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Property Services File Bishop Luffa School and West of Chichester

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Property Services File
Bishop Luffa School and West of Chichester
1) First mention is a contact between Spencer Bryan and a consultant February 2004
2) Meeting held 11 Feb 2004

Attendees Peter Proudley, (Senior Education Officer) and Chris Carey (Professional Services manager - Property) for WSCC, with representatives of the school, governors, Linden Homes and Centex Strategic Land

3) A presentation, is noted as having been made by developers to County/District Council Member meeting on 12 February 2004. – no detail
4) Meeting held 17th May 2004

Paul Brooks (Strategic Development Manager – Property Services) and Peter Proudley WSCC with Eric Wilson (land Manager) of Centex

(At some stage Centex was sold to Fairclough which was sold to Miller Homes)
5) Meeting held 8 July 2004

To discuss possible feasibility work needed

Paul Brook (Property), Tim Crabb and Phil Ward (both Project Officers Capital planning WSCC) and Nick Taunt (Headteacher)
6) Initial internal work undertaken to assess options for replacement of a school or part relocation/refurbishment upgrade
7) 13 October 2004

Chris Carey issued Eric Wilson with outline brief of accommodation schedules required for a school.

8) 3 November 2004

Letter from Chris Carey to Eric Wilson confirming that WSCC unable to commit to any specific scheme when asked if WSCC would agree t enet into an Ption agreem,ent with developers

9) 21 January 2005

Detailed reply between Mike Elkington (Planning) and Chris Carey as to strategic planning and highway views on a number of sites plus outlines Chichester DC LDF process timetable

10) 11 March 2005 Chris Carey confirms to Eric Wilson the political sensitivity of housing site allocations in the Chichester area and any discussions to be postponed
12) 11 April 2005

Eric Wilson seeks confirmation that WSCC wont object to their pushing the site.

13) 21 April 2005 Chris Carey to Eric Wilson confirming WSCC were not in a position to confirm same

14) Letter 10th November 2005 from Miller Homes (who had acquired Centex) to Chris Carey seeking update meeting

15) Meeting held 28 April 2006

Chris Carey and Graham Glenn (Strategic Development Manager) - WSCC

David Birchall (Managing Director) and Andy Evans – Miller Homes

Simon Tannahill (strategic Land Manager - Linden Homes)
Notes of latter meeting indicate

  • Miller and Linden have a joint option on the site and are actively promoting the site through the CDC LDF process

  • Initial proposal was provision for 1200 homes

  • Review of access to scheme via Bishop Luffa site (to access south of site), and potential for relocation of existing school etc

  • The formal position is that WSCC will ensure that the implementation of any strategic location (via the LDF) will reflect the policies of the Structure Plan and its strategic principles, whilst at the same time protecting the county’s interests as both Strategic Planning and Highway authority.

16) 27 February 2008 Miller Homes (Andy Evans) visit school (Mr Nicholds Bursar, Paul Bedford capital planning WSCC attend with members of Diocese and Governors) outlining need to secure School site to enable its inclusion in Chichester LDF and deliver what Miller call Phase 2 of their masterplan

17) 3 July 2008 Andy Evans letter to Graham Glenn(WSCC) outlining background again
18) 17 July Bridge Club on the site request extension of their dual use agreement which is due to expire in 2017
19) 29 July response by Graham Glenn to Andy Evans confirming WSCC position that whilst they confirm broad agreement to the principles of replacing the school as part of any wider development, any plans have to be subject to the normal statutory highway and planning approvals
20) 15 August 2008 Andy Evans relpies that not happy with reply of 29 July
21) Following a subsequent call to Louise Goldsmith (WSCC Cabinet Member) from a Martin Hawthorne (White Young Green project manager for the developers) Graham Glenn repeats reply to Andy Evans on 10th November
22) Andy Evans confirms that market conditions preclude any further activity and he will review

File note 26/11/8

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