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Stupid Quote Of The Day ton Sports Moments We’d Rather Not See, Thanks

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May 4, 2011 Volume 13 No 82


Stupid Quote Of The Day

TOn Sports Moments We’d Rather Not See, Thanks:

T1he defender was literally—literally—up his backside.

sports commentator Andy Townsend

Useless Facts Of The Day

Useless facts:

  • The television show Seinfeld was set in New York City; however, the exterior that was used for Jerry Seinfeld's apartment house is actually in Los Angeles, California.

  • The actual character name of the Skipper (played by actor Alan Hale) from the television show Gilligan's Island was Jonas Grumby

  • Commentator Andy Rooney advises, "If you can't find comfortable shoes that are good-looking, buy comfortable shoes that aren't, but don't buy good-looking shoes that are uncomfortable."

Quotes Of The Day

om Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (1967):

“Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end?”

Gore Vidal:

“Any American who is prepared to run for president should automatically, by definition, be disqualified from ever doing so.”

Frank Herbert:

“The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.”

Margaret Halsey:

“Whenever I dwell for any length of time on my own shortcomings, they gradually begin to seem mild, harmless, rather engaging little things, not at all like the staring defects in other people's characters.”

Urban Word(s) Of The Day

career tragectory

a career path marked by increasing amounts of tragedy, lameness, futility, ineptitude, respect, and/or pay.

Vic's career tragectory included starting at Lehman Brothers, then Bernie Madoff's firm, then jail, and now he's working at the Wendy's drive-thru.

A Word A Day

*Happy Birthday*


1921 Patsy Garrett act (Nanny & Professor) [90]

1923 Ed Cassidy Chicago, drummer (Spirit) [88]
1930 Roberta Peters NY, operatic soprano [81]
1932 Susan Brown actress (General Hospital)[79]
1934 Pete Barbutti comic (Garry Moore Show)[77]
1939 Amos Oz Israel, author (My Michael) [72]
1941 George F Will politic analyst (Night Line)[70]
1942 Nickolas Ashford (Ashford & Simpson) [69]
1944 Peggy Santiglia rocker (Angels) [67]
1945 George Wadenius (Blood, Sweat&Tears)[66]
1949 Zal Cleminson rock (Alex Harvey Band) [62]
1949 Stella Parton singer (A Woman's Touch)[62]
1950 Hilly Hicks CA, actor (Roll Out, Roots) [61]
1951 Jackie Jackson IN, rocker (Jackson 5) [60]
1954 Pia Zadora actress (Hairspray) [57]
1959 Randy Travis NC, country singer [52]
1961 Mary Elizabeth McDonough (Waltons) [50]
1962 Tracy Vaccaro CA, playmate (10/1983) [49]
1967 Matthew Crane actor (Another World) [44]
1972 Mike Dirnt co-founder of Green Day/bass[39]

1976 Heather Kozar OH, playmate (1/1998) [35]

1979 Lance Bass singer (*NSYNC) [32]
Jezebel Pronunciation (JEZ-uh-bel)

noun: A shameless, wicked, or immoral woman.

After Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab in the Old Testament, who was defenestrated and killed for not worshiping the right god. Earliest documented use: 1558.

"Olive's not just clever but, in her unshowy way, more saintly than the people who call her a Jezebel." Sukhdev Sandhu; Top of the Class; The Daily Telegraph (London, UK); Oct 22, 2010.

This week’s theme: words based on names from the King James bible.

History Of The Day

1540 Venice & Turkey sign Treaty of Constantinople

1626 Indians sell Manhattan Island for $24 in cloth & buttons

1728 Georg F Händels opera "Tolomeo, re di Egitto" premieres in London

1776 Rhode Island declares independence from England

1843 Great-Britain annexes Natal

Death Valley National Park

by William Lee

In the early morning of January 22, 2011, a photographer was shooting pictures in Death Valley National Park.
US state of Michigan ends death penalty

1851 1st major San Francisco fire

1865 Battle of Mobile AL

1886 Haymarket riot in Chicago; bomb kills 7 policemen

1896 Grease fire ignites ½ ton of dynamite at Cripple Creek CO

1897 Fire in Paris France bazaar at Rue Jean Goujon kills 200

1910 Tel Aviv founded

1924 8th modern Olympic games open in Paris France

1927 Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences forms

1932 Al Capone, convict of income tax evasion, enters Atlanta Penitentiary

1946 5 die in a 2 day riot at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco bay

1948 The Hague Court of Justice convicts Hans Rauter (SS) to the death

1949 Air crash at Turijn (whole Torino-soccer team survives)

1953 Pulitzer prize awarded to Ernest Hemingway (Old Man & The Sea)

1957 Alan Freed hosts "Rock n' Roll Show" 1st prime-time network rock show

1959 1st Grammy Awards: Perry Como & Ella Fitzgerald win

1964 "Another World" & "As the World Turns" premiere on TV

1969 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Shreveport Kiwanis Club Golf Invitational

1970 National Guard kills 4 at Kent State in Ohio

1973 1st TV network female nudity-teambath (PBS)- Valerie Perrine

1979 1st woman prime minister of Great Britain (Margaret Thatcher)

1980 White Sox 1st baseman Mike Squires catches final inning of 11-1 loss to Brewers, becoming 1st lefty to catch since Dale Long in 1958

1982 British torpedo boat Sheffield off Falkland hit by Exocet rocket

1984 Dave Kingman's fly ball never comes down (stuck in Metrodome ceiling)

1990 Angela Bowie reveals that ex husband David slept with Mick Jagger

1991 Actress Sharon Gless & producer Barney Rosenzeig wed

1991 President Bush is hospitalized for erratic heartbeat

Gadget Of The Day

Darth Vader Projection Alarm Clock

The best part of waking up...

Everyone knows the iconic scene in The Godfather where the guy wakes up with a horse head in his bed? At ThinkGeek, we like to take it a step further. You see, since we're all friends, some of us have keys to each other's houses. For pet sitting and plant watering purposes, of course. And then sometimes, we send our ninja monkey in with the Vader helmet and a bag of Human Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion and have them set up a similar scene in someone's bed whilst they sleep. Oh, and set up the webcam for documentation purposes (and lulz). Poor Billy is still twitchy. Good times, good times.

Anyhoo, if you'd enjoy waking up next to Vader in a slightly less disturbing way, we recommend you get a Darth Vader Projection Alarm Clock. It's a shrunken head of Vader, about 6" tall, and projects the time onto the wall or ceiling, whichever you prefer. There's even a recording of Vader's creepy stalker breathing that you can use as the alarm. If the creepy stalker breathing doesn't wake you up, the Darth Vader Projection Alarm Clock will Force Choke you. Maybe. You'll have to sleep in to find out.

Product Features

  • Wake up next to Darth Vader every morning

  • Alarm clock is the shrunken (6" tall) head of your favorite Sith Lord

  • Thursday
    5 May 2011

    PM Showers


    6 May 2011

    Partly Cloudy


    7 May 2011


    Set the alarm to wake you up with his creepy breathing

  • Projects the time onto the wall or ceiling

  • May Force Choke you if you try to sleep late

Price: $39.99

Published: 6/26/2016 6/26/2016

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