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Nassau-Suffolk hiv health Services Planning Council join today! What is the Planning Council?

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Nassau-Suffolk HIV Health Services Planning Council
What is the Planning Council?

The Planning Council is a 43 member planning body which provides planning for the Long Island region and promotes the development of HIV/AIDS services that meet the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. The Planning Council sets the priorities for Ryan White Part A funding in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

What is the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program?

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS program (previously known as the Ryan White CARE Act) is a Federal program that funds services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Ryan White services are for those who cannot pay for the care they need and not covered by other programs like Medicaid and Medicare. The Nassau-Suffolk Planning Council looks at how Ryan White HIV/AIDS program funds are used for HIV primary medical care and other medical-related and support services (like medical transportation) that are needed by people living with HIV/AIDS to stay in care. These funds are referred to as “Part A”.

Who are Planning Council Members?

The Planning Council is a diverse body of community volunteers including: health care providers, people living with HIV/AIDS, community based and AIDS service organizations and other social service providers.

Why should I join the Planning Council?

There are lots of reasons to join the Planning Council! Here are just a few…

  • Have a voice! Share your opinions on HIV/AIDS services and vote on priorities and funding for Ryan White Part A services in Long Island.

  • Share your expertise and experiences! Whether you are a medical doctor, service provider, consumer or caregiver, your knowledge can help improve HIV/AIDS services in Long Island.

  • Network! The Planning Council is a great way to share information about services, make professional contacts and new friends.

Do I need a background in healthcare or policy to join?

No! Planning Council membership does not require a specific educational background or work experience. The Council selects members based on membership categories (such as medical providers or consumers) and members should also reflect the demographics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Long Island. Training is provided for new members and on an ongoing basis for current members throughout the year.

How do I join?

Call Katie Kilkenny at (631) 940-3716 for additional information and an application today!

All Planning Council Meetings are open to the public and you are encouraged to attend. Please call (631) 940-3716 for meeting schedules. Transportation can be provided for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Nassau-Suffolk HIV Health Services Planning Council

c/o United Way of Long Island

819 Grand Boulevard ▪ Deer Park, NY 11729

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