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Appointing – Ms. Mason

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Appointing – Ms. Mason
"I had a question about picking up my prescriptions. Ms. Mason was very helpful and friendly.” “Mrs. Donna continues to be a very helpful secretary and she is always very open to help out.”

Appointing – Ms. Mason
"She is always very helpful and gives personal attention. Thanks for always smiling. You ROCK!"

Behavioral Health – Ms. Washington
"I recently attended the NHCPR orientation and wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Ms. Pam Washington did presenting the Suicide Prevention training. I have arranged and attended many Safety Standdowns over the past 12 years and I must say that to date this was by far the best Navy Suicide presentation I have seen. Ms. Washington was confident, interesting and well informed. I would suggest offering Ms. Washington's expertise to the installation Safety Office for participation in future stationwide standowns so that all NAS Pax River personnel could benefit from this presentation.”

BHC - Dahlgren – LCDR Dabelic, HMC Manning, Ms. Fuscaldo, Ms. Buchholz
“The current physician, is wonderful, she is very good with children, since she is mother herself, and as a mother of 4 (3 in diapers) that is always my main concern. I can't say enough about how much I like the care she gives. More importantly, your backbone of the clinic, Nurse Barbara Fuscaldo and Nurse Brenda Buchholz, are by far the most memorable to me and my family. When I first met them as a patient, they treated me and my family as their own. They not only got us in right away in times where we needed help quickly, but they would call and check on us to see if we needed anything and more over never treated us as just another patient. If it wasn't for them, there were many times, as a mother, I would have panicked about certain medical issues, and they were there for us, to show us the way. They always find a way to get us in for an appt. and never treat us with disrespect or an attitude. The IDC, Christine Manning, another awesome Corpsman, the Navy should be thankful to have. Always a sweet and kind demeanor every time.”

BHC - Dahlgren – Mr. Tate
“Thanks so much for all that you do! We greatly appreciate your dedication, your willingness to educate, and your attention to detail. You are definitely a great asset to the Dahlgren clinic!”

BHC Dahlgren – Ms. Buchholz and Ms. Fuscaldo
"Since being assigned to the clinic in 1994, I’ve had nothing but praise for everyone in the clinic. Ms. Brenda “B” and Barb “F” have been exceptional. Thank you! “BZ”

Case Management – Ms. Rudy
“Thank you so much for the time you spent with my mom and me last week. You were so helpful and helped to put our minds at ease. We agreed that you are the nicest, kindest, warmest person we’ve ever met. I can’t thank you enough for all the information you gave me. You’re an angel!”

Civilian Personnel – Ms. Harvey
"Linza Harvey assisted a retired service member with information on FERS disability retirement. Linza took the time to explain the forms. Linza gave the member the number to contact case management at FERS.”

Coding – Ms. Perry
“I wanted to give a BZ out to Ms. Sylvia Perry. She came up yesterday and did a review on coding with us. It was extremely helpful! All of my providers right now are "very new" and really needed this review. Thanks for your support.”

Coding – Ms. Vollmer
"I wanted to express my appreciation for the great job our contract coder, Kaelyn (Katie) Vollmer has been doing. She is always willing to help. There are only certain things she can do because of her Statement of Work (SOW) from her contract. She knows when I need the extra help and will skip her lunch to work on Coding Power Point presentations and Coding handouts for the providers. She keeps the Coding page on the Intranet updated for me. I can always rely on her for ideas to help improve the coding department. She is a true "Coding Warrior". We truly can use her and more people like her as a permanent employee in our clinic. Thank you Katie!”

Contracting – Ms. Blundell
"My son and I were a Johns Hopkins and he was being seen by specialists. They did not have the referral needed and wanted to charge my credit card for the care. I called back to the clinic. She faxed the referrals on the spot and saved the day. She bent over backwards. Thanks so much.”

Dental – Dr. Mayhew
"The doctor was very concerned and polite. I couldn’t believe it was the same clinic. I am so glad to see the new staff. I had a good visit and it was very fast (I was in and out). Thank you so much.”

