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Our Vision The Microsoft mission is to enable people and businesses to realize their potential. At Msn, our vision is to provide useful services that enable our customers to get closer to the people and information they care about

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MSN Brand Overview
MSN attracts more than 350 million unique users worldwide per month. Available in 34 markets and 18 languages, MSN is a world leader in delivering Web services to consumers and digital marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. The most useful and innovative online service today, MSN brings consumers everything they need from the Web to make the most of their time online. MSN offers content and information services at (US), premium services for broadband, and internet access services for dial-up, TV, and mobile customers.
Our Vision

The Microsoft mission is to enable people and businesses to realize their potential.

At MSN, our vision is to provide useful services that enable our customers to get closer to the people and information they care about. With the innovative and relevant services we provide, we are helping our customers realize their potential. Though our competitors or other businesses may share our ultimate vision, its how we deliver on it that is unique to MSN. This approach is defined by our brand positioning, which includes our business category, consumer benefit and reason to believe.

The MSN brand vision together with the brand positioning directs the business strategy, product development and all communications for MSN. Whatever your role in this organization, understanding the vision helps bring us one step closer to delivering a focused and consistent consumer experience. In today's market of product similarity and communication clutter, consistency is key in building a brand.

Our Values

MSN provides innovative Internet software and Web services so you have a more useful Web experience.

This is what we stand for:

  • MSN believes in creating services that help you make the Web more useful in your everyday life—either by improving the way you do things online today or to help you do new things.

  • MSN believes in offering customers the latest Web technology that is advanced and powerful, yet easy to use—just as you would expect from Microsoft.

  • MSN believes that you should control your own Web experience and be able to experience the full power of the Web.

  • MSN believes that you should have easy access to what you want, when you want it, from any Web-enabled device.

Brand Positioning

The MSN brand positioning summarizes how we deliver on our vision of enabling our customers to get closer to the people and information they care about. This brand positioning defines our business category, consumer benefit and reason to believe at the highest level.

The MSN brand positioning reads:

MSN provides you with innovative Internet software and services so you have a more useful Internet experience, because it is built with advanced Microsoft technology that is practical, convenient and enjoyable.

This line is not intended to be used as-is in communications to our customers. However, the positioning is supported across all customer and internal communications, within our products and marketing.

Positioning Components:

  • Business Category:

Internet Software and Services: Since we are in a new and rapidly changing business, the category is intentionally broad and flexible. Today this is meant to cover our range of communication services, network services and content, Internet Software and productivity tools, and Internet Access for various devices.

Innovative” helps to differentiate our offerings from the competition by aligning with this desirable Microsoft brand characteristic. This adjective is commonly used throughout our communications to describe our individual offerings as well.

  • Consumer Benefit:

More Useful Internet Experience: Through the innovative software and services we provide, we enable our customers to get closer to the people and information they care about. We make their time online more useful, whether they desire to be more connected, more informed, or just more satisfied with their Internet experience.

We will continue to evolve and test the importance of a more useful Internet experience for our customers. We evaluate our consumer benefit on its appeal, relevance, uniqueness, credibility, and sustainability worldwide.

  • Reason to Believe:

Advanced Microsoft Technology: MSN offers Internet Software and Services built with Microsoft technology. This differentiates us from the competition and provides us the privilege of leveraging Microsoft brand characteristics like innovative, reliable, trustworthy and visionary - whether we message them specifically or not.

Practical, Convenient, and Enjoyable: In addition to the desired traits our business must have simply as the price of entry, it is important to call out these 3 attributes. In combination with advanced Microsoft technology, they are frequently mentioned by customers as a reason to choose MSN over the competition. These adjectives are particularly relevant to MSN offerings, and are commonly used in our communications.
Brand Character & Tone

The MSN brand experience is characterized as:

  • Intelligent: MSN is clever and savvy, designing practical services to enhance your everyday experience.

  • Visionary: MSN is forward-thinking, exploring new ways to help you realize the full potential of the Internet.

  • Sophisticated: MSN provides a premium experience to make you feel smart and confident.

  • Straight-forward: MSN is trustworthy and credible so you feel more comfortable.

  • Approachable: MSN is friendly and provides easy access to what matters to you.

The MSN brand communications speak in a tone that is:

  • Honest and Direct: Communications should be to-the-point, honest and credible. Language should be practical and vocabulary simple. Situations should be realistic and achievable as a genuine part of everyday life.

  • Inspiring: Consumers should realize the potential of a more useful internet experience. They should feel empowered and motivated to take initiative by trying MSN.

  • Fun: Lighthearted and/or humorous but not slapstick. Concepts should not be heavily involved or deeply emotional, but more about happiness in everyday life.

MSN Identity Elements

The MSN brand experience can be recognized by a number of common elements:

  • MSN Logo: The MSN lowercase letters (blue or white) locked up with the MSN butterfly

  • MSN Product Logos: Product names are locked up with the MSN logo

  • MSN Color Palette: Rich, saturated colors consistent with the MSN global color palette

  • MSN Typeface: Microsoft Franklin Gothic, Microsoft Tahoma as support font

  • MSN Secondary Elements: Gradient shapes & backgrounds, MSN icons and control elements

  • MSN Photography: Warm, friendly, and spontaneous human lifestyle images

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