way because the town it is located in, Crested Butte, Colorado, got 27 to 30 feet of snow per year and it was very tiring for residents to dig in order to reach the door when they needed to get in. Therefore, it was designed in such a way that miners could access the upper level when nature called. FTP, what is structure, which was necessitated by both the snow and lack of indoor plumbing?

Answer: Two-story outhouse

19, In one of its tales, a newspaper proclaims Venus as the 73td state and 400,000 traffic deaths over the holiday weekend. In another, John Candy voices a nerdy boy named Dan becomes a muscle-man after being transported to the fantasy world of “Neverwhere.” In another, a man stands accused of, among other things, twelve counts of first-degree murder, eighteen counts of fraud, thirty-seven counts of rape and one moving violation. In the final story, Tarrna stops the Locnar, an evil green, glowing orb that terrorizes the people in all the stories. FTP, this is what 1981 animated film based on stories from a magazine of the same name?

Answer: Heavy Metal

20. Begun in 1996 on Canada’s WTN, a July 2, 2000, episode brought reprimands from Canadian Broadcast Standards Council for not providing enough viewer warnings about the show’s frank content. Based on its host’s popular radio program of the same name, one of its recurring features is the “Pleasure Chest” which contains items the host feels people can use to improve their romantic lives. Shown in American on Oxygen, right before the host’s other show Talk Sex, this is, FTP, what show hosted by the elderly Sue Johanson?

Answer: Sunday Night Sex Show

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