Dental – HM1 Goode, Ms. Poteet, and HM2 Vargas
Family Medicine – HN Downing-Pou
I want to recognize HM1 Goode and Petty Officer Downing-Pou for assisting my wife in getting my car from the Calvert Memorial Hospital parking lot back to Patuxent River NAS and secured. HM1 Goode was in touch with my wife throughout and was not just helpful when asked but was proactive in offering help and checking in with her on a regular basis. In addition, I want to thank the many personnel of the Dental Clinic that have called or assisted in getting information passed to the right people, especially Ms Kim Poteet and HM2 Vargas.

Dental – HM3 Iacobucci
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional professional services provided today in taking care of my paperwork (administrative duties). HM3 Iacobucci is a true professional who demonstrates a friendly, courteous disposition while taking good care of the customer. Thank you!"

Dental – Mrs. Murphy
“Mrs. Murphy – She was great!”

Dental – Ms. Gutman
“She displayed very outstanding customer service skills. Very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. She was so good at her job I didn’t know she was done. She was very nice. Outstanding customer service skills.”

Dental – Ms. Murphy
"Great visit - Dental assistant was fantastic. She did a great job too. Explained lots about teeth and again, did a great job. Thanks!!"

Dental – Ms. Newman
"Easily the best dental hygienist I have ever had. Outstanding job.”

Dental – Ms. Newman
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding services provided by Ms. Sandy Newman. Her genuine concern for taking good care of me for the very thorough teeth cleaning was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the quality professional services provided by Ms. Sandy Newman.”

Dental – Ms. Nicholson
"I thoroughly appreciate Ms. Nicholson's hard work in coordinating my patient schedule during my last few weeks of pregnancy. Ms. Nicholson is a great asset to our dental team and our front desk does a great job coordinating schedules."

Dental – Ms. Poteat
"I'd like to thank Mrs. Poteat for figuring out a solution we encountered during an appointment. Because of her, we were able to see our patients, instead of having to reschedule them.”

Dental Clinic – Dr. Mayhew
"In January 2009, Dr. Mayhew was responsible for partials (new) before I retired after 29 years. His dedication, pride, and professionalism made a significant improvement in my quality of life. My sincere gratitude to him and your staff! Thank you!"

Dental Clinic – HN Olszowy
"Outstanding customer service. Assisted me with the checkout process for retirement. Thank you Corpsman. Keep the press on!!"

Dental Clinic – Ms. Gutman
“Again, she did an outstanding job. She explained everything, was extremely thorough, and showed deep caring of her patients. I would prefer to have her every time. She is a true professional.”

EFMP – HM2 Robinson
“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate the efforts of HM2 Robinson. He is new in his position as EFMP Coordinator, but he brings to that position a very pleasant attitude, a desire to help patients and providers. Susan Howe had a patient this morning that had been transferred from Japan that was to be screened for EFMP. The case was a little complicated, but HM2 managed it professionally with the patient and the provider. He was very empathetic with the patient and he is an advocate for her by expediting her EFMP process and helping her to navigate the EFMP system. I'm sure my sentiments are shared by all who are involved in this patient's care. Thank you very much to this outstanding HM2!”

Facilities - ABH2 Wiemer, ABH3 Griffin, and ABH3 Shannon
Occupational Health – Ms. Bonilla
“I would like to acknowledge the moving crew from Facilities that moved in file cabinets, assembled new items, and moved all of the furniture during my move back to Building 437. ABH2 Raymond Wiemer, ABH3 Michael Griffin, and ABH3 Akeem Shannon did a great job moving pieces that presented logistic challenges. I really appreciate their efforts. I would also like to thank Barb Bonilla from Occupational Health for her assistance during the packing phase of my move. I would not have had everything ready to go without her help. I appreciate all her efforts as well.”

