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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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Carolina Union Box 12, Suite 3512C

CB #5210

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

RHA Board of Governors

September 10, 2013

EXEC BOARD: Kendall Nicosia-Rusin (President), John Wilhoite (Vice President), Shreya Shah (Executive Secretary), Hollie Fisher (Executive Treasurer), Adriana Golindano (Internal Affairs), Danielle Frider (External Affairs), Trinh Pham (CEO), Austin Glock Andrews (NCC)
GOVERNORS: Jordan Mathews (Carmichael), Nathan Clark (Cobb), Caitlyn Demetrius(Connor), (Craige), Leah Everist (Ehringhaus), Brantley Tart (Granville Towers), Spencer Ivey (Hinton James), Margaret Humble (Kenan), Grayson Berger (Manning East), Sarah Lee (Manning West), Ankit Patnaik (Morrison), David Ribar (OCLQ), Kevan Schoonover (OCUQ), Erica Broughton (Odum Village), David Marsh (Parker), Benjamin Blue (Ram Village)
ADVISORS: Tony Dubose, Michael Cherry
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM



Early Leave:

Approval of Minutes: Manning East moves to approve, Cobb seconds

Executive Officers Reports

Vice President John Wilhoite

  • Wrapping up with BOG Retreat, sent Chesnut Ridge a thank you email

  • Working on Heelprint Training Day

Executive Secretary Shreya Shah

  • Got all 16 flash drives ready for today’s meeting

  • Printed all the placards for everyone

  • Made a listserv for exec board and BOG

  • Typed up and sent out the 360 expectations

Executive Treasurer Hollie Fisher

  • Updated the budget

  • Paid the retreat off

Internal Affairs Adriana Golindano

  • Finished applications for Programming committee, finalized dates

External Affairs Danielle Fisher

  • Sent in hours for move-in marketplace day

  • Got the last two fridges to their correct spaces

  • Marketing training materials

  • Web calendar

  • Promoted Tarheel bikes

National Communications Coordinator Austin Glock Andrews

  • Had an amazing time at BOG Retreat

  • Set up the application for SACURH

  • Getting ready for Fall Summit that’s next weekend

Chief Enhancements Officer Trinh Pham

  • Met with Tony

    • Rejecting a vendor offer

    • Purchasing new vacuums

President Kendall Nicosia-Rusin

  • Meeting with Larry Hicks – wireless, Odum village

  • Met with Union board of directors, will meet with Membership committee

    • Determining which student orgs are represented

  • Meeting with ITS tomorrow to determine wifi in residence halls

Board of Governors

Carmichael Jordan Mathews

  • Got the application for government out, due Friday

Cobb Nathan Clark

  • Got applications out

  • Began developing collaboration documents

Connor Caitlyn Demetrious

  • Sent out applications and received a couple

Craige Taylor Bates

Ehringhaus Leah Everist

  • Sent out the applications yesterday morning

  • 9 responses so far

  • Due Thursday at midnight

Granville Brantley Tart

  • Met with Community Director

    • Broad goals with Granville

  • Applications out and due Friday

Hinton James Spencer Ivey

  • Meeting with community director

  • Talked about applications

  • Will be sent out tomorrow in Hinton James Herald

  • Meeting with blood drive

Kenan Margaret Humble

  • Sent out applications last Wednesday

  • Sending out applications for Green Games Coordinator

Manning East Grayson Berger

  • Sent out the application on Sunday

  • Met with community director

  • Set an interest meeting for Wednesday to talk about CoGo

Manning West Sarah Lee

  • Sent out applications yesterday

  • Received 1 so far

  • Met with community director, will interview applicants with her

Morrison Ankit Patnaik

  • Sent out applications last night via facebook and community director’s listserv