Facilities – ABH3 Lagunas and ABF3 Hernandez
“I just wanted to take the time to recognize two hard charging, caring, and motivated sailors. Since ABH3 Lagunas and ABF3 Hernandez have come onboard they have showed so much pride in every task that has ever been asked of them. They do everything quickly, completely, cleanly, while paying a high attention to detail, and always with a smile. They have been instrumental in transforming the face of facilities.

Facilities – ABH3 Sutton
”I just want to say how proud I am to be in the world’s finest Navy and to call someone like ABH3 Sutton my shipmate. Petty Officer Sutton embodied Navy Core Values while placing tape around the walls for painting. Even to most this may seem like a measly task, but none the less, Petty Officer Sutton’s hard work and dedication in prepping the walls resulted in me writing this Bravo Sulu, Job Well Done!."

Facilities – Ms. Kinsel
“I've worked and continue to work very closely with Donna on several facilities related projects. When Bill Wilson is absent she is consistently leading facilities and making sure that we're all as well taken care of as possible. She always has a very pleasant attitude, performs tasks as if she is the facilities manager, and flat out works tirelessly.

Family Medicine – Dr. Gross
When my last doctor left, I didn’t think the next doctor would be any better. I found Dr. Gross to be even better yet than the past doctors. She took plenty of time with me. She answered all my questions and put me at ease about my concerns. Keep up the good work at providing friendly doctors for us dependants!”

Family Medicine – HM3 Flakes
“HM3 Flakes was very helpful to me today. This is her first time working at the front desk and has done an excellent job. Keep up the good work. She is a great corpsman to work with.”

Family Medicine – HN West
“HN West was very helpful today with front desk check in and helping with records for the next day. I really appreciate all her help she has done for me today. Good Job HN West.”

Family Medicine – LCDR Hamilton
“Dr. Hamilton is awesome. She is definitely a keeper."

Family Medicine – LT Williams
"Very professional - helped me with all of my concerns without suggesting the standard Motrin. Very refreshing to feel like I was appropriately medically advised. Thanks!"

Family Medicine – LT Williams
“PA Williams gave exceptionally thorough and insightful care. He questioned and examined my son very closely to assess his dehydration concerns. Thorough, in-depth physical examination and close, insightful questioning of my 17 year old son regarding a dehydration concern. PA Williams fit us into the schedule when we mistakenly appeared a day early. This meant my son will be able to run as Team Captain for his cross-country team tomorrow. PA Williams is a superb caregiver and we hope you will congratulate him for his service.”

Family Medicine – Ms. Capps
“Just a short note to thank you for your kindness, compassion, and patience in stitching up my finger last week. I felt as if I was living a classic Norman Rockwell painting of a country doctor. I come in, interrupt your lunch hour and do not have the patience myself to go to the local public clinic. You took pity on me, you took great care of me, and skipped lunch. Thank you again, your comfort to me extended well beyond my cut finger.”

Family Medicine – Ms. Cintron
“Yesterday, on September 1st, we had a busy schedule with limited corpsman. Like a shadow in the night, Ms. Cintron showed good teamwork. While the corpsman was working with two providers, Ms. Cintron took it upon herself to clean the rooms behind the patients. She went as far as checking a patient in to expedite the process. Ms. Cintron promotes teamwork and let it be known that it was noticed. Bravo Zulu Ms. Cintron and a role model for all nurses in teamwork.”

Family Medicine – Ms. Maher
"Wonderful assistance and understanding. Very much a person who is appreciated by all. She helped me get another appointment with another doctor to help me leave at a time to pick-up my daughter."

Family Medicine – Ms. Maher
“Debbi always tries to make me laugh!”

Family Medicine – Ms. Mason
“She has gotten appointments for myself or my family every time I was told by the phone there were none. I appreciate her smile, humor, and hard work. I hope to see Ms. Mason here for a long, long, time!”

Family Medicine – Ms. Mason, CDR Dalgetty, Ms. Shaffer, Ms. Meyers, LCDR Hennesey
“Wow! Great customer service by the front desk representative, Ms. Donna Mason on 07/30/09.” “My son received first class service and excellent care by the emergency team! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!”

Family Medicine – Ms. Newell
“We had to reschedule a sports physical because PA Neurauter broke her wrist. When I called I explained that my son needed a physical before Aug 15. I must have misunderstood the new appointment date and we arrived on Friday, August 14th. Ms Newell recognized the appointment was for Monday, Aug 17th, but she graciously and quickly arranged with PA Williams to see us on Friday, Aug. 14th so that my son would be able to run with his team on Saturday, August. 15th.”

Family Medicine – Ms. Shaffer
“Absolutely AMAZING. First of about 12 doctors I have seen since January that actually listened to me and made me feel I will finally get help with my problem. I have been suffering for months and finally feel there is an end in sight."

Family Medicine – Ms. Shaffer
“Thank you for stitching up my finger last week! The only thing that could have made things better for me is if you included a note to my wife explaining that my injury prevented me from doing dishes or the laundry. It is obvious to me that you truly care about people, about healing, about making people well again! I wonder if you realize the number of lives you have touched, influenced and literally saved. You shared with me your compassion and kindness as well as your sewing skills. I am grateful and complimented. Sorry you had to miss lunch, or you elected to skip lunch to help me.”

Family Medicine – Ms. Shaffer
Captain Ireland, I am writing in recognition of the outstanding patient care I received for the third time today from Mrs. June Shaffer, PA. In addition to her obviously high level of professional knowledge and ability to translate that knowledge into stellar patient care, Mrs. Shaffer’s strong yet upbeat bedside manner is infused with genuine caring for her patients. These are rare qualities that I am sure you know are tough to maintain in the fast paced and diverse environment of Family Practice. Mrs. Shaffer does so very naturally, as if she knows no other way. Thank you most kindly for taking of your time to read this compliment to a key member of your staff, and to yourself for fostering a command environment where Mrs. Shaffer’s style of care delivery is encouraged, and can flourish.

Family Practice and Behavioral Health – Dr. Gross and Ms. Tipton
“Excellent care from both (Dr. Gross and Ms. Tipton).”

Finance – Ms. Briscoe and Ms. Mattingly
“I would like to recommend a Bravo Zulu for Ms. Linda Briscoe. She recently helped me process a travel order and was exceedingly helpful. Not only was she informative and efficient, but she was positive and patient with me throughout the process. I greatly appreciate her help and think that she is a tremendous asset to the command. I would be remiss if I did not include Ms. Jackie Mattingly for a Bravo Zulu as well. Whenever I have a problem with DTS or SLCADA, I always turn to Jackie and give her a call. She has helped me out on many occasions within the past year that I've been working here and I don't think I could have managed without her! I really appreciate all that Jackie has done for me.”

Finance – Ms. Briscoe
“I recently had problems competing a travel voucher needed in order to be reimbursed for funds I used while TAD. It was unclear why the funds weren't being deposited into my account. Ms. Linda Briscoe, Finance was extremely helpful throughout the process. She followed up with me every step of the way till the situation was resolved. Throughout the process she was pleasant and courteous. It was a pleasure working with her.”

Immunizations – Ms. Scott
“I can’t say enough good things about the care Regina provided to me. I needed a series of shots and she was always pleasant and professional. I am telling everyone I know what a great clinic you have.”

Immunizations – Ms. Scott
“She went to great length to make me feel comfortable. She also had wonderful ‘shot-giving’ or dispensing technique. I barely felt the shot go in – which is a relief! I am extremely afraid of shots and needles!”

Immunizations – Ms. Woods and Ms. Scott
“I am writing about an experience I had today at the immunization clinic. On your website (link below) it states that you give the last immunization at 3:45. I am a school teacher at the technology center and also an RN. It is hard for me to get to the clinic prior to this time. Both my daughters were behind on their HPV vaccine and I was trying to get them caught up. I left work early and arrived about 3:40 and the two ladies at the immunization clinic informed me that they close at 3:30. When I explained the situation they explained they would need to wait 20 minutes after the injection and would be leaving late. I told them I would stay and watch my girls since I am a nurse and I really appreciated their help. They agreed to give the injections and passed on that we were there to the duty nurse. We waited at the front and I observed the girls without any further incidence. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the effort they took to reopen the clinic, turn on the computer and give the injections after I worked hard to get there on time. Please share how much I appreciated them. I pasted the link and the information that is apparently incorrect from your website. Perhaps it will help avoid this problem in the future. I read a sign in the lobby relating to customer service week and I felt these ladies showed good customer service and wanted to express that to you. Thank you.”