  • 1 response so far

Odum Village Erica Broughton

  • Met with community director earlier today

    • Discussed programming ideas

    • Went to the RA meeting

  • Sent out applications today and due Sunday

OCLQ David Ribar

  • Application went online

  • Talk with community director about publicizing

  • Blood drive in the works with Red Cross

OCUQ Kevan Schoonover

  • Sent out application Monday afternoon

  • Met with community director and talked about what they want to do this year

  • Planning retreat for CoGo

Parker David Marsh

  • Sent out the application on Sunday

  • Meeting with community director in a few days

Ram Village Benjamin Blue

  • Applications live

  • 5 responses so far


  • Ricky Kong introduced himself, Vice President of NRHH

Advisor Report:

Committees and External Appointment
Grant Requests



Expected Attendance:

Expected Cost:

Amount Requesting from RHA:

  • Presentation

  • Questions

  • Discussion

Old Business

  • BOG Retreat Feedback

    • Jordan: got to know a lot of people really well

      • Teambuilders were really good

      • Free time was good

    • Leah: the first teambuilder was really good and helped us learn names

    • Kevin: enjoyed not having long stretches of presentations

      • Breaks were useful, helped with the bonding

      • Maybe not having to wake up so early

    • Nathan: canoeing was fun

      • Extend that to more people so the Q&A was expanded

    • Grayson: fishbowl was really fun

      • Beach volleyball would have been fun

    • Caitlyn: fishbowl was really good, the whole set-up was conducive to bonding

    • Brantley: enjoyed how the presentations were set-up with breaks

      • Different people talking

      • Like the idea of getting up and finding new seats

    • Ricky: beautiful location

    • Austin: free time games, etc. is not required

    • Ankit: enjoy outdoor events and take advantage of what was out there

New Business

  • Community Flashdrives

    • Everyone needs to transfer all the materials to their computers

  • Approval of the Budget

    • Starting balance is what rolled over from previous year

    • We create revenue from the various things we sell, checks are still on our way

    • Executive board gets stipends every two months

    • Conference fees is dependent on each one

    • Retreats under Training/Development

    • Grants are split off during fall and spring

    • Manning West moves to approve the budget, seconded by Lower Quad

  • Meet and Greet Programs

    • Jordan: Carmichael does a tailgate with Parker?

    • Nathan: RAM and Community Manager have expressed interest in attending the community government retreat

    • Benjamin: Pancake night for meet and greet

    • Austin: hot chocolate and coffee in the lobby

      • Community government members sat in shifts

      • Residents wrote down ideas for what they wanted to see that year

    • David R: coffee and bagels in the morning for residents

    • Caitlyn: discussion session for people interested in community government

    • Kendall: cookies and apple cider in the lobby

      • Sheets with fun facts about each community government member

      • Had to guess the member before they got food

    • Danielle: events before community government is created is really helpful

    • Ricky: exams are coming up, do something with scantrons or blue books

  • Visit to RHA Office

  • Housekeeping Appreciation Week

  • Review of Parliamentary Procedure


  • Austin passes the crown to Jordan Mathews for winning the competition of knowing the most information about his partner

  • Of The Week Awards:

    • Executive Board Member

    • Resident Advisor

    • Student

    • Program

    • Advisor

    • Residence Hall

    • Group

    • Spotlight


  • Don’t email back on the listserv

  • Bring flash drives back if you haven’t returned them already

  • Placards go back in folders

  • Suggested to bring binders to future meetings, agendas will be hole-punched so you can put them in there

  • Indian food on Friday night at 6 at Mint, text Shreya for details

  • SACURH applications are up and due next week

  • Jordan’s birthday is on Heelprint Training Day

  • Austin got a job as a safe-walker

  • Governors who didn’t go to the retreat, meet with John tomorrow

  • Tarheel bikes interest meeting tomorrow at the Union

  • Talk with Danielle after the meeting: Caitlyn

  • Programming committee applications will be sent out next week, advertise these applications

  • Carolina Kick-off party at Pulse on Friday night

  • Ben’s frat has a pageant going on, if interested let Ben know

  • Ricky loves RHA and wants to get to know us all

  • You will find out your committee positions soon


Motion to adjourn from Hinton James and second from Olde Campus Lower Quad

The meeting adjourned at 9:41 PM. The next BOG meeting will be held Tuesday, September 17 at 7:30 PM.

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