Immunizations – Ms. Woods and Ms. Scott
“The immunizations team did an outstanding professional job treating a highly frustrated mother with a high degree of respect, acknowledging her frustration, and addressing her needs. While the attitude towards immunizations from the mother was initially confrontational, Ms. Woods and Ms. Scott responded with a caring attitude and defused the situation. After a crazy immunization day with many patients frustrated with the unavailability of seasonal and H1N1 influenza vaccine and less than an hour from beginning a 3 day weekend, these two team members upheld NHC Pax River's patient-centered core values. Thank you for exceeding the mother's expectations.”

Immunizations – Ms. Woods and Ms. Scott
“With the influx of patients with all the school physicals, they have maintained a constant flow. Patients have been helped in a timely manner. They have given up lunches, almost daily, so that everyone can be helped. They work nine to ten hour days so our military community can maintain medical readiness and so dependents can stay up to date. Thank you for all the work, help, and care you give our patients!”

Immunizations – Ms. Woods
“Everything from top to bottom was four stars. She was very professional and helpful. I really appreciate the ability to come to the clinic (immunizations) for services for retirees over 65.”

Industrial Hygiene – Ms. Dean
“Mr. Ghee had a Respiratory physical with Dr. Charlot. He has worked at Pax River for 10 years as an Aerospace Engineer. Lori Dean did a IH survey and told Mr. Ghee he needed a Respiratory physical. Mr. Ghee said I decided to come to the Occupational Clinic to have the physical because ‘Lori is so nice.’’

Internal Medicine – Dr. Abramson
“Dr. Abramson – Outstanding!”

Laboratory – HM2 Myers
“I arrived at the lab after 1715 for a series of lab tests that would take more than one hour to run. HM2 Myers made sure that all of the tests were accomplished, even though he would need to stay past 1800. I greatly appreciated this as I work in DC, and it is difficult to arrange my schedule to come here. HM2 Myers willingly took the time and care to meet the mission. BZ.”

Laboratory – HM2 Myers
“I just want to commend HM2 Myers because I am a hard stick and it’s rare for someone to get my vein the first time and keep it flowing. HM2 get it right the first time!! Thank you.”

Laboratory – Ms. Jackson
"On August 31, 2009 I had to have blood drawn. I'm very nervous when I have this done. Carrie was very nice and listened to my concerns. This is the first time I didn't have to be stuck with a needle more than once. She got it the first time. She is a very caring person.”

Medical Records – Mr. Bhattacharya
“During the complete loss of computer access on 16-17 July 09, David greatly helped Family Practice Clinic by charging out all the records by hand for the upcoming appointments.”

Medical Records – Ms. Foster
“Ms. Linda went out of her way to get my medical record and my family's record.”

Medical Repair – Mr. Flannery
“My name is Robert Tate and I am the Medical Technologist down in Dahlgren Va. I don't want to take up your time but, I feel it is necessary that I pass on my sincere gratitude for the assistance I have received from Brent Flannery in Bio-med. My tenure with the Navy as a civilian hire has been brief however, Mr. Flannery has done more to aid in the reformation of the lab here in Dahlgren in the last two months than Bethesda had done over the past year. His knowledge and commitment reflect great credit upon himself and epitomizes the core tenants of our organization. Many thanks and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Medical Repair – Mr. Flannery
Finally, I want to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Brent Flannery for taking time out of his weekend to visit me at Washington Hospital Center. His visit was exactly the added punch this old soldier needed. Mr. Flannery's actions are so reflective of how he approaches his job at PAX. He is by far one of the hardest working, most underrated professionals I have had the pleasure of working with during my professional career.

MID – Ms. Milan
“What an awesome job on the internet site for the staff flu vaccine implementation. In an incredible short turn-around time, the site was ready to hand-off to the CO for the PAX-ALL message. The site looks great. The outcome is just what I imagined. Your efforts will result in a direct positive impact on patient and staff well-being. We don’t always recognize the impact from MID, your work on this healthcare TEAM is important.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Adenikinju
"Very polite, professional young man! Took great care of me. Thank you."

Military Medicine – HM3 Davis and HM3 Kusi
“Hm3 Davis and HM3 Kusi were very professional with the handling of my case. It was great customer service. We need more HMs like them.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Davis
"HM3 Davis is always helpful, even when things seem to turn for the worst. She always keeps a smile and customer service is her number one priority.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Davis
“Thank you HM3 Davis for helping me out and getting my part 1 and 2 physical on the same day. I appreciate you going out of your way and your professionalism. Bravo Zulu!!!”

Military Medicine – HM3 Dorr
"HM3 Dorr was particularly helpful accommodating my travel schedule.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Dorr
“HM3 Dorr was particularly helpful accommodating my travel schedule.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Dorr
“Once again I was greeted with a smile and a professional manner by HM3 Dorr. It’s apparent that his is a very conscientious corpsman. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Kusi
"Thanks to HM3 Kusi for helping out in the lab on short notice. He had a great attitude and did a great job, thank you.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Kusi
“His customer service is beyond reproach. He is very professional and he took excellent care of my situation. Bravo Zulu.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Robinson
“HM3 was very professional. I enjoyed my visit today."

Military Medicine – HM3 Robinson
“Member is knowledgeable and well spoken. Helped make a stressful situation more manageable utilizing excellent personal and professional skill sets. I thank him for an excellent visit and outstanding service.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Robinson, HM3 Kusi
“On the date of August 27th, there was a CO’s Call for E3s and below. To help maintain Family Practice’s busy schedule with our providers, HM3 Robinson and HM3 Kusi graciously volunteered to replace six junior corpsmen, so they could attend the CO’s Call. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for a job well-done.”

Military Medicine – HM3 Smith, HN Bounds, CDR Padgett
“HM3 Smith and HN Bounds were both very helpful and professional in checking me in and preparing me to see my provider. CDR Padgett did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable and I felt like I received the best care possible. Every one of them made my overall appointment one that I didn’t have to dread. Thank you!”

Military Medicine – HN Bounds
"Thank you so much HN Bounds for going out of your way to help me reschedule my appointments. I can't thank you enough. Your professionalism is beyond exception!”

Military Medicine – HN Koutouzov
"Thanks to HN Koutouzov for helping out in the lab. He did a great job drawing blood and was very professional. Thanks”

Military Medicine – HN Smith
"HN Smith was extremely professional and informative. She handled my questions and concerns with diligence and care. Her performance was in keeping with the highest traditions of the Navy."

Military Medicine – Mr. Garcia
“Frank facilitated all of my emergency medical care for C5-6 fusion. His invaluable experience proved vital to my health care and his customer support was absolutely outstanding."

NHC Patuxent River – HN West, Ms. Mason, Ms. Rijos, Ms Latchford
“Both Kimberly and myself would like to thank you and your staff for getting us checked in 0n 21 July 09. We got switched back to TRICARE Prime (Ms. J. Rijos), Checked in records (Ms. Tracy Latchford), and was able to make an appointment for Kimberly. All this was accomplished in under an hour. Everyone was extremely nice, smiled, and was very help full. This is the best service I've seen in 26 years in the Navy. I've visited, Bremerton Naval Hospital, Oakland Naval Hospital, Balboa Naval Hospital, Bethesda naval Hospital, and Portsmouth Naval Hospital. This is the best and thank you. I would like to single out two people at the front desk Donna mason and HN West. These are your first contact people and it made a great impression on us. They were very helpful and friendly. Again thank you very much from Kimberly and myself. I look forward to be help at this clinic."

Optometry – HM2 Lebel
"HM2 Lebel was very helpful, upbeat and professional. He has a very good attitude and was very helpful during my appointment and during my glasses pickup."

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, HM2 Lebel, LCDR Feeser
"Everything was wonderful, especially since I really needed glasses, mine were seven years old. Everyone was very helpful. All my questions were answered.”

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, HM2 Lebel, LCDR Feeser
"Outstanding visit. Professional from beginning to end."

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, HM2 Lebel, LCDR Feeser
"Outstanding visit. Very smooth, on-time, efficient and professional. My compliments to HM2 Lebel and LCDR Feeser."

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, HM2 Lebel, LCDR Feeser
"Routine eye exam. Outstanding service - the norm for this office! Keep up the good work! Ms. Rogers - the Best!"

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, HM2 Lebel, LCDR Feeser
"The service was great and fast. I didn't have to really wait on getting what I needed done. Ms. Rogers is great, got me in, very professional."

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, HM2 Lebel, LCDR Feeser
“Great work! Look forward to next visit.”

Optometry – Ms. Rogers, LCDR Feeser
"Overall the service was outstanding. Thank you"

Pediatrics – Dr. Sheoran
“Very nice visit! True professionals."

Pediatrics and Laboratory – LT Stump and HM2 Myers
“LT Stump was wonderful. Rhett, my son, cried the whole appointment, but she was very calm and understanding. After the appointment, I had to take my son to the lab for blood work. Once again, Rhett was crying, but HM2 Myers was great. Thank you!”

Pharmacy – HM2 Lopez
“Petty Officer (HM2) Dwayne Lopez has always been a superb HM. Very helpful and tries to help. Today, I came in for a quick stop to get a new prescription and some refills. Nearly everything was there, including some items not due until Monday. However, my blood pressure medicine was not there. He went ahead and filled it while I waited at the window. Now I don’t have to come back and I wont miss any dosage of Micardis. Thanks to PO Lopez.”

Pharmacy – Ms. Dobry
“Rita was great and so helpful. Thank you."

“I love having the pharmacy in the exchange. It makes it a one stop shop for me similar to civilian pharmacies of Walgreens and CVS. Thanks to whoever had the idea to put it in the exchange. Great move! One happy customer!”

Preventive Medicine – HM3 Herbert, HM2 Daugherty, HMC Kilcoyne, CS2 Jiles, CDR Padgett, CS2 Nordyke, HM2 Santana
“I want to thank the staff from Preventive Medicine for the professional and efficient way they distributed the flu vaccines. The whole process was organized and painless.”

Supply – Mr. Kane
“He is a real team player. He is simplifying the process for the PT staff, making the supply system for small purchases easier. This really helps free up time to devote to patient care. He goes above and beyond.”

Thank you both for all your hard work and keep up the great work!”

TRICARE Service Center – Mr. Carpenter
Health Care Business – CDR Working
“I wanted to pass on the most heartfelt thanks from my patient and his wife for your assistance in fast tracking his transfer from TRICARE Standard to TRICARE Prime. Without your help I would not have been able to get him into treatment until October and his health would have undoubtedly suffered. I have no doubt that without treatment his condition would have worsened to the point of being terminal within just a few years. Thanks to your professionalism and dedication to customer care he has a chance at a fresh start and a new lease on life. What better gift could we give to a man after 29 years of faithful service.”

TRICARE Service Center – Ms McCambridge
“Christine McCambridge was helpful on getting my referral for me. I had a pleasant visit.”

TRICARE Service Center – Ms. Rijos
"On my last day of Active Duty, complete with all the emotions and nervous anticipation of change, I had the distinct pleasure of being helped by Jacquetta Rijos. What a wonderful young lady! Very knowledgeable, made all the information understandable to me, patient and best of all - cheerful, even on a Monday morning. What a great way to start retirement. Do whatever it takes to keep her and clone her!"

We are so lucky to have her aboard! Thank you very much,”